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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Why is it Always You?

    Friday, December 07 2007

    Harley and Cyrus arrive at Towers. They sit down at the bar because she's feeling anxious. Flustered, she starts running through the itinerary on how they will find Phillip. First, they have interviews. Gus walks through the elevator doors on cue. Cyrus says that he should handle this interview, but she insists on doing it herself. Gus is surprised that Cyrus is there; he thought that she wanted to talk to him, rather than just about Phillip. She asks him out to the terrace and Cyrus follows along. Cyrus seems uncomfortable as the former couple discuss their past life. Harley looks down and starts to become anxious. When Gus is concerned, she clings to the railing and insists that she's fine.

    Later, Gus arrives and they start joking around flirtatiously. Smiling with a twinkle in her eyes, she tells him that she feels better now that he's around. 'I bet you say that to all your gentleman callers,' he smiles. They start talking about her heart transplant. Olivia suggests they steal Reva's. 'Does she have one?' Gus asks. 'She says she has the biggest one in town,' Olivia laughs. Olivia soon tires of the hospital talk though. They start talking about his impending marriage. She begins planning her ideal marriage ceremony: On the beach with everything in white, everything pure and fresh, 'no past sins or mistakes.' He sits beside her and tells her that might be a little much. 'There's alway city hall,' she offers with a shrug. Later, he runs into Natalia at Cedars. She probes him about Olivia. He insists that she has nothing to worry about. They start to kiss. Meanwhile, Melinda arrives at Olivia's to go over the wedding plans for Gus and Natalia's wedding. Olivia starts changing everything so that it resembles the kind of wedding she would want.

    You Lose

    Thursday, December 06 2007

    Gus and Natalia are having lunch at Towers. He tells her about his plan to buy her a Christmas tree and asks her if they really won't be waking up together on Christmas morning. She reminds him that they are waiting until they are married...but she does want to set a date. It will be very soon though: She doesn't want to spend any more nights kissing him and then having to stop. After they leave, they go over to check on ballroom availability with Olivia. When Nat slips into the washroom, he tells Olivia that he wishes that she'd let him help her more. After sending her ahead, he makes an excuse to Natalia and tries to secretly slip away with Olivia. As Nat leaves the room, she spots them vanishing through the doorway. When she gets outside, she runs into Alan. She tells him that she's trying not to overreact to something she just saw. She asks him about Olivia; she got an 'odd' feeling from her today. Alan tells her that she can trust Gus but....he's the only Spaulding male that Olivia hasn't sunk her fingers into yet. Meanwhile, at Cedars, Olivia is upset about dying, but more upset about the prospect of Bill getting custody. Gus reminds her that he went to law school and can sort this out for her. When her doctor appears, he tells her that her test results aren't as good as he had hoped and her placement on the donor list isn't high. Gus tells him that he is Alan Spaulding's son and they bankroll this hospital so if there is a list for heart transplants, Olivia's name better be moved up to the top. Later, Gus runs into Alan on the street. Gus flatly tells him that he knows that he thought he had a chance with Natalia but he doesn't anymore. 'You lose,' Gus insists. Alan isn't so sure. Meanwhile, as Olivia returns home, Natalia is waiting in the hall with a few words for her.

    I Don't Want Your Heart

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    In her room, Olivia sadly tells Gus that she always thought she'd get to see her little girl grow up and give her everything that she never had. Gus asks her to explain what's wrong; is this about Phillip? 'I'm dying Gus,' she states. She explains her disease and tells him that she needs a heart transplant. He tells her that shouldn't be a problem... her daughter is a Spaulding after all. She begs him not to say anything to anyone. She can't risk Phillip finding out that she is vulnerable. Gus tells her to try not to worry. Emma's new bike is delivered to the door. Olivia brings it inside and starts to fumble with it, telling Gus that he doesn't have to worry: She's not Reva— she's not going to lie to everyone and go into hiding to recover while her husband nails her sister. Gus reminds her she doesn't have a husband or a sister. Olivia just wants to enjoy her life now and starts wrestling with him over the bike box. She kisses him intensely and tells him that she wants to be with him. 'You don't want to be with a guy whose heart is someplace else,' he tells her, gently. 'I don't want your heart,' she says. They laugh. He's flattered and, if things were different... She apologizes for making him uncomfortable. He tells her that he doesn't want her to die. 'That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me,' she smiles, walking him out. If she needs him, she can call him anytime, he offers, kissing her cheek and walking away. Rafe peers out from the door down the hall. She goes back into her room and starts breathing deeply, telling herself to slow down. Walking out to the balcony, she stands on the ledge and proclaims: 'I don't wanna die!'

    Rafe goes down to CO2. Daisy sneaks up on him and they smile at each other. She sits down and they tease each other. She misses when they were in juvie and they could really talk to each other. Meanwhile, Gus has returned to the mansion. He hugs Natalia and starts kissing her, asking her to go to Vegas with him and get married. She asks him if he's done something bad. 'Working on it,' he says. They exchange 'I love yous' and kiss some more but she breaks away to answer the phone. She tells Gus that she's been called into work and has to go. When she leaves to get dressed, he calls Olivia to check on her. 'I'm amazingly calm,' she says. That sounds good to him. After a little chat, they hang up. Alan comes to her door. He demands to know how things are going with Gus. Why hasn't she seduced him yet. 'When you turn it on, Natalia doesn't stand a chance,' Alan says, knowingly. She assures him that it's not going to be a problem; Gus is a great guy and everything will be fine.

    My Life

    Wednesday, November 28 2007

    Returning to The Beacon, Olivia asks her security guard to get her a gun. He gives her a number to call and she walks into her room, searching around and grabbing the phone. Ava and Emma suddenly walk through the door and, seeing the bandage on her neck, ask her if she's alright. Olivia downplays everything. Her phone rings: It's Rick. He needs her to come back immediately. She hugs Emma and leaves her with Ava. As she walks out, the security guard takes his post at the door. Down on Main Street, she bumps onto Gus and starts asking him what he thinks happened. Gus points out how wobbly she looks. She's going to see Rick now, but she doesn't trust anyone, especially Phillip's friend Rick. Gus assures her she can trust Rick and they smile at each other. When she gets to Cedars, she is still acting paranoid. Rick tells her that he needs to run more test on her: She wasn't attacked, he explains, she just feinted and they need to run tests to find out why. After the tests, he wants her to see Doctor Lane, the heart expert.

    Olivia goes down to Main Street and talks to God. She never asked for anything and never would, but she feels like she is owed something now. She has two daughters who she won't be able to see grow up. If God is going to take her away from them like this, then He owes her: She needs Him to forgive her for what she is going to do. Immediately, she goes to Alan and promises him that she will break up Gus and Natalia as long as he guarantees that Phillip will never be near Emma. She makes him swear to keep Emma safe. After that, she returns home and tells the sleeping Emma how much having her has changed her and how blessed she's been. The little girl taught her all about love and gratitude. 'You are strong and you will survive,' she tells her, before she breaks into tears, resting her head on the child and telling her how much she will miss her. When she looks up, she sees Gus standing in the doorway. He walks in and they embrace.

    Boss Lady

    Tuesday, November 27 2007

    At the mansion, Gus and Natalia are looking around for Alan to pop up. Gus is afraid that his father will have an aneurysm when he finds out the news. Alan strolls in and asks what news that is. 'Should I start calling you "dad"?' Natalia asks. Alan throws his arms up and congratulates them, hugging Natalia and welcoming her into the family with a kiss. That's a little too forward for everyone. Gus doesn't remember his father welcoming Harley like that. 'I didn't want her in the family,' he reminds him, but he does want Rafe and Natalia to be Spauldings. Gus tells his father that Natalia and Rafe will be taking the Aitoro name and moving out. He leaves for work and Alan compliments Natalia: She must be a very strong woman if she's going to let Gus spend every day working with his ex-wife. Later, Alan offers to take her to work, although he doesn't understand why she works. She likes to work. He lays into Gus again and she stops him; she knows that this isn't about Gus, it's about him and his feelings for her. She hopes that he can accept that Gus is her past and her future too.

    Harley and Gus meet up on Main Street. She tells him that she already knows about the engagement. He wanted to be the first one to tell her; he would never do anything to deliberately hurt her. She knows. He insists that he is doing this to let his son know that he is serious about being his dad. Harley wonders why he isn't more concerned about Natalia. He stars fumbling around with his coffee and she tells him he doesn't have to avoid talking about her. He asks her if she's dating someone. She thinks that's an awful thing for him to ask so soon. They agree not to talk about that anymore. Harley needs something new in her life, she announces: She's going into business with Cyrus and Marina. After handing off some of her final cases to him, she tells him that she has a headache from this conversation and leaves. She goes to the spa for a massage and starts to imagine that Cyrus is the one with his hands all over her. Returning home, she walks in on Marina leaving a rambling and cheesy message to Cyrus. Marina can see how uncomfortable her aunt is at hearing this. She starts apologizing to her, imagining that she must be depressed to hear about how happy in love she is while she is going through a divorce. Harley insists that isn't it. To cheer her aunt up, she shows her the case that Frank gave them. Marina giggles and runs out to find Cyrus. As soon as she's gone, Cyrus walks in, announcing that he just got them a job. Seeing that Marina is gone, he tells Harley that he plans to take Marina to the spa and give her a massage. She's sure that her niece would love that. Marina runs in and tells Cyrus her good news. As they giggle, Harley rolls her eyes. Cyrus sits them down and tells them that Alan has hired them to go after his son, Phillip. A look of dread fills Harley's face.

    Olivia arrives at Towers were she finds Gus sitting at the bar. He tells her that he just had to tell Harley about his engagement. They start talking about how they only ever planned to get married once. She starts talking about how worried she is about Phillip and then congratulates him on his engagement, which genuinely seems to touch him. Later, Gus grabs Natalia and takes her out to the balcony. He giddily tells her that he got his first congratulations on their engagement. He wants to take her out: They haven't had a date in twenty years. As he rambles and starts recalling their first date, Olivia stands in the hall listening and smiling. Gus and Natalia begin kissing until she reminds him that she has to get back to work. Meanwhile, Olivia goes through her messages, erasing them. When she walks into her room, she collapses on the floor.

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