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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Christmas Locked in the Mall

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Daisy, Lizzie and Ashlee walk into the alterations shop searching for more people. They sit in the spinning chairs and reflect on the year that they have had. Ashley says that this was the hardest year of her life and Lizzie agrees that she would love the opportunity to go back and change it. Daisy tells Lizzie that she had it hard this year too. She tells her about the unplanned pregnancy and abortion. Ashlee says that both of them are her heroes. The three of them rush off to the food court and pig out on junk food. Gus and Olivia share a bottle of champagne on their way up the back stairs of the mall. She tells him that it could be worse. At least the champagne is good and the company is not so bad. They make it to the top and Olivia has shortness of breath. Gus makes her focus on his eyes and breathing. Gus reminds her that she is the strongest person that he knows. He doesn’t know if he would be able to be as strong as she is with all that she has going on. Olivia says that she keeps on dancing because she is afraid to stop. She confesses that she is afraid of dying and the two of them slowly lean in towards one another and kiss. They finally get back on their feet and continue to find a way out of there.

    Josh, Reva and RJ make the most of their situation. They have a Christmas tree, presents and even snow. The parents get to breathe a sigh of relief when Shane calls them back. He tells them that he wants them to put some Christmas music up to the phone for him to hear because there’s not much Christmas going on where he is at. Reva puts on “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” for his listening pleasure. Josh asks Reva if she is going to come by the Christmas service and she jokingly wants to know if they have an open bar. She assures that she will be at the service. They reflect some more on past Christmas’ together when Alan and Beth barge in. Beth tells them all that her contractions are coming quicker and that they need to decide who is going to deliver the baby! As Josh and Alan argue over getting the door open, Beth tells Reva that she wants her to deliver the baby because right now she can’t stand men….especially those two arguing! Gus and Olivia walk into the room and find the others. Josh nominates Gus to deliver the baby since he delivered Jude. Rick and Jeffrey arrive in the elevator but Beth says that the contractions have suddenly stopped. Jeffrey announces that everyone can go home now.

    Trees for Sale

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    Dinah rolls her eyes as Gus and Natalia try to pick a tree. When they pick one, she tells them that they can't have it: She's reserving it for Harley. Natalia and Gus start arguing over the tree and he asks her when he can stop trying to prove to her that things are over with Harley. She demands to take the big tree and almost bites Gus' head off when he reminds her it's Harley's. When they go inside, Natalia sees Rafe with Daisy. She grabs her son away. Daisy reminds her that she and Rafe go to school together already so she can't stop them from having contact. "It's not like we're going to do it on the table," she points out. Natalia doesn't appreciate her sense of humor. As Gus tries to wrestle her out of an argument, she blurts out how sick she is of all the men in her life being hooked on Coopers. Gus pulls her over to the bar. He starts kissing Natalia until Daisy gets disgusted. She can't stand to watch this: Gus should have been with Harley this Christmas. Everything was fine until Natalia showed up, she tells Rafe. Walking over to Gus, she thanks him for the flowers he sent to Harley. Natalia is outraged to hear about this. Gus tries to mumble an apology but she walks out first.

    At The Beacon, Gus finds Natalia and tells her that he is going to visit Olivia. He only has a few friends and some of them are women, so he just thought she should know before she starts accusing him of things. They begin arguing until Dinah bursts in with a tiny tree for them. Gus walks into a room with the tree and announces it's their room now. Dinah pushes Natalia in after him. He sets out the tree and tells her that the tree is "right now", it's not some memory of when they were kids. She apologizes for being a brat lately; she likes the way things are right now.

    You Shouldn't be Alone With Him

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    At Cedars, Olivia anxiously waits for some tests to be run. A nurse tells her that they'll be taking blood and she'll likely need a ride home. She says that she'll take a cab, but, when she looks around, Gus is waiting with a bushel of flowers. She doesn't think he should be startling her like this when she has a heart condition. They start to chat and he tells her that he has his first date with Natalia. She starts retying his tie and tells him what a great guy he is before chasing him out so he won't be late for his date. Once he's gone, she calls the restaurant that Gus is going to so she can bump his reservation off the list.

    Natalia sneaks up on Gus outside of Cedars. He pulls her into a kiss and starts peeking unto her coat. She unveils her new, Ava-inspired fashion statement. "Makes me wanna do very naughty things," he says, letting her hair down over her shoulders. Before they can go off on their date, he gets a call from the restaurant telling him that their table is gone. He's unphased; he already has an alternative plan. As he takes her off, Olivia appears in the doorway to watch them go.

    Gus takes Natalia to the police station and surprises her by revealing that he has a picnic set up in the cells. They lay down on the floor and he pops the champagne so they can drink and remember when he got arrested while trying to impress her. As they start kissing, her phone rings: It's work calling to tell her to come in. After she leaves, Gus wanders off and runs into Olivia on the street. She tells him she's worried that Natalia might be jealous. He's not worried, he says, offering to walk her home. Meanwhile, Natalia returns her dress to Ava. Ms Peralta tells her that she will need a whole lot more dresses if she's going to keep Gus. She reminds her that Gus is a Spaulding and they're all the same. Natalia is somewhat bewildered and walks down the hall, bumping into Daisy who tells her all about her new job. Natalia smiles at her and tells her to take care of herself. As she walks away, Rafe calls Daisy. She's thrilled to hear from him and they set up a date to pick up a Christmas tree.

    The Results Are In

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    Gus arrives at Olivia's with the papers that would guarantee that Bill is excluded from Emma's life. She still has no idea who will take care of her little girl. Seeing that she is fragile, he wonders if he should stay around for a few minutes...Bill comes to the door and Gus sends her out the back way so that she doesn't have to deal with him. Sitting him down, he asks him to sign the papers. Bill is shocked and argues that Olivia can't do this; Emma has feelings for him. Gus points out that Bill isn't quite himself these days; maybe someday that will change... Bill looks at a picture of Emma and remembers when she first called him "daddy". Gus tells him that he should use that as a motivation to sort himself out. Bill gets tired of the conversation and signs the document before walking out.

    Later, Gus arrives to tell Buzz that he voted for him. Buzz thanks him, but he's realized that people just want progress and he just wishes that he could save things that Gus and Harley. Buzz picks up the phone to call Doris and concede. Just then, she walks through the door. The family try to throw her out, but she insists that she is there in the spirit of reconciliation. Frank vows that she will be the most hated woman in Springfield now. "I'll leave you to your family and your conscience," she says. When she walks out, she bursts into tears. Buzz follows her. She doesn't look like a woman who has just won. Doris just wishes things were different with her daughter...

    Daisy and Rafe arrive at Company to pick up some things. She explains that the Coopers even celebrate when they lose. Olivia walks through and he follows her out. He accuses her of using Gus but she isn't about to argue with him and quickly walks away. When she gets back to her room, Gus is waiting. She thanks him for being such a good friend to her, even if it's been awfully one-sided so far. He tells her how hard it was to go back to his old house to see Buzz. He also tells her that he's doing his best to get her to the top of the heart transplant list. All of this has taught her how important her daughters are to her...and what a great guy Gus is. "I just wish I'd found you sooner," she says. He bashfully leaves.

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