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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Innocence is Overrated

    Tuesday, January 15 2008

    As Olivia walks down the hallway of her hotel, she hears Natalia eagerly making her wedding plans. She walks in on the conversation and tells her that the ballroom will be unavailable because it's being renovated. This could delay the wedding for three months. Natalia is angry. "You're acting and not even that well," she tells Olivia, accusing her of setting this up on purpose. Before they can get into it, Gus arrives and Natalia promptly tells him what's going on. As she insults Olivia, Ms Spencer tells her to back off and walks out. Natalia knows that Olivia wants Gus unattached and will do whatever she can to make it happen. Gus assures her that Olivia is not trying to break them up and isn't thinking about the future. Natalia won't accept this. "Let's just give her what she wants. Let's call the wedding off!" she snaps. Gus tells her again that Olivia has bigger things to worry about... but the wedding is still off.

    Olivia is going through her mail at Company. She opens a letter from the hospital containing her newest results. Her eyes blur and she drops it. Alan appears and tells her again that he's worried that she hasn't given enough time to Gus. He offers to take care of Emma so that she can have more free time. She refuses. Every moment with her daughter is precious to her. He tells her that he's been planting "seeds" in Rafe's ears about her. She's not sure that he should be using Gus' offspring like this; the children should be allowed to stay innocent in this, she argues. "Innocence is overrated," he tells her. Suddenly, Rafe, Natalia and Gus come through the door and tell them that they're calling the wedding off. Alan seems thrilled until Gus tells him that they are going to elope tonight instead. Alan and Olivia think this is sudden but Rafe says it's great and toasts to them with a glass of water. Gus is thrilled that his son is happy. Alan takes him aside and tells him that he seems to be rushing and he's cutting his friends and family out of the special day. Gus says they can have a party later. He then hugs Olivia and thanks her for her help. She looks for an excuse and leaves, though not without congratulating them. When she's gone, Gus informs his father that they'll all be moving out of the mansion. Although not hiding his real feelings very well, Alan insists that he isn't disappointed and gives Natalia a kiss. Meanwhile, Olivia storms down the street with tears in her eyes.

    Alan corners Rafe at CO2 and asks him if he's upset about the elopement. Rafe isn't the least bit upset and now has a good idea of what Alan's plans are. If he doesn't want Gus and Natalia married, that's fine, but he can leave him out of it. "That's no way to talk to your granddad," Alan says. "This is no way to treat your grandson," Rafe shoots back before walking away. Meanwhile, Gus and Natalia pop some champagne to toast to their elopement and kiss. She apologizes for being so upset before but he tells her to "fageddaboutit".

    You Can Skate on Anything

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    On Main Street, Gus puts sugar in his coffee and tries to help Natalia with the wedding plans. He tells her that whatever song she picks will be his favorite song. She reminds him that she's never had a wedding before, but he has. Later, when she is alone, Alan meets up with her. He tells her that he needs her help buying a gift for Gus, one that will show how much he really cares about his son. Looking in a jewelry shop window, she begins admiring a pendant. He tells her that he will buy it for her; she needs to be spoiled like a proper Spaulding wife. He envies her, he admits. She seems to be reliving her youth with Gus and that's nice; he wishes that he could live in the past too. She insists that she is not living in the past.

    Gus arrives at Olivia's and he jokes around with her before she tells him that she's had a nightmare about Phillip. She adds that she's worried about Alan turning his back on her and helping Philip take Emma. Gus offers to stand up for her and even stand in as Emma's father if that's what she wants. "I can't believe you would do that for me," she says. Putting her arms around him, she holds back the tears, knowing that he would love and look out for Emma like she deserves. The little girl comes out and Gus starts helping her with her Spanish homework. He thinks they should call Natalia for some more help. Natalia and Alan soon arrive and Natalia begins helping Emma. Olivia suddenly collapses. Gus wakes her and Alan tries to usher Natalia out. She won't leave though and begins accusing Olivia of faking and trying to manipulate Gus. Alan offers to stay with Olivia and sends the bickering couple out. "I'd almost forgotten how good of an actress you are," he tells her admiringly. She smiles ironically and grabs some cookies. As she urges him to hurry and split up the couple while there is still time, Emma comes out with a picture for her granddad. He takes her in his arms and tells her that whatever she wants, she just has to come to him and ask. The sight of Alan with her daughter makes Olivia uneasy.

    In the street, Gus tells Natalia that if she has a problem with Olivia, she needs to come to him about it. She does have a problem: It's obvious that Olivia wants him. He tells her that "it takes two" and he's not interested in Olivia. As he begins reminiscing about their past, she stops him. "I'm not that same innocent girl you took to the prom," she reminds him. He wants to be with the little girl he left behind and she is not that girl anymore. If he really wants to be with her, he needs to get to know who she is now.

    Part of Your Inheritance

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    At The Beacon, Gus tries to cheer up Olivia. She tells him that she can't stop thinking of the pictures she'll leave behind for her daughter when she's gone... Gus tries again to cheer her up, but she bursts into tears. As he wraps his arms around her, Natalia creeps around the corner. As Gus asks Olivia about her Christmas, Natalia pops into the conversation, kissing him and telling Olivia that Gus needs to come to the bridal boutique with her. After they rush off, Olivia turns around and is surprised to find Ava coming out of Bill's room. Ava and her mother go to her room. As they tidy up ornaments, Ava explains that, while she loves Coop, she still has needs and... slept with her ex-husband. She promises her mother that she would never do that if she thought that Bill meant anything to her and....she continues to ramble at a fast pace until Olivia stops her. She doesn't seem to care, even if this is a little weird. "Consider Bill part of your inheritance," she jokes. Ava doesn't like the sound of that. She wishes her mother would stop talking like this and turns the conversation to Gus. Olivia insists that Gus is special. Ava pressures her mother to call Gus. She does, setting up a meeting with him and the wedding planner.

    Cyrus is on the phone at Harley's. When he gets off, he informs her that a laptop has been stolen from Towers again. She's bored so she offers to go along and question people with him. He suggests that they go out for a drink after but then tries to retract the offer. She smiles and agrees to go along anyway. When she goes downtown, she begins fiddling with her walkie-talkie. Roc Hoover appears and helps her get it working before he vanishes again. As she drifts around Main Street walking backwards while testing the device, she manages to back right into Natalia. "What's that?" Harley asks, looking at the bag in Nat's hands. "It's my wedding dress," Natalia informs her. Gus and Harley's eyes dart around as he worries and she seems to stifle her rage. Biting her lip, she asks them when the "happy day" is. Cyrus walks up and gives Harley an excuse to get away quickly. Gus tries to tell Natalia again that she is where he wants to be. She already knows that. They go out for coffee and she thanks him for not apologizing to Harley about the fact that he's getting married. This is the first time he's managed not to do so. He tells her that he thought things were "for forever" with Harley, but he knows now that they weren't. Now Natalia is "forever" for him.

    At The Beacon, Natalia is trying on her wedding dress in front of the mirror. Rafe arrives, impressed to see how his mother looks. He knows that she's been waiting a long time to be a bride. Part of her was always waiting for Gus to come back, she admits. He's glad to see her happy; that's all that he's ever wanted. Melinda, the wedding planner, stumbles into the room. Natalia's surprised; she thought that she was supposed to be with Gus and Olivia right now. Meanwhile, Gus arrives at Olivia's just as Ava hurries away. He hands her his Christmas gift: It's a bottle of wine set to mature in fifteen years. They can open it together when Emma graduates, he offers. She's impressed that he has so much faith in her. As she hugs him close, Natalia bursts in, with her wedding dress in hand, and calls Olivia out on plotting to get Gus alone. Gus tries to calm everyone. Olivia tells them that she will put the dress in storage and treat it "as if it was my own." Gus ushers Natalia out and Olivia pulls the dress from the bag, holding it up to herself in the mirror.

    Christmas Locked in the Mall

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Gus wanders around trying to find out if there is anyone else in the area. All of a sudden Olivia pops her head out from behind the changing curtain. She tells Gus that she was getting a dress shortened and that now she can’t find the seamstress or her dress. He looks around and sees her dress on the back of a chair. He asks out loud what she is wearing behind the curtain. She asks what he thinks she is wearing and he informs her that judging by the dress… “probably not a lot!”

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