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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Who is a Lapdog?

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Gus arrives at the mansion to talk to Cassie and Reva as Lizzie's representative. They don't appreciate him standing up for Lizzie and tell him that both parents need to be respected. "Help us Gus. Don't fight us," Cassie begs. He agrees to talk to Lizzie and try to work something out. After he leaves, Cassie worries about getting back to Will. She assures her sister that the boy is fine and she's handling him. When the two sisters get back to Cassie's, Reva asks why Josh and RJ have moved out. Cassie doesn't want to talk about it. They go inside and find Will sleeping on Jonathan's lap. When they go outside to talk, Will jumps up and starts looking through a book on boats. He calls Josh, telling him that he misses him and wants to take a little boat trip with him. Outside, Gus arrives and tells them that he isn't there as Lizzie's lawyer, but as a cop. He asks Reva if it's true that she took Lizzie against her will and had a medical procedure performed on her.

    Baby Love

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Meanwhile, Lizzie is telling Gus that Jonathan and her baby are alive. He images that she must be insane, but she talks him around. She needs his help. Although Jonathan says he's staying, she doesn't trust him and needs to get this taken care of. Gus agrees to help her get her daughter back for good. When Lizzie goes outside, Bill is getting food. Jonathan tells her to dump Bill and run off with him. Bill suddenly returns and Jonathan starts looking through his building plans, realizing that he is tearing down Outskirts. This obviously annoys him, but he downplays it. As he looks in his bag, we see him pull out some drugs.

    When the foursome arrive at the cabin, they unpack all the baby things while Jonathan complains about how cold it is. He becomes defensive about how he's raised his daughter and bites at Bill. Gus calls her and she pretends it's just her mother on the phone. He tells her to keep Jonathan in town as long as possible while he prepares her case. She may have to play dirty, he warns. They are going to need to find out what Jonathan's been up to while he was out of town. When she gets off the phone, she tells Bill that she can handle Jonathan from now on. He doesn't want to leave her alone, but she tells him she needs to get close to Jonathan to get information out of him.

    I Can't Wait to See Our Baby

    Thursday, January 24 2008

    At Company, Gus is having a drink with his father. He tells him that most of the town would have liked to see him follow Tammy to the grave. Alan isn't so sure; he wonders if someone would miss him. "I think I know someone who would..." he says, arching his eyebrow and spinning his glass. They talk about Natalia and Alan tells him that she belongs with him. When he was at the cemetery he had an epiphany: Where there's love, there's hope. Gus is having an epiphany of his own: Where there's Alan Spaulding, there's trouble. When Alan goes outside, he runs into Olivia. He tells her that he doesn't want her to break up Gus and Natalia after all. She shrugs and walks inside as Natalia pops out from around the corner. Finding Gus, Olivia hands him a list of her assets so that he can help Mel write her will. Natalia bursts in and asks Olivia why she didn't ask Alan to do that, or is that not part of their deal? She's sure that Olivia isn't faking her illness but she is certainly working with Alan to take advantage of it. Olivia can't deny it. She walks outside and Gus and Nat follow her. They stop her and tell her that they forgive her; it's Alan that they're angry at. Olivia walks away and Gus tells his fiancee that she is amazing. He gets a call from Frank and has to go to work.

    I've Been Feeling Sharper

    Thursday, January 17 2008

    Natalia and Gus arrive at the Bauer cabin. She likes it there. He assures her that, while he loves their past, he is marrying the woman who walked back into his life. They kiss and then she looks around, realizing that the cabin only has one bedroom. He offers to sleep on the couch, since they can't be together until they're married. All the same, he tries to coax her into starting the intimacy up a little earlier than they planned. She doesn't want to start their new life by cheating on their promise. Before he can open some champagne, Ava calls. Natalia's eyes narrow. Ava rapidly tells Gus that Olivia has taken a turn for the worse. Her mother would kill her if she knew she was calling him, but she is freaking out and doesn't know who to turn to. He gets off the phone and tells Natalia that he has to go back to town for a few hours. "Is this a surprise for me?" she wonders as he leaves.

    At Cedars, Olivia is impressed by her daughter, but she can't shake the fact that her daughter may have to make this call for real sometime soon. Gus arrives soon and Ava acts manic and worried. Olivia walks out and tells Gus that he doesn't need to be there. "You need to have somebody with you," he insists. Back at the cabin, Natalia prepares for a romantic evening when Alan suddenly arrives to give her a check. She reminds him that he doesn't need to buy his way into the family. He asks her where his son is and why he would leave her behind when she's dressed the way she is. She doesn't think that he should be making remarks like that when she's marrying his son. Suddenly, Gus calls to tell her that his return will be delayed. When she hears Olivia's voice in the background, she is incensed. Turning to Alan, she tells him that she's going to need a ride back to town.

    Gus takes Olivia to her room. Before she can get in her pajamas, Natalia walks in, accusing Olivia of trying to get the one Spaulding man she hasn't had yet. She lashes out at Gus, accusing him of having his last fling with the town's loosest woman. Olivia has had enough and decides it's time to tell the truth: "I'm dying." She explains that she never intended to tell Gus about this, he was just there. Gus offers to get Olivia a nurse and tells Natalia that he knows she must hate him for this but...she stops him. She understands and knows that being alone is awful. She knows what it's like to be alone and need help. "We'll help you," she offers, apologizing and putting her arms around Olivia. Gus and Olivia stare at each other.

    Queen of the Safety Net

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    When she rushes over to The Beacon, she runs into Gus and they start to argue about the collapse of their marriage. He tells her that she gave up on their marriage awfully. She refused to share him with anyone, she explains. "I wish I knew in advance how a relationship would work out," she says. If she did, she'd go back to the beginning and do everything different. Gus says that maybe she'll get super powers and can use them on the next man in her life. Maybe she'll just choose to be alone next time. He walks out on her and she starts to scream before running off and running into Blake. She tells her friend that she thinks that she's gone crazy. She's been running from her past and her future all day. Blake knows how she feels; she has dreams about all the men in her life sometimes too and they can be a lot of fun. Harley isn't having fun though, she's just confused and scared. Maybe she should just go and hide in bed? Blake tells her that's no way to live; she needs to take risks.

    Later, a drowsy Harley sits in her car and tries to get it started. She falls asleep and imagines walking into Company and seeing all the men from her dream. They congratulate her on putting on the breaks with Cyrus. Once again she prevented herself from making a difficult choice and becoming an adult. She played it safe once again. She tells them all to stop, but they begin toasting to the "queen of the safety net". She starts to yell. She doesn't want to be rational and safe anymore; she can't walk away from something that could be great just because she's afraid of hurting other people and breaking up her family. That is no way to live. Things are already over between Cyrus and Marina and she isn't helping them by trying to keep them together, she tells herself. "I was an idiot!" she screams. She should never have pushed Cyrus away. Suddenly, Harley wakes up as a cop bangs on her window. Harley gets out and tells her that she isn't going to spend the rest of her life being afraid of someone she hasn't even seen in years. It's time for her to go home. She climbs in the car and it magically starts up. She smiles and drives off.

    Innocence is Overrated

    Tuesday, January 15 2008

    Harley runs into Gus at Company. Before he can run off to Natalia, he asks her about the boys. She tells him that Phillip seems to be "on the move" but "we're handling it," she says. Gus doesn't think trying to lure Phillip out is a good plan and she shouldn't be "jumping into bed" with Cyrus. Harley jumps at this, interpreting literally, and becomes defensive. He tells her that if she needs to deal with Phillip, she should go through a professional. She doesn't want advice from him. "You should go. Natalia's waiting," she bites.

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