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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Wicked, Wicked World

    Monday, February 11 2008

    Natalia and Gus say goodbye to their children when he suddenly gets a call from the heart registry saying that Olivia's heart is ready. He doesn't know why she isn't answering her beeper and worries she might lose the heart. Natalia comes clean, explaining that Olivia called earlier. Olivia was going to ruin the wedding so she locked her in the bathroom. "Let's hope it's not too late," Gus says, angrily, pulling her out of the church. Meanwhile, trapped in the bathroom at the cabin, Olivia bangs on the door and shouts, desperate to get to the hospital where her heart transplant is waiting. As she starts collapsing in tears, she vows to come back as a ghost and get revenge if she dies like this. After she passes out. Gus and Natalia arrive. He wakes her and then picks her up in his arms so they can carry her to the car. Once they get her to the hospital, the doctor informs them that she was too late and the heart had to go to someone else. Gus walks off with the doctor while Olivia starts to break down. Natalia tries apologizing. "Congratulations! You got the ring and the only cost me my life!" Olivia snaps.

    Gus and Natalia take Olivia home and he promises her that he'll get her back to the top of the list. He assures her that she looks great but she goes into the bathroom to clean up. Gus and Natalia begin to argue. She says she never meant to hurt Olivia. He is more worried about the fact that she obviously doesn't trust him. He can't believe how mean and selfish she is being; that's not the girl he knew. Of course it's not, she points out; but she's only acted this way because she loves him. He opens the door and asks her to go home. Natalia returns to the church with tears running down her cheeks. Meanwhile, when Olivia comes out, she asks where her rival went. Gus sent her home, even though it's her wedding night. She gets on the couch and he throws a blanket over her, promising her whatever she wants..."within reason."

    Guess Who is Coming Home for Dinner?

    Friday, February 08 2008

    Lizzie arrives at the church while Gus finishes dressing. She helps him tie his tie and explains that she and Jonathan will be staying. Does Gus think this will work? He offers to help her out with whatever she needs and asks her to come to the wedding. Suddenly, Alan calls and explains that he will be home tonight. Gus turns to a worried Lizzie and says: "Guess who is coming home for dinner?" Alan asks Gus if he is missing anything. Gus explains that he's getting married in an hour...he thought maybe they could go to the island and spend their honeymoon with him. "Have you been drinking?" Alan asks. "Why don't you call me as soon as your divorce is final," he adds before hanging up.

    Natalia arrives at the church and laughs with Josh before he walks away to find Gus. Rafe walks in and asks his mother what went wrong. She explains that she locked Olivia in the cabin. They high five and she rushes off to get dressed. Once she is in her dress, he walks her down the aisle to Gus. He tells her he wishes that their parents could be alive to see this. They join hands and Josh begins the ceremony, skipping over most of the formalities to get to the vows. After they say their "I dos", Gus tries to read a vow of his own. It's too illegible so he just starts talking about how much he loves her and feels like they've gotten together thanks to his late father calling in a favor with God. He promises her that things will only get better. "You are the only one I've ever wanted," she says. Finally, she has everything that she's ever wanted. "Me too. Everything," he says. They exchange rings and pray before Gus kisses his bride. Lizzie, Daisy and Rafe all smile. Bill walks in as they throw flower petals at the bride and groom.

    We Are Terrible People

    Thursday, February 07 2008

    Gus walks into the church and throws a tie at a napping Rafe. As Gus pulls out his tuxedo, he tells Rafe that he'll be in charge of holding onto the rings. When Rafe reaches into Gus's coat to get them, he finds his phone. After checking it, he asks his father why he has five missed calls from Olivia. Gus assures him that he has nothing to worry about: Olivia is family and he is just helping her. Rafe is unconvinced, but Gus repeats that he loves Natalia and will marry her.

    Natalia arrives at the church where she finds Gus and his son laughing. He tells her that he's asked Josh to marry them there instead of at city hall. She's so happy. He hands her the ring box but there is no ring inside. Smiling, he tells her that she should wear the ring she wore when they were teenagers. She thought this wasn't about their past. He tells her he had the stone on that ring reset with diamonds; so now it will be about their past and their future. She likes that and kisses him. The bell starts to ring and they have to split up to get ready for the ceremony.

    High Stakes

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    After spending the night thinking about what to do with her life, Marina orders a buffet of French food an invites Cyrus over. They dance around the room as she tells him that she will be going with him. Now they just have to pack and say goodbye to everyone. Meanwhile, Harley sits at home rehearsing what to say before calling Preston. Although she tries to pretend it's a business meeting, she obviously acts like it's a date. She asks him endless personal questions but he is bored by it and not impressed with her. When he tries to talk about business, Gus interrupts and asks her for a word. She tells Gus that Preston was all over her. She realizes that Gus has his tuxedo in his hands and thanks him for saving her from the "date". Gus is sure she could handle the guy. "I can handle any guy, I just can't keep a hold of him," she says, walking out.

    Harley and Gus go to the church. She tells him that she isn't angry anymore. She begins talking about fate and how people are drawn to each other over and over again. He gives her a kiss goodbye and tells her not to worry about Marina. She's flustered. He explains that he saw Marina giving her notice and is leaving the country. She runs to The Beacon to find them but the couple have already left.

    Who is a Lapdog?

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Gus and Natalia arrive at Olivia's to visit Emma. Natalia makes a point of telling Olivia that the wedding is still going ahead. Before Olivia can roll her eyes, Gus gets a call from the hospital telling him that there is news on the heart transplant. Natalia urges them to deal with it while she looks after the little girl. She takes the child down to CO2 for some hot chocolate. Emma likes spending time with her. Natalia sees her son and he asks her where Gus is. Rafe is worried that his father is spending too much time with Olivia. She doesn't offer much of an answer, but assures him that she is handling the situation. He still worries that Gus won't be able to resist Olivia's moves. "If he hurts you, that's it," he warns.

    Gus and Olivia stay in her room and try to work through the strategy to get her a heart quick. They hold hands as she says she trusts him. She feels overwhelmed that he is doing so much for her. His help really makes her believe that everything can be okay. Thinking ahead, she worries that Emma will only hear the sanitized version of who her mother was for so long and then the less attractive facts will come out. Soon, Natalia and Emma return. Olivia hugs her daughter. Later, Natalia tells Olivia that the little girl asked her to her school's open house. Olivia doesn't want Natalia trying to take her place. She won't give up on Gus either. "He loves me," Natalia insists. "It's funny because Harley used to say that all the time," Olivia shoots back. She soon practically chases Natalia out and then calls Gus to tell him that Natalia just left and she is feeling dizzy and might collapse. Gus promises to come right over, but before he can hang up, Natalia grabs the phone from Olivia and tells Gus that she's got everything under control. "It's funny how that happened right after I left," Natalia comments, promising to stick around and keep an eye on her.

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