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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    I Miss My Old Friend

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Gus and Harley meet up by the water. She thanks him for making the boys such a priority in his life and they talk about old times and begin bickering over details. There is an awkward moment. "I miss my old friend," he confesses. "Me too," she says, quickly walking away. He heads over to Company, stopping outside and calling to check on Natalia, reminding her of how much he misses her. He walks inside where Olivia sits watching him.

    My Heart is Skipping Beats

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Natalia and Gus are in bed. He wishes he could give her a better honeymoon. She's happy with things the way they are. They remember how simple things were when they were younger. Before, it was just them, but now there are many people in their Olivia. "She needs someone who is warm and protective," Natalia says. Although she admits that she doesn't like this, she gets it. He watches her get dressed and tells her she's amazing. She tells him he should be spending time with Olivia. That makes him feel funny. "We'll make it okay," she assures him.

    Olivia and Emma go for a walk. She breathlessly sits down on the Main Street bench and sends her daughter off to get hot chocolate. Gus spots her and sits down beside her. She's glad that he worries about her and calls Emma over to say hello to "Uncle Gus". Moments later, Natalia and Rafe walk around the corner. She tries to hold her son back from lashing out at his father when he spots him with Olivia. Gus tries to talk to him but only get threats in response. Natalia breaks them up and sends Gus off. She explains to her son that she wants Gus to spend time with Olivia but they're just friends and that's it. Rafe tells her that Gus is a cheater. He cheated on Harley with her and now he'll cheat on her with Olivia. As he walks away, she looks back at Gus as he chats with Olivia and Emma.

    Gus and Olivia arrive at the police station. Frank starts lashing out at Gus for dumping his sister for Natalia and now going after Olivia. "Stay the hell away from my daughter!" he demands before walking away. Gus is a bit baffled by this strange outburst and tries calling his son to set him straight. Rafe hangs up and Gus notices that Olivia has frozen up. "My heart is skipping beats," she tells him. After he gets her some water, she tells him to go to his wife and son. She can't ruin his family life anymore. She goes to get her daughter and Emma asks her what a murder is and then asks her what it's like to be dead. "Do you get to say goodbye before you die?" the little girl queries. "If you're lucky," Olivia says. She tells her daughter that she will always love her, no matter when she has to say goodbye. Gus has been watching this conversation and walks in, announcing that he will be going home with them.

    On Hiatus

    Tuesday, February 19 2008

    At the mansion, Gus asks Natalia if they can stop fighting. He doesn't blame her for what she did and wants them to get over it. She insists that what she did was horrible and sits down sadly while he tries to make dinner plans. She tells him that they're over and walks out. He follows her but she insists that it's settled. He thinks this is pathetic and accuses her of being jealous. She tells him he obviously wants to be with Olivia. "This is stupid," he claims. She explains that he is the only thing that can keep Olivia alive and she won't cost Olivia her life. Gus doesn't blame her for being jealous, considering the way he's behaved lately. She does blame herself though and needs to make things right. She tells him to go to her. He kisses her instead. They end up in bed. Afterwards, Gus has a cigarette and starts planning their honeymoon. She repeats that she gave Olivia her word that he would be there for her. He says they aren't obligated to her. "We can't be happy if we know her last days are misery," she says. She doesn't want him to sleep with Olivia, just to let her think that she has him. Gus isn't sure that this is a good idea, but she has faith they can survive this. They make love again

    Gus rushes over to see Olivia. He tells her that he and Natalia are taking a "hiatus". Olivia tells him how much she needs him, especially now that Alan knows she's sick. He assures her that he will protect her from Alan. As they embrace, Natalia eavesdrops from the hallway. Her son appears and tells her that he's worried about her and Gus. She tells him not to worry about fighting her battles for her.

    Give Me Your Husband

    Friday, February 15 2008

    At the mansion, Gus is using two phones at once to try and track down a new heart for Olivia. Natalia tries to get him to talk to her. She apologizes again for costing Olivia her heart. "I'm not a bad person and we didn't even have a wedding night," she says. He doesn't like their marriage starting out like this. She takes his hand and pulls him away.

    At Olivia's, Ava finds a letter that her mother wrote and asks her what it's about. Olivia tells her that it's for Emma to open when she's 13; she wants Ava to handle things for her once she's gone. Ava can't handle watching her mother die and walks out. Natalia and Gus arrive with groceries and offer to help out. Olivia is sardonic but tells Gus to go off and check on Ava. The second he's gone, she starts attacking Natalia. "I have a bad heart, but at least I have one," she says. Natalia pours her some soup but Olivia doesn't think that's going to help. She isn't going to forgive her for what she's done. Natalia apologizes again and says she would give her anything. "Give me your husband. Till death do us part. Shouldn't be long thanks to you," she demands. She needs someone to lean on. Natalia can't give up Gus. Emma suddenly runs in and jumps on her mother's lap, asking her why they never go out anymore and why her mother never spins her. Olivia holds back her tears and tells her daughter to get Natalia to spin her around. Natalia spins the little girl around and then they send her back to the nanny. Natalia sits down and tells Olivia that she will think about her request.

    Gus returns, saying that Ava is doing alright and he talked to a doctor about a new drug option for Olivia. The doctor should be showing up later to meet her. He and Natalia whisper to each other. She tells him she'd like to get together later to see if they can sort things out. "Hope so," he says. They give each other a light kiss and she walks out. He sits down with Olivia and tells her he'd like to meet the doctor face to face. She apologizes for costing him his honeymoon. She feels bad for him, if not for Natalia. He takes her soup to warm it up as she stares off. Later, he drowses on the couch while she eats soup. After he falls asleep, she puts a blanket on him.

    Wicked, Wicked World

    Monday, February 11 2008

    At the church, Josh pronounces Gus and Natalia husband and wife as Bill arrives. As the reverend congratulates the couple, everyone throws flower petals at them and Rafe tells his father that it took him long enough to there. Bill and Lizzie congratulate them and then she mourns her own two failed wedding days ruined by Jonathan. He runs down Jonathan a bit but she reminds him that Jon, at least, doesn't pretend to care. Bill admits that he used her at first but things have changed. He doesn't like to see her being used by anyone else. Suddenly, Beth calls and tells her daughter that she is with Alan and stalling for time. She warns her that Alan knows the truth and she will try to stop him from starting the war with Jonathan again. Lizzie gets off the phone and tries calling Jonathan, much to Bill's dismay.

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