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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Alan Serves Lizzie With Court Papers For Custody

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Tammy asks Jonathan and Lizzie what's going on when she sees them having a serious conversation. Handing the court documents to Tammy, Lizzie tells her that Alan is trying to prove that she's an unfit mother. Jonathan tries to reassure her it's just a scare tactic. But Lizzie says they could lock her up for the remainder of her pregnancy.

    At the courthouse, Jonathan and Tammy try to reassure Lizzie every things going to be fine. But Lizzie panics when she sees an officer lead a woman down the hall screaming not to commit her. Lizzie heads into the quiet courtroom to gather her thoughts when Alan "sneaks up" on her. Alan tries to drive Lizzie crazy with all kinds of accusations and Lizzie screams at him to stop following her. She tells him he'll never get custody of her child and in walks Jonathan and Tammy. Jonathan tells him to leave her alone but Alan tells Lizzie "last chance" either come home or it's court. Tammy puts her arm around Lizzie and says no way she's going anywhere.

    Jonathan asks Alan to talk in private to which Alan agrees. Heading to the roof to talk, they trade off insults. Alan grabs Jonathan by the throat and chokes him to near unconsciousness. In walks Gus, interrupting them and Alan asks Gus if he was "forewarned" to come and find them. Jonathan rubs his throat as Gus explains that Jonathan purposely was egging on Alan to get him thrown off the roof on purpose. Jonathan admits it - stating they all interrupted him too soon because it was working.

    Later, Gus offers to "hide" Lizzie from their grandpa until the baby is born but Lizzie declines saying Jonathan needs to be a part of this.

    Mallet tries to discover why Jeffrey and Dinah are so close. Talking it over with Gus, they try to think about who would have more information on Jeffrey's past. Gus takes him to meet a private investigator to find out more about Jeffrey's past. The PI already has information on Jeffrey and has a "private file" on him.

    Alan-Michael Ends Up Being the Latest Web Scandle

    Friday, August 25 2006

    Mallet is at the station talking with Gus and is interrupted and shown the latest webpage. They set up a wall with all the people listed on the website trying to figure out if any of the victims is the culprit?! Mallet talks with Gus about Dinah having something over Jeffrey and they speculate. Gus asks him if he ever thought Dinah was sleeping with O’Neill. Mallet tells him he’s pretty certain that they’re not, it’s not about that. Dinah has something real on the guy. Meanwhile, they check out the website again to see Dinah and Alan-Michael alone in the room, a live webcam feed. Mallet and Gus head out to confront them.

    Dinah is given a box and she opens it to find wedding items for her and Mallet. Dinah calls Alan-Michael to talk with him. He shows up at the hotel and she suggests room service. He asks her if she’s “packing” this time and she tells him nope, no gun just a killer smile. She talks with him about Jeffrey being the next mayor. He asks her what she’s willing to do to make that happen?! They share a drink not knowing they’re on a live feed webcam on the internet. He asks her why she’s working for O’Neill and she replies she’s just doing a favor. Alan-Michael states it’s much more because Dinah doesn’t do any favors. In storms Mallet and Gus asking Alan-Michael to explain the live internet feed?! Dinah is shocked! She asks if he did this? They look for the webcam but Gus is suspicious asking who else has access to this room? Alan-Michael demands to know who’s behind this! Mallet smartly thanks him for being concerned. He asks everyone to leave.

    Outside Mallet and Dinah talk. She asks how long they were watching and he tells her not long at all. As soon as they realized it was live, they headed down to warn them.

    Alan-Michael posts a $100,000 reward for the owner of the website.

    Mel Decides to Give Her Marriage Another Chance

    Wednesday, August 23 2006

    Rick and Lillian talk about his marriage and daughter. Afterward, Leah asks her dad if mom is leaving? Rick hugs her and tells her he has no idea.

    Beth asks Rick if Mel's going to be at his hearing? She tells him that she's going to stand by him no matter what. Rick asks her if there's something wrong with that? He tells her that Lillian already gave him an earful today.

    At a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Rick confides that he's made such a mess of everything. He misses connecting with friends and family. Knowing that he always had at least one person in his corner no matter what. But he doesn't have that any longer.

    Rick meets up with Gus and they discuss his marriage. He tells Gus the hearing will be the first step in his recovery. Gus admits awhile back, he found out that Harley was cheating on him with Mallet and never thought he could forgive something like that. But Gus realized how strong love really is.

    Rick tells Charles he's sorry to make him wait for his wife like this. Charles is given a letter to drop everything. He tells Rick it's his choice to decide this. Charles tells him not to screw up again, his family has a long history with this hospital and his own wife won't speak in his defense tells him a great deal. He decides to give Rick another chance.

    Lillian meets up with him afterwards and Rick tells her he has his job back with many restrictions but he is happy to be back.

    Back at his hotel room, he makes a call to Beth and tells her he needs to see her. She comes down to meet him and they make love. He tells her this is the last time they can do this.

    Harley Arrests Lizzie For Attempted Murder

    Tuesday, August 22 2006

    Lizzie tells Tammy that she wanted to kill Alan, she shot him on purpose.

    Meanwhile, Jonathan runs into Gus and tells him not to bother with any investigation. But Gus tells him to get out of his way and heads towards Lizzie with Jonathan close behind. Gus tries to question her but Jonathan tells Gus what happened. He tells Gus that he should be dragging in Alan instead. Gus tells him to back off before he makes things worse.

    Back at the station with Lizzie, Gus asks her for the truth. He asked her if she knew there were blanks in the gun when she pulled the trigger? Lizzie doesn't answer him. Tammy and Jonathan race down to the station to stop Lizzie from talking. Harley walks in confronting Jonathan and Lizzie, telling them what a sl** she is for getting pregnant by Jonathan. She continues on and Jonathan starts laughing at the thought of her insane beliefs.

    Lizzie interrupts the both of them and tells lady cop that her granddad Alan set her up and she can prove it. She tells Harley about Alan having this room with locks and bars on the windows and security surveillance. No one really believes her but Gus encourages Harley to check it out. So they all head down to Alan's to find this room.

    Once they get to the mansion, Lizzie takes them to the room where she discovered all the baby items and bars on the windows. Jonathan breaks the door open to find an empty room with some boxes around and no bars or surveillance. Lizzie looks around in disbelief and Harley arrests her for attempted murder.

    Alan Plots Against Lizzie

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    Dinah, at the station, remains defiant and sarcastic asking Harley and Gus who's the good cop and who's the bad cop? They ask her if rumors are true about Dinah burning down the hotel? Dinah talks with Harley, asking her if she's trying to railroad her?

    She confronts Gus about what he really wants from her? To go back to prison? He tries to continue his questioning but she refuses to answer anything. He tells her innocent people never have anything to hide. Harley tries to reach her. Dinah snaps back that she knows Harley doesn't want her to marry Mallet, Harley wants him to himself.

    Frank joins in to talk with Dinah asking what's happening. Then in walks Jeffrey with court papers and tells Frank to release Dinah! Jeffrey walks out with her and she says thank you to him but he replies saying ...oh no, don't thank me, this is going on your bill...! Dinah asks him what he really wants from her?

    Reva accidently runs into Josh at airport

    Friday, August 11 2006

    Dinah and Mallet talk. He tells her he wants to make it right. He hurt her by sending those files to the FBI. He tells her how much he trusts her and that's far more important than his career or a badge!

    She tells him he makes her want to be a better woman! She promises him that nothing will ever come between the two of us ever again, whatever it takes. Knock at the door, she tells him it's room service. Harley & Gus walk in wanting to discuss the fire. They tell them it looks like a torch job and they're calling it arson. Dinah tells them she has things to do and they ask her if she's willing to answer some questions later. Of course, she replies as she rushes out. Harley a little taken back by the quick departure looks on at Mallet and says ...alright, why don't you tell me what you know...?

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