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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Sometimes Goodbye Sounds a lot Like Hello.

    Monday, March 24 2008

    Harley starts calling around to drum up some business. Cyrus shakes his head; he feels bad and knows that he's only making things worse for her. He wouldn't wish what she's going through on his worst enemy, let alone someone he loves. She tells him that it's only money and hugs him. Later, she gets a call about a bounced check. When she wanders into Company, she finds Gus drinking Pepto Bismol. He walks her out and comments on her lackluster taste in groceries. She insists that she is happy with Cyrus and asks him if he is happy. He doesn't answer. They used to believe that their happiness began and ended with each other, but no more...

    Gus meets with Ava and Olivia to finalize her legal issues. Ava is still in denial but Olivia wants everything signed and finalized. As Ava signs, Olivia tells her daughter not to let Emma forget her. After Ava leaves, Olivia tells Gus that she saw Natalia earlier and told her off. She feels like she was out of line for doing that. He tells her that Natalia threw his relationship with Harley in his face today. He also saw Harley and hearing that she now loves Cyrus hurt him more than he'd like to admit, but he wants to be a good husband and father to Natalia and Rafe...even if that can't be what he had with Harley. She takes his hand. They go up to her room and he confesses that, when he looks in Natalia's eyes, he doesn't think that he can give her what she wants for the rest of her life. They begin to kiss.

    I'm Dying. Pass the Bread?

    Wednesday, March 19 2008

    Gus finds a frustrated Olivia trying to prepare for a business meeting. He tries calming her and brushing her hair. Later, he calls Mallet and asks him for some help. When he makes his way to Company, he runs into Alan, who warns him that Phillip has set him up. "I'm in trouble son and I need you to represent me," he says. Gus tells his father to count him out. He walks across town and watches Ava playing with Emma before calling his father and agreeing to help him in exchange for a favor. He goes up to Olivia's room and she walks in on him as he packs her bags. He tells her that Alan has found her a special doctor in Europe who will be able to save her. It sounds pretty risky to her. She kisses him. "I love you for trying," she says, but she doesn't want to leave her children, or him, alone. He tells her that he's taken time off to be with her. She gets into bed and he holds her hand, watching her thoughtfully as he sips Pepto Bismol.

    He Set Me Up!

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    Outside of Company, Gus runs into Daisy. She misses seeing him around and so do her brothers. He congratulates her on getting back together with Rafe. He's glad that his son is with someone like her. Rafe appears and starts to chew his father out for his involvement with Olivia. Gus walks away and Daisy repeats to Rafe that she wishes they had a place of their own. They go looking for apartments right after this. He's not thrilled with the dump she decides to take but she just wants a place for them to be alone together, away from her mom. When they interview with the super, they realize that there is no way they can afford to live in the place and she will have to go back to Harley's.

    Gus calls Cassie as Olivia's attorney. He tells her he wants to sell her back her share of The Beacon. Later, he runs into Harley who is sitting on the steps of the guest house. He offers to listen to her problems. She almost sends him away and then stops to tell him that Cyrus is moving in with her. As she rambles, he stops her and tells her that he already knew. "He makes me happy," she explains. That's enough to make Gus happy. Unfortunately, her family still isn't happy. He gives her his keys back and they go into Company while he complains about his ulcer. They make plans about him picking up the kids and he wishes her good luck.

    Gus walks into Harley's house and runs into Cyrus. They share an awkward moment and Gus explains that Harley dropped her keys at Company. He gives them to Cyrus and tells him that he'll take the boys to baseball next week. After Gus leaves, Harley returns and starts to ramble about losing her keys and how guilty she feels about Marina. Cyrus tells her that Gus dropped off the keys and then drops them down her blouse. He cleans up and she is sure that no one they invited will come. He reminds her that he came with a price and if it's too high... "We'll make it work," she says, kissing him. Meanwhile, Daisy calls Rafe to say that there is no one else who she can trust.

    Women Always Cry Around Me.

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    Gus and Natalia are getting dressed after having sex on the couch. He tries calling Olivia and wonders if she's asleep. Meanwhile, Olivia wakes up with two strange men in her bed. As she stumbles around the room, they begin looking through her closet and she tells them that her husband, the cop, will be back soon. She sends them to see one of the chamber maids in room 306 and they exit just as Gus walks in. She tells him to go back to Natalia. He tells her to take her medication. She throws the pills across the room, proclaiming that she hates all of this. At least being out last night made her feel alive just for a little bit. Finally, she begins to cry and admits that she's scared. After she dresses for bed, Gus tries to tuck her in but she grabs him into a kiss. He pulls away from her and tells her to rest. As he walks out, she rubs her lips and tells herself it's not over.

    The two men, Nick and Jamie from Olivia's room, arrive in Cyrus' room (room 306) while Natalia is cleaning it. They start to flirt with her and suggest a foursome with Olivia after her husband, the cop, leaves town. Natalia pushes past them and walks out of the room. She runs up to confront Olivia. Undaunted, Olivia says that she just thought Natalia must be lonely since giving Gus up. "Gus kissed me," she says. "Gus kisses everyone. He kisses Lizzie's dog." Natalia says, asking her why she is being so spiteful and mean. Gus returns and Olivia tells them that she thought "she should know". "Know what?" he asks, dumbfounded. Natalia's fed up and calls the deal to an end. She storms out and tries to go back to work, tearing off the necklace with her ring on it. Meanwhile, Gus tells Olivia that he's spoken to her doctor and she needs to think about her daughters now. She bursts into tears and screams as he tries to comfort her.

    I'm Tired of All the Drama

    Friday, March 07 2008

    Cyrus goes to the court house to pick up Marina. They flirt and kiss while Harley spies above them. Gus bumps into her and she explains that she's gotten involved in a complicated case. They start to talk about Zach and Gus tries telling a joke. She asks him if people get infinite chances with love or if it's just "three for a dollar". Cyrus looks up to see her and she glares down at him.

    I Miss My Old Friend

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Gus takes Olivia over to Cedars. He's downloaded songs for her IPod. She's touched and apologizes for having him sleep on the couch. "Next time you'll have to share my bed," she grins. When she goes in for her appointment, he rushes off to Natalia's arms. Later, Gus returns looking for Olivia. She's already gone. She finds Natalia cleaning out the exercise room. Olivia thanks her for walking away form Gus; she's sure it was hard. She thinks that she's stronger thanks to being with him though. Olivia notices that Natalia's name tag keeps falling off. She had it changed when she got married, but it won't seem to stick.

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