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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Neither of Them Are Us

    Friday, March 28 2008

    Outside of Cedars, Ava calls Sam and begs him to return. Rick comes out and tells her and Jeffrey that they just got a lead on a donor and Olivia might be able to survive after all. They hug excitedly and run inside, finding that Olivia has vanished from her room. In a panic, Ava calls Gus and begs him to find Olivia. He climbs onto the bike and drives off. Meanwhile, Olivia returns to the hospital. She forgot the Bible in the park so she sends Reva off to get it. Ava rushes up to her, relieved to find her and excitedly telling her that the donor has been found. The moment of jubilation is cut short when Gus is wheeled in on a stretcher, obviously the victim of an accident.

    The Honorable Scoundrel

    Thursday, March 27 2008

    Natalia meets Gus outside of a house. He asks her how she likes the neighborhood and the house. She asks him why he's asking. He tells her that he's bought the house for them. Her jaw drops and he shows her inside. She points out that a house can't change everything. He insists that he will change and they can have a lifetime to fix the house up together. "We do have a lifetime to get it right," he says. She can see the possibilities and becomes excited about all of the things they could do with the house...and they can even get a mutt dog, "just like us," she suggests.

    When they go outside, Rafe finds them. They explain that Gus has bought them the house but Rafe is still annoyed about the Olivia problem. He walks away and Gus follows him, insisting to his son that he is not trying to buy Natalia off and he has nothing to feel guilty for in his relationship with Olivia. Rafe points out that a house won't make them a family. Gus says that they can fake it until they're good at it. Rafe has other plans; he still wants to move in with Daisy. Gus begs him not to. He was a screw up when he was his age, he explains, and he hoped he would be a better man than he is. They return to Natalia and Gus promises to come back later.

    Gus arrives at the jail and Alan begs him not to walk away from him like everyone else. Gus admits that he doesn't like seeing his father like this and reminds him that he always recovers...not like Olivia. He walks away. Later, Alan asks Mallet to get him a doctor before he's transferred to another institution. Lizzie shows up and says that she won't bail him out and refuses to help. After she leaves to unpack her things at Bill's, Bill walks into the station, offering to bail Alan out. As they walk out of the building, Alan asks him why he's done this. "Your freedom for Lizzie's," Bill says. "I'm a broken man," Alan solemnly says before asking for money for a hotel room. Bill knows how painful this must be for him, but only gives him fifty bucks. Alan has to go to a seedy motel. They aren't convinced he can pay and don't believe that the watch he offers as payment is real. Meanwhile, Bill returns to Lizzie, kissing her and telling her that she is home now.

    Natalia shows Rafe around their new house and they can't stop giggling excitedly. Meanwhile, Gus wanders around the town, watching children in a schoolyard and chatting with Doris on a bench. He has a plaque put in the park to mark it as the "Olivia Spencer Memorial Park."

    I Feel Like a Cliche

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    Gus finds Natalia fixing her car by the side of the road and offers his help. "Don't you have to get back to Olivia?" she asks. He asks for the keys and tries to start the car. It doesn't work. He asks her to get in and they talk about their argument the other day and why they got back together in the first place. They were hoping that their old feelings would keep growing again, but Olivia got in the way and he has feelings for her...he wanted to be the guy who could help her stay alive. But what he really wants is a family with Natalia. He starts the car. Later, as she walks down the street alone after bringing the car to the garage, Mallet picks her up, offering her a lift. He tells her that he feels things are really good for once.

    Alan calls Gus to ask him how Olivia is and reminds him that it will be up to all of them to raise Emma. Gus hangs up and goes over to Towers to warn Olivia that Alan might be going after custody of Emma. Looking around, he asks her who is getting married. As she explains her plan, he reminds her that he is married already. He thinks that she's perfect the way that she is and he'd like to help, but he won't be marrying her. Meanwhile, Ava asks her father if he is okay with this. Jeffrey's never had a normal day with Olivia, why should now be any different? Olivia finally realizes that Gus won't go through with this and asks him to leave. As he climbs into the elevator, she runs down the stairs before stopping, in pain, and crouching on the steps. Soon, Jeffrey approaches her and tells her that he's been to worse weddings. "I can't save my life but I thought maybe I could save my soul," she says. She feels like a cliche — the wicked woman who finds faith in the in love at least. He takes her hand and tells her that he won't let her give up. He asks her to marry him.

    We all Need What we Need

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    In her room, Olivia wakes Gus up and offers him breakfast. He's in a hurry to get away so that he can represent Alan at the trial. "Gotta make sure Emma's grandfather doesn't go to prison," he says. As he goes to the courthouse, he runs into Josh and gets an update about Will and Cassie. He tells Josh that he has to do the right thing by his father, particularly since everyone has jumped ship on him. After Gus walks off, Josh goes over to Jeffrey's office and leaves him a note when Jeffrey suddenly walks in. He doesn't have time to deal with Will today, he has to put Alan away. The feds have him for a whole host of things, Jeffrey explains.

    At the police station, Ava joins Alan as he walks into the courtroom. Jeffrey greets them to say that this will be fun and then takes his daughter aside, telling her that she should be with her mother today. As she leaves, Alan talks to Gus, demanding that he be there one hundred percent today. "Don't push it," Gus says. As they sit down to prepare, Alan spots Dinah and asks her what she is doing there. She plays up her injury again and he tells her that she's "pathetic" before walking away.

    Sometimes Goodbye Sounds a lot Like Hello.

    Monday, March 24 2008

    Gus runs into his son at Company and finds out that he got a traffic ticket. Rafe is defensive when his father tells him that Natalia needs him around to look after her. They begin talking about Gus looking after Alan's upcoming court case. Gus rushes off and meets with Natalia, telling her that he has no interest in running away with Olivia; it's just that he's discovered she only has two weeks to live. They go to the park and she tells him how disappointed she is in the way he's been acting. He hasn't been acting like this is a "life and death situation". Things haven't been passionate between them like it was with Harley. Frustrated, she walks away.

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