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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    I Have Plans For Her

    Friday, November 02 2007

    When Gus is sitting downtown, Olivia calls him and asks him to take a look at her security system. He goes over and starts checking through things while she talks about Emma and all the stress she's under. He tells her that his marriage is over. Jokingly, she tells him it's his first divorce and 'it gets easier' each time. He tells her it's actually an annulment...anyway, he appreciates her keeping him busy with something to do. Meanwhile, Alan returns to the mansion where he finds Natalia all dressed up with no place to go. Since Gus isn't showing up, Alan offers her his arm and takes her out.

    Marina sits by Cyrus' side as he wakes up. She starts promising him that everything will be okay. He reaches out and wipes the tears from her face. 'We're together now,' he tells her. She informs him that she isn't a cop anymore. He hopes that she didn't give it up for him. She explains that she didn't quit, she was fired, but it's good timing because now they'll have time to be together. She leaves him for a moment and he promptly runs off, making his way to the police station to talk to inflexible Frank. 'I love your daughter. You may hate it, but you know it,' Cyrus tells him. He feels bad that she lost her badge because of him: He's costing her too much. He offers to leave town and walk away from everything. Frank isn't impressed; he's sure Alex will call immigration if he goes anywhere and he knows that he's also wanted in Australia. Cyrus goes over to the mansion to grab something and run. Before he can, Marina catches him. 'Were you even going to say goodbye?' she asks. 'I don't want to leave you,' he says. She can't lose him after just getting him back. 'In us versus the world, I bet on us,' she pleads, kissing him. He agrees to stay and she brings him back to his hospital bed. Once he falls asleep, she walks into the hall where she finds her aunt pacing around. Marina doesn't know what she would have done if she had lost either of them in the building collapse. 'I'm so glad you had each other,' she cries. She offers to take her aunt home, but she makes an excuse to stick around the hospital before hugging her niece and sending her away. Harley goes down to CO2 and starts practicing what her signature will be like if she's no longer married. Then, she returns to Cedars to sit by Cyrus' side. Meanwhile, Marina goes to the station and tells her father that she is staying with Cyrus and she'll work as a waitress now. She's sick of hiding her feelings. 'You're not my boss anymore,' she tells him.

    Took You Long Enough

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    At the mansion, Gus is trying to call Harley. He leaves her a message about Phillip sending Emma a gift and suggests that she be on the look-out. When he turns around, Natalia is standing there. She understands that he wants to protect Harley. Meanwhile, as Olivia sleeps, a shadow creeps over her. She jumps up and threatens them, but it's only a dream. Worried, she calls Alan and they renew their alliance. He tells her to get Gus out of the mansion and keep him busy. She calls Gus and tells him that she thinks Phillip was in her room. He tells her that he'll be over right away. He explains to Natalia that he has to go. She pulls the cigarette out of his mouth and tells him that she understands that he wants to help everyone: That's why she fell in love with him in the first place. (Alan has been listening in on the entire conversation).

    Gus hurries over to see Olivia and promises her that they will figure this out. She shows him a picture that she says Phillip must have slipped into her desk. He wants to check her surveillance cameras and beef up security. She confesses to him that she's never gotten used to being alone. Gus says she can call him if Phillip comes back and then, abruptly, leaves. Meanwhile, Alan is telling Natalia that she should be out having fun, not waiting around for Gus. 'When a man's marriage breaks up, he needs a little time,' Alan advises her. He leaves her alone for awhile and then comes back, telling her that Gus is a restless soul, not an 'old-fashioned family man' like him. Gus isn't in the right place right now for a relationship. He gets her ready to go out with him for the evening when Gus returns. Natalia agrees to stay behind and talk to Gus. He needs to tell her about what he's been thinking. Alan leaves and Gus explains to her that it's time for his marriage to end; he's going after an annulment. 'This isn't about how things end, it's about a new beginning,' he claims. She tells him that he shouldn't do this for her sake. If Harley called him back right now, would he go? 'No,' he says confidently.

    You're Everyone's Type

    Monday, October 29 2007

    At the mansion, a saddened Alan confronts Natalia about her plans to move out. He doesn't want her to go. She tells him that Gus' room is next to her room and it's awkward. He reminds her that it's a big house and she could even go and live in the guest house; it's right across from his suite. Gus walks in and tells them that he's having the staff move her out to the pool house so she'll be more comfortable...and it's right across from his suite if she needs him. Alan leaves to attend Emma's birthday. Later, Gus and Natalia go over to the church after it's been demolished. She says it's a pity they had to destroy it when it was so nice. Gus feels like he's surrounded by ghosts. Frank calls looking for Harley but won't explain anything. They leave and go over to Emma's party for awhile before.

    Natalia and Gus return to the mansion. She tells him that they made a mistake when they slept together. He understands that she wants to set the right example for her kid. 'I worry about what's right for all of us,' she says. Later, Olivia arrives and tells Gus that she is freaking out over Phillip's gift. She sobs and he hugs her for comfort. Meanwhile, Alan finds Natalia and gives her a cross. He lies and tells her that it belonged to Gus' mother but he wants to share it with her now.

    Get Used To It, You're A Shayne

    Tuesday, October 23 2007

    In the waiting room, Gus walks in on Harley as Buzz leaves to get food for Marina. Gus tells her that he's not there just to see Marina. 'I heard that you needed me,' he says. 'Who said that?' the puzzled Harley asks. 'Daisy,' he says. They share some bad hospital coffee and he asks her if she'd like to have dinner with him and talk about the kids. She doesn't see what good it would do, but agrees to call him later. She says that it was good to see him and sends him off. Meanwhile, Marina tries to get out again but Frank stops her as Harley comes in. 'Someday you'll understand,' he tells his daughter. She seems less convinced. Harley leads her brother out. 'Cyrus is dead isn't he?' Marina asks her aunt. He sacrificed himself for them and now they are his only chance. Cyrus saved her life twice and yet everyone thinks he's a criminal. 'I know who he is,' Harley admits. She wishes that she could help him, but she doesn't know what to do. She walks out and calls Gus to say she can't have dinner with him. Frank corners her and asks her how she could have hidden Cyrus behind his back. She tells him that he's lucky he got his daughter back alive and walks away from him and calls for a list of abandoned buildings. Later, Buzz returns to visit his granddaughter, bringing her food and telling her about the vigil they held for her.

    Reva goes down to Main Street where Buzz runs into her. He agrees with Natalia: Somebody really should have told Harley what was going on. They start to argue. She accuses everyone of smacking her around when she's been the only one to be there for Daisy. Wandering over to the bench, she sits down and calls Jeffrey, tearfully leaving him a message about how much she misses him and wants him to come home to her. She goes home and drags Daisy out of bed, telling her that she has to go back to school tomorrow. Daisy is scared that everyone will think she is a a girl with little value. 'Get used to it, you're a Shayne,' Reva tells her. Daisy misses her mother. She doesn't even understand why. Reva loves that she's trusted her with all of this, but she needs to go to her mother now. Meanwhile, Gus returns to the mansion and tells Natalia that he just saw Harley and realized that she doesn't need him anymore. When he is with Rafe and her, he actually feels like he has 'a value'. He wants them to stop tip-toeing around things and try to be a family. Gus wants to start dating her, at least. 'You're still married,' she points out. 'I'm very separated,' he tells her. She tells him that what they did was a sin and she has to start living right because, when she doesn't, something bad happens. She won't be with him while he's married and won't be with anyone else until she is married to them.

    You Belong To Me

    Monday, October 22 2007

    Gus arrives at the mansion and asks the maid where Natalia is. Settling in, he asks her if anything happened while he was gone. Daisy rushes in, searching for Natalia and Rafe. Gus asks her what's going on. He clearly has no idea what's been happening. She sits down and he tells her that, whatever it is, they can work it out as a family. She slowly starts to explain that she got pregnant... Gus tells her that 'these things happen' but...then she explains that she didn't want to cause any trouble and disrupt everyone's she got an abortion. After a slight pause, he says, 'I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.' Quietly, he asks her how everyone else has taken the news. They haven't taken it well, especially Harley, who has been too busy to pay much attention to her. She explains that she did it without even talking to Rafe. Now he knows what she did and he hates her. Daisy suddenly remembers that Rafe is in jail. Gus offers to take care of it and tells her that she should be with her mother right now; they need each other. 'Maybe she needs you,' she suggests. When Gus calls the station, Alan grabs the phone and tells his son that he's taken care of everything and a lot has happened since he left town. Gus asks to talk to Rafe but Alan refuses: He's had him released and sent him out to find 'the prettiest girl in town' so that he can forget his problems.

    Rafe goes down to Main Street and Lola quickly picks him up to take him clubbing. Daisy stands by watching sadly as they start to walk away. She stops them and begs Rafe to stay and talk to her. He refuses and they leave. Meanwhile, Natalia walks into the church when Father Ray appears, startling her. She sits down to pray and then lights a candle. Gus arrives and tells her that he's heard the news. He tells her that things will be okay. She doesn't think so; she left her son in jail because she doesn't even know what to do with him. 'I don't even know what's going on in this life,' she cries. They sit down and he explains that Alan's gotten Rafe out. She still doesn't know what to do or say. Six months ago her life was completely different. He tells her that she has him now and they can figure it out; she doesn't need to hide out in church anymore. She's not hiding out: She likes it, she likes rules and knowing what's right and wrong. Gus admits that he likes a mess; that's what he misses about living in Harley's house, but he promises Natalia that they can figure things out together. They return to the house and Rafe soon returns too. Gus tells his son that all of this is not Daisy's fault: He needs to take some responsibility for what's happened as well. He should try not to be angry. Gus let his anger take over him when he was young and he ran out on Natalia before he even knew she was pregnant. That's been one of the biggest mistakes in his life. 'Neither one of us got to raise our kids,' Rafe says, walking away.

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