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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    At the mansion, Natalia helps Gus put his jacket on. He feels bad about leaving her to wait tables while he's having dinner. She's not bothered; she knows this will be his last dinner with Harley. Rafe walks through, avoiding his father. Gus wonders what he should be thankful for. She heads over to work at Towers. When a dinner guest starts to be rude to her as she serves, Alan pops in, telling the man to get some manners. He drops some cash on the table and tells him to get lost so that he can talk to Natalia. Alan doesn't want to spend the holiday all alone. He sits down at the table and Rafe soon comes to serve him. He talks him up and then Rafe goes over to the manager and tells him off for over-working Natalia. The manager fires him and then calls Natalia out to tell her this isn't working. Alan walks up and tells the manager off, forcing him to kowtow and allow her off her shift. She joins him for dinner.

    Gus arrives at Harley's. He tells Daisy that Rafe said 'hello' but she knows that he didn't. Marina arrives to drown her sorrows in gravy and hands a bouquet off to Harley. She then walks across the room to Gus and asks him why he hasn't told Harley his news. He will, he insists, before turning her around and pointing her to Frank once he walks through the door. She informs her father that she is joining Harley's detective agency. Frank is shocked to hear that his sister is leaving the job. 'We'll talk about it tomorrow,' she tells him before pushing him toward the boys. He asks his daughter where Cyrus is. She tells him that he's not coming and then tells him off, blaming him for everything. Harley reminds him that at the first Thanksgiving they smoked a peace pipe. Taking the hint, he offers Marina a cheese puff. Frank breaks down and tells her that she can invite Cyrus if she wants. She hugs him and thanks him. As she runs off to call the Aussie, Buzz congratulates his son.

    Cyrus arrives and everyone is seated around the table. They join hands so that Buzz can say grace. Suddenly, a bread roll flies through the room. Gus goes out to investigate and finds Rafe standing outside with a bottle. He's drunk and starts to call Daisy his 'sweet flower' and sarcastically tells her that he wants to spend the day with her family. Gus holds onto Rafe as he takes a swing at the collective Cooper clan while they rush out at the commotion. Gus tells them that he will take care of this. He takes his son home to sober up and admits that their family isn't always a real family but he hasn't given up on them: He still has hope for what they can be. Natalia walks in, overhearing this, and asks Gus if the proposal is still on the table. It is. 'Then the answer is yes,' she smiles. He takes out the ring and asks her again. She asks Rafe if they have his blessing. Once he gives it she says 'yes' again. As Gus slips the ring on her finger, Rafe starts to smile.

    We're Just Close

    Tuesday, November 20 2007

    At the mansion, Alex flatly tells Harley that she seems to have a 'thing' for Cyrus. Harley insists that they are just 'close.' Alex chuckles. 'Close? That's a loaded word.' Harley explains that even if she had feelings for the Australian, what kind of person would she be if she acted on them? Alex asks her what happened between them while they were under the rubble. Harley remembers kissing him, but only tells Alex that they played rock, paper, scissors. She walks out and bumps into Gus. She invites him over for the holidays, but he probably has plans with his other family so... He'll come, he insists. They share some awkward laughs and she leaves. He walks into the sitting room and pulls out the engagement ring he offered Natalia.

    Rafe meets Alan for dinner at Towers. Alan lets his grandson know that he is on his side. He tells him that he doesn't like the way that Gus is treating him. Rafe tries making some excuses for him. Alan tells him that they will be spending Thanksgiving together. But who knows which family Gus will be spending the holidays with? Meanwhile, Gus tracks Natalia down while she works at The Beacon. He interrupts her bed making to give her a cinnamon roll. 'I will wait as long as you need me to,' he says, taking her hand and telling her that he wants to spend Thanksgiving with her and Rafe. She tells him that he'll have to find him first. Later, Rafe tracks his mother down. She asks him to spend the holiday with her and Gus. He's surprised Gus isn't spending it with Harley. Later, when she's back at the mansion, Gus runs in and tells her that Harley invited him over to hers for the holiday, and not just him, but all of them. Natalia thinks that's a bad idea, but he should go and see the boys and not worry about her and Rafe. He thinks they should do both. Rafe overhears this and finally steps in, launching into a sarcastic attack on his father. Gus asks to talk to his son alone. Natalia leaves and Gus tries to explain himself. Harley's sons are like sons to him and he can't just leave them. Rafe says that they'll get over it, he did. Zach and Jude already have dads, but he and Nat only have Gus 'and most of the time, we don't even have that.' After his son storms away, Gus sits on the desk and stares at the ring again. Marina walks in. He tells her that he proposed to Natalia. Meanwhile, Natalia tells Rafe that she's been offered extra work for the holiday. If they work together, they can make more money and use it to buy Christmas gifts. He agrees and she hugs him close.

    God Knows You're a Terrible Liar

    Friday, November 16 2007

    On Main Street, Daisy catches Rafe skipping out on school again. He tells her that she did the biggest favor anyone's ever done for him by getting the abortion. When she tries to talk to him, he walks away. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Gus finds an e-mail note from the boys saying how much they miss him. He calls and leaves a message for them, promising that they will spend time together soon. Natalia walks in and he gets off the phone. 'You miss those boys...and their mother?' she asks. He does. She's glad that he can be honest about that. Harley will always mean a lot to him, he admits...but so does Natalia. 'At one point I was everything to you,' she remembers. She won't settle for anything other than that; she wants him to want her the way he used to. He tells her that he's filed for a divorce. It's not that easy, she insists; Harley is still a part of his heart and it will take time for him to move on. Daisy walks in, interrupting and Natalia walks away. Daisy tells Gus that she's worried about Rafe. 'I think Natalia is the problem,' she explains to him. He tries calling his son but without luck. He tells her that this isn't all Natalia's fault. 'Her faith is costing Rafe his faith in everything,' Daisy says. Later, Rafe returns and Gus catches him, grounding him for cutting school. 'What are you gonna do? Lock me up in my room?' Rafe asks angrily. Gus will if he has to. Rafe mopes off.

    Alan finds Natalia sitting on Main Street, deep in thought. He invites her and Rafe to have Thanksgiving with he and Alexandra. She's not sure that Rafe is up to it. Alan is sure that cheese grits will make Rafe forget his problems. She asks him if Gus will be there. He takes her arm and they walk off together. When she returns home, alone, she finds Gus waiting for her. He tells her that he grounded their son. They need to pull together as a family and move forward. 'We can give Rafe the family that he needs,' Gus offers. He wants to prove his commitment to her, so he takes out a ring and asks her to marry him. She is clearly conflicted and tells him that she needs time. They can't say anything to Rafe until she decides. He says that he will wait, but they should do this– they should have the chance to fall in love again. He pulls her into a kiss just as Alan walks in. Meanwhile, Rafe has walked out and runs into Daisy on Main Street. He tells her that he's been grounded because of her. He refuses to go back to school. She tells him to stop being such a jerk. He can hate her, but he shouldn't ruin his life.

    That's That

    Friday, November 09 2007

    Harley goes to see Father Ray. He asks her if she's sure this is what she wants. She doesn't seem sure. Gus walks in tying his tie. They sit down and the priest explains what an annulment is. Father Ray tells them that they need to reflect, to grieve this loss and to begin healing. As the fracture couple bicker, the priest stops them and asks them again if they want to go through with this. They do. He sets the pen and papers on the table. The Father stands back to let them talk. They join hands and Gus tells her that the boys and Daisy will always be his family. Harley helped him through so much and put up with his bad habits. She 'got' him like no one else has and he will love her forever. She pulls her hands back and recalls their first date and what a mess he was...she also remembers that he was the man who would never leave her, not even in prison. However, their life together has come to an end. 'Forgiveness has never been my strong suit,' she admits, but she will always love him too. They stand and embrace. She checks her messages while Gus stares at the papers. Before they can finish signing, she talks to Marina and discovers Cyrus is going to deported. 'That's that,' she says, before running away. Gus pulls off his ring and drops it on the table. Natalia suddenly rushes in and tells him to stop. She wished that he could say that all the time he was with Harley wasn't real; that way, they could go back to a world before Harley. She's realized that this is impossible. He tells her it's too late; Harley already signed. She tears up the papers: She won't let him have an annulment. Harley will always be part of him and she won't let him erase that.

    Who Let the Cat In?

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    Gus is playing with the boys on Main Street. Zach is depressed because one of the other kids told him that Gus isn't his dad anymore. He takes the boys to Towers and tries to explain things. 'You're mom and I tried really hard,' he says. Jude wonders if they're to blame. Gus insists that they could never do anything to turn him away from them. Even if he doesn't live with them anymore, they will always be a family. He will always love their mother and he just wants to see her happy. Later, Harley walks in as Gus teaches the boys a card trick. Zach doesn't understand why Gus can't come home with him. They try to explain everything and then the boys walk away to play their video games. She asks Gus how the annulment is going to work (it's happening tomorrow). She jokes about it, but he's finding it difficult to say that their marriage never existed. He insists that what he had with the boys was real and important to him; he can't pretend that what they had never happened. Rafe walks in and Gus asks him what's wrong. He tells them that his mother tried to force him to have lunch with a priest. After lashing out at his father for abandoning him, he walks out. Harley gets Gus a drink and tells him that they need to go through with the annulment. Rafe needs a father and Gus should be a family with him and Natalia.

    I Have Plans For Her

    Friday, November 02 2007

    At Cedars, Harley gives Daisy a hug and wishes she could have been around looking after her. Daisy's surprised that her mother can be some calm and collected after almost dying. Harley doesn't know what to say. Her daughter thinks she should go home and rest but she's too worried about Cyrus to go anywhere. Gus arrives, rushing to his estranged wife's side. Daisy leaves as Gus gets Harley coffee. She tells him that Cyrus was as much of a victim of Griggs as Marina was. Gus takes her hand. She's cold so he puts his coat on her and offers to look after the boys for as long as she needs. She rests her head on his shoulder, but when she reaches in the coat, she finds the annulment papers. This means that their marriage will never exist. Did Natalia ask him to do this? Gus shakes his head. Harley's confused right now and doesn't want to talk about this. He tells her that an annulment doesn't mean that what they had wasn't sacred to him...she looks the papers over and agrees to think about. She knows that he isn't trying to hurt her; he just wants to start over with a blank slate. 'We can never be the way we were,' she admits. Gus seems surprised that she isn't giving him any fight. 'Most people never get five minutes of the kind of happiness we had,' she says. Gus walks away.

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