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    Guiding Light CAST - Gus Aitoro - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gus Aitoro Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin

    Birthday: 1968-01-05
    Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    I Didn't ask for This.

    Monday, April 07 2008

    Harley remains at the church. She goes to the altar and picks up the portrait of Gus. Cyrus helps her take it down. They go over to Company and Harley seems annoyed that the cops are loudly getting drunk inside. Cyrus says Gus must have been wonderful if they are remembering him like this. She thanks him for his help. Blake arrives and hugs her before walking away. "Her husband also died...I mean, not husband," Harley corrects herself. Mallet and Marina poke their heads out and ask her to come in and tell some Gus stories. As she's pulled in, the funeral director grabs Cyrus and tells him that Harley's credit card was declined. Cyrus says that she's busy right now and he'll take care of it. He sends the man away and watches as Harley tells stories to the crowd. She and Marina share some awkward glances and she goes into the washroom. As she talks to herself, Gus appears. He tells her not to be sad. "I always thought it would be us in the end," she cries. Buzz interrupts and she takes another beer as they wander back to the party, stopping to cry on the steps along the way.

    Harley finds Cyrus sitting alone outside. She swipes his beer and downs it before asking him to go to a bar somewhere where they don't know anyone. "I wish I could just be numb," she says. "Then you wouldn't be you," he reminds her, telling her that she's been great today and can do anything she sets her mind to. She kisses him and thanks him for reminding her that there is something she can do after all. They go back to her house and start doing construction work. He tells her that it's okay to let him kiss her; it doesn't mean that she's forgotten Gus. He goes to the basement to get nails and she starts to tear down some sheet rock, finding a heart painted behind it. "I'm a romantic, what can I say?" the ghost of Gus tells her. He suggests that finishing the house is a good way to move on. She writes "Harley loves Gus" on the heart before taping over it. Daisy surprises her and offers to help out but Harley asks her to go and do something fun instead. Daisy insists that she wants to help; she thinks Gus would expect it. They comfort each other before Cyrus returns. Daisy asks if the funeral director got in touch with her. Cyrus says that he took care of it. Harley leaves to get the power tools while Daisy tells Cyrus to pack up and leave, reminding him that he will never be Gus. He apologizes for shutting down her fake ID business and agrees to partner up with her. Meanwhile, Harley is upstairs when Gus' spirit surprises her and tells her he has to go. He wants her to promise to finish the house and tells her he will be waiting for her. "I love you y'know," he says before vanishing. She slumps onto the floor.

    He's Dead.

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Harley and Natalia sit at Gus' bedside. "What I really want is a cigarette and a hamburger and a beer and a baseball game," he thinks to himself. Meanwhile, Zach and Jude play baseball in the park while Rafe tries to fix his mother's car. Gus wishes that he'd known his son sooner, and longer, but he'll always love him. Thinking of the chaos at the police station, he realizes how he will miss that as well; he'll even miss Mallet. He will miss Olivia too and, if he'd gotten to know her sooner, maybe they could have been more than friends. He thinks of the house he never finished and hopes that, maybe, Cyrus can finish it...or he'll have to come back to haunt him. And he'll miss Buzz and his daughter and his burgers and his corny jokes... As he slips away, Rick turns to Natalia to tell her how sorry he is. Crying, she kisses Gus goodbye and then calls Harley over. She slowly approaches and kisses him, repeating his name. Natalia goes to meet her son and break the news to him. She doesn't have to say anything. They embrace.

    We Almost Got it Right.

    Monday, March 31 2008

    Olivia lays down on the park bench looking up at the sky. When she returns to the hospital, Gus is rushed in on a stretcher after being in a motorcycling accident. Meanwhile, Natalia returns to her new home where she gets a call from the hospital telling her of the accident. Elsewhere, Harley and Cyrus' lovemaking is interrupted by a knock at the door. Buzz has come to tell them of the accident.

    At Cedars, Jeffrey questions the cop investigating Gus' accident. Apparently he just skidded off the road. Rick comes out while Gus is prepped for surgery. He grimly shakes his head but lets Jeffrey in to talk to Gus quickly. Jeffrey tells Gus that he looks like crap. "What's your excuse?" Gus grumbles, barely conscious. Jeffrey asks him if there's anyone he should call. Gus tells him to call Alan but not to worry Olivia. Jeffrey promises to look after Olivia for him. Soon, Olivia is wheeled in and he tells her she doesn't look too good. He asks if her heart is coming. She says that it's been delayed. He tries to make a joke about his accident and tells her he only wanted to save her and be there for her. "You have been," she says. The time they've been together has changed everything for her. Having a park named after her was the most beautiful thing anyone's ever done for her. He apologizes for not marrying her, but he made a promise to Natalia and Rafe. She rests her head on his chest.

    A sobbing Natalia fumbles with her keys in the parking lot until Harley rushes up to her. The women go inside the hospital and Rick promptly hands them some paperwork. He tells them what's happened and says that they haven't found a way to stop the bleeding yet. "I don't know how I can tell my son," Natalia cries. When they get in to see Gus, he begs to know what is happening. Later, Rafe arrives and he and his mother look through the glass at Gus. He starts to cry and runs off, unable to face his father. Inside the room, Gus apologizes to Harley for never finishing her house. He continues to mumble and she cries before telling him that he is the love of her life and she needs him to fight so that they can be together. "You're the love of my life too...we almost got it right," he gasps as the nurses wheel him out. Alone, Harley collapses on the floor before Cyrus arrives to comfort her.

    As Gus waits to go into surgery, Natalia arrives at his side. She cries and tells him to let go of his pain and let the people who love him take care of him. He asks her not to cry. She says a prayer and then Rick has him sent into the operating room, handing Natalia a bag of Gus' things. Later, Rick informs Harley and Natalia that they had to stop the surgery. Gus wouldn't stop bleeding and it became too dangerous to continue. The women go in and stand by his side.

    Neither of Them Are Us

    Friday, March 28 2008

    Harley arrives at home and admits to her daughter that money has been tight. She's shocked to see that Daisy has cleaned and reorganized everything. Daisy tells her not to worry, she has things covered, and walks out. This makes Harley nervous. She walks to the park where she finds Gus. She's surprised to see the place is now named after Olivia. He explains that she is dying and he felt like he needed to help her. That sounds like the old Gus to her; always trying to save someone. He tells her that he needed Olivia to know that everyone in town loved her. Harley jokes that he never got her a park. "Do you want a park?" he smiles. They pick up the boys and go back to her place. As he makes a sandwich, she tells him that he never stops trying to rescue people. Having him there is weird for her. She's still not in a place that's comfortable with him being with other women. He reminds her that she just moved her boyfriend into the house that he built. He explains that he doesn't love Olivia more than Natalia; he's just trying to make her comfortable. "But neither of them are us," he admits. As he goes to leave, she tells him that she was in love with him every day. "Are we friends now?" he asks. She starts to cry and says she wouldn't have it any other way. He tells her to paint the walls and leaves.

    Gus finds his father sitting alone in the park, smoking a cigar. Alan takes him back to his room at the motel. Alan's surprised his son isn't reveling at seeing him in squalor. Alan gets out some cheap booze and offers to toast to, "Alan Spaulding finally getting what he deserves." He feels like he's nothing without money and power, he admits. His family has always been the most important thing for him...but, now, he can't even afford to stay in this dump. Gus goes downstairs to settle the bill. Jeffrey calls and Alan picks up Gus' phone. He asks that Gus come to Olivia, alone. Alan insists that Emma needs him too. Jeffrey hangs up. When Gus returns, Alan, with great difficulty, tells his son that he's glad that he's found him. "You're not so bad yourself pop...when you want to be," Gus admits.

    Alan and Gus have dinner at Towers. Gus suggests that they should do this more often. He never said that he didn't want to be his son, just that he didn't want to be a Spaulding. Alan says that he's afraid of being alone. Gus tells him that he's the only one who can make sure that doesn't happen. Ava calls to tell Gus that Olivia is dying and asks him why Alan didn't give him the message. Gus is furious with his father and storms off, accusing him of never changing. Gus' car is in the shop so Remy offers him the keys to his bike.

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