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    Guiding Light CAST - Phillip Granville Spaulding - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Phillip Granville Spaulding Played by Grant Aleksander on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Grant Aleksander (CBS)

    Birthday: August 5, 1969
    Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
    Marital Status: Married to Sherry Ramsey (19 September 1987 - present)
    Real Name: Grant Aleksander
    Height: 6' 2"


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    The End.

    Friday, September 18 2009

    At the mansion, Lizzie complains to Bill that Alex seems obsessed with Fletcher. He interrupts them to promise that he won't let them get into any trouble. Alex hopes that they can get into some kind of trouble. Phillip and Beth come in. He pays his condolences.

    Inside, Phillip tells Beth that he feels weird. He's the oldest Spaulding in the mansion now. She gives him a notebook and tells him he should write everything he's done and felt down. They kiss. Rick calls and asks them to go to the park.

    Phillip and Beth arrive in the park. Rick reveals that Danny, Michelle and Mindy are all moving back to town. "The Four Musketeers ride again!" Rick says. Phillip wanders over to his son. James tells him that Daisy is gone, but he's right where he wants to be.

    Rick and Mindy are now a couple and they toast to Beth and Phillip on the eve of their wedding.

    I'm Going To Miss Him.

    Thursday, September 17 2009

    Bill brings Phillip the box of Alan's ashes. He looks inside at the ashes and breathes deep. "It's strange to think a life as big as Alan Spaudling's could end up being this," Bill says. Phillip goes inside and sits with Alex. He tells her they need to go.

    The Spauldings arrive at the lake. Buzz is already there, waiting for them. Beth admits that this isn't what she thought Alan would want for a funeral. Phillip tells Alex that Alan loved her more than anybody. "Not more than you sweetheart," she says. As they stand on the shore, none of them are sure what to say. Even Buzz has trouble saying anything. "Alan, I can't imagine Springfield without you... you brought out the best and worst in all of us. You made us strong. You were our constant so we can never say goodbye to you. Each one of us found a piece of ourselves because of you and I'll miss," he says. They each take a handful of the ashes and then, one by one, scatter them into the water.

    James and Phillip stand on the shore. "I'm going to miss him," James says. They play frisbee and laugh.

    Phillip skips rocks on the water when Beth approaches him. He admits that in some ways he's sadder than he's ever been but, in others, he's at peace. He talks about how brave Alan was to save them.

    You Saved All Of Us.

    Wednesday, September 16 2009

    After finding his father dead by the water, Phillip sits down by his side. He calls Rick, who rushes over. After the doctor confirms that he's gone, they call the paramedics to take him away. Phillip says that he will tell the family. His friend hugs him. Phillip walks down to the pier alone and stares off at the water.

    Phillip goes home and tells Alex that Alan isn't coming home. "We lost him," he explains. "No... no no no," Alex says, shaking. Phillip puts his arms around her as she stops herself from crying. After Alex gets up and walks around the room, Beth breaks into tears as she wonders what to tell Peyton. Phillip offers to help her but she needs to do it on her own. When she walks off, Alex tells Phillip she will start making calls. He leaves to tell Lizzie and James. Left alone, Alex throws the phone down and picks up a photo of her brother.

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