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    Guiding Light CAST - Leah Bourdeau Bauer (Current)

    Full detailed profile on Leah Bourdeau Bauer (Current) Played by Tyra Collar on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

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    Leah Bourdeau Bauer (Current)

    Actor: Tyra Collar

    Who played Leah Bourdeau Bauer (Current) over the years

    Tyra Colar (December 1 2008 - present)
    Arielle Renwart (May 2006 - February 14 2008)
    Marley Wright (2004)

    Useful information on Leah Bourdeau Bauer (Current)

    * While she was originally born on screen in 2004, the character was aged 12 years for her return in 2006.


    Current: Student


    As a child, Leah Bauer had the rarest thing in Springfield: A stable home. However, after returning from the private school that her parent's sent her to, she found things changing. She has always been closest to her father Rick and he couldn't hide the tension in his marriage from her. When Mel accused him of playing a part in Ross Marler's death, Leah defended her father every way she could, eventually faking illness to pull her parents back together. Even with her continued efforts, the family wouldn't stay together. After Mel discovered Rick's affair with Beth, a heart-broken Leah wouldn't forgive him and promised to help her mother through it.






    Dr_Frederick_Rick_Bauer (father)
    Melissande_Mel_Boudreau_Bauer (mother)
    Jude Cooper Bauer (half-brother)
    Ed Bauer (paternal grandfather)
    Leslie Bauer (paternal grandmother - deceased)
    Clayton Boudreau (maternal grandfather)
    Felicia Boudreau (maternal grandmother)
    William Edward "Bill" Bauer, Sr. (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Bert Bauer (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
    Stephen Jackson (paternal adopted great-grandfather; deceased)
    Roy Mills (paternal biological great-grandfather - deceased)
    Victoria Ballenger (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
    Friedrich "Papa" Bauer (paternal great-great-grandfather - deceased)
    "Mama" Bauer (paternal great-great-grandmother - deceased)
    Elsie Miller Franklin (paternal great-great-grandmother - deceased)
    Michelle Bauer (aunt)
    Remy_Boudreau (uncle)
    Robert Santos (first cousin)
    Hope Santos (first cousin)
    Hope Bauer (first cousin)
    Alan-Michael_Spaulding (second cousin)
    Mike Bauer (great-uncle)
    Hillary Bauer (great-aunt - deceased)
    Trudy Bauer Palmer (great-great-aunt)
    Meta Bauer (great-great-aunt)
    Alma-Jean Miller (great-great-aunt - deceased)
    Otto Bauer (great-great-great-uncle - deceased)




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    Thursday, May 28 2009: I Think I Have Rug Burn.

    They all go over to the baseball diamond. Felecia teases her daughter about not getting a man and then teases Christina about being divorced. She insists that she and Remy are much better divorced. Dinah and Remy run around and then get some cake. After the picnic, the family begins packing up and Clayton walks off to take a call. Remy follows him and asks him what's wrong. Clayton explains that the bank needs money he doesn't have. He doesn't even have a plan to pay it back. Remy promises him that they can fix things. "Don't worry about me. There's no way that you can fix this," Clayton says.

    Wednesday, April 08 2009: The Game Continues.

    Remy arrives at Company. Ashlee tells him that Christina doesn't want to talk to him. He has a beer. His mother and sisters sneak in and yell 'surprise'. They pull out the party hats and Felicia tells the story of Remy's birth. This year, he has shown her what a wonderful man he is. They offer him cake. He's sad. As they sit him down and ask him to make a wish, Christina arrives, followed by Mallet and Lizzie. Remy and Christina step aside. Neither of them has told anyone they are splitting up. Mel begins handing Remy gifts. She got him some concert tickets but put Christina's name on the envelope.

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