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    Guiding Light CAST - Christina Boudreau - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christina Boudreau Played by Karla Mosley on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Karla Mosley

    Birthday: August 27 1981
    Birthplace: Westchester, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Karla Mosley


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    My Drama Meter Is Tapped Out!

    Wednesday, June 17 2009

    Christina goes to see Doyle and asks him if she still has the diamond. He doesn't. He tells her that diamonds like that are usually part of a set. She thanks him and leaves.

    Christina goes to the station and tells Mallet that Remy asked her to pick up the inventory. He explains that the diamonds are very rare and royal. Josh calls to ask if the rental tag helped. Mallet claims it hasn't changed anything. When he goes outside, Marina is waiting for him.

    When Remy gets home, he's startled to find Christina there. He tells her that he now knows he can control Cyrus. "I guess that means he doesn't know you have the diamonds," she says. He storms out. She follows him. He confesses and tells her that they're now in a safety deposit box. She drags him to the bank. He takes them out and then she looks at them gleefully, telling him never to lie to her again. He wouldn't sell them for himself; he only did it to help her and his father. Since they can't sell them or take them to the cops, they flush them down the toilet.

    We're Going To Set me Up.

    Tuesday, June 16 2009

    At Company, Cyrus gets a call from Natasha. She issues more threats. He slips back to work and Christina quizzes him on how things are working out with Remy. Cyrus returns the favor and asks her how things are working out between she and Remy. She gushes about the big diamond he flashed her. Something clicks for Cyrus.

    Back at Company, Marina talks to Christina about how stressed out she and Mallet are. They chat about their relationships and Christina repeats that she and Remy are only good divorced.

    Christina is in the minimart on the phone. She's telling her grandma about how incredible Remy's diamond was. Dinah overhears and sips her slushy.

    Shayne goes to see Marina at Company and orders her to get her husband to back off. He wonders if Mallet treats her and Henry so badly at home. She refuses to talk to him. He sits and calms down, then apologizes for taking things out on her. She turns to teasing Christina about marriage. Christina gets a call from Doyle. She wanted to talk to him about the diamond.

    He Has No Rules.

    Friday, June 12 2009

    Ashlee and Christina are shocked to see Daisy mopping the floor. They invite her to the jail to see James. She looks for excuses but Buzz thinks she should go. After they leave, Frank comes through with his boxes. He's been looking for Rafe to help him move.

    Ashlee and Christina go to visit James. He confesses his guilt. They want to know if the stolen money paid for their trip to Florida. It didn't. They return to Company and tell Daisy about their visit and then tease her for bringing James cake.

    I Can Be Very Persuasive.

    Monday, June 08 2009

    Remy is nervously standing in his room when Doyle calls and asks him if he has any more diamonds he'd like to unload. Remy tells him it was a one time thing and hangs up. Christina walks in and starts talking about Cyrus, wondering what kind of sexy adventures he must have had. Frank calls and asks him to meet up in the park.

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