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    Guiding Light CAST - Christina Boudreau - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christina Boudreau Played by Karla Mosley on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Karla Mosley

    Birthday: August 27 1981
    Birthplace: Westchester, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Karla Mosley


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    That Sneaky Olivia.

    Monday, August 24 2009

    Shayne is packing up Dinah's stuff when Christina and Daisy arrive. He called them over to help themselves to Dinah's clothes. They excitedly run into the closet.

    Christina goes home and finds Remy packing. He tells her that the SPD is sending he and Cyrus out of town on a secret mission. She giggles.

    Remembering Max.

    Friday, August 14 2009

    Remy goes home and is surprised that Christina isn't at the PT clinic. She wants to be with him for the memorial. "I need you," he says. They leave together.

    In the cemetery, Remy tells Christina how beautiful his son was. He made him want to be a better man. "He fixed me and he died before I got a chance to do anything for him," he cries.

    Lizzie and Bill arrive at the cemetery. Bill thinks of the kind of person he used to be, how he used to hurt people. "Who would want to bring a child into the kind of life I had manufactured?" he asks. Lizzie tells him to stop and reminds him that he loved Max and that's what a baby needs. "It wasn't enough," he says. She tells him to show his son the kind of man he has become. They walk over to the grave. Remy and Christina are still there. Lizzie and Christina leave the boys alone. Christina can't imagine losing a baby. Lizzie tells her how horrible it is.

    You Ruined Us.

    Thursday, August 13 2009

    Christina goes into Company and Frank tells her all about his problems with the roof and his father. She offers to help him out. He hugs her. Daisy and Ashlee come in to help with the roof. Ed comes in next.

    In the minimart, Marina tells Christina that Mallet thought she killed the John Doe. She admits that there was a mountain of evidence against her. "But he's your husband," Christina says.

    Remy goes to Company. He and Christina talk. She tells him about Mallet and Marina's problems and she asks him if he would ever think she was a murderer. "I love you in handcuffs," he says.


    Tuesday, August 11 2009

    Lillian runs into Phillip at the library. They talk about his case and then she leaves him alone to do research. Christina comes in and finds him reading his horoscope. She talks to him about alternative medicine and miracle cures. Phillip thinks he believes in miracles and rushes off.

    Christina goes to see Daisy and asks her to hang out. Daisy is going 'camping' with James for the night. James drives up and begins loading the car. They drive off to the woods and start setting up camp. They look for wood for the fire. After they get it going, they try roasting marshmallows. When it gets dark, he tells her they'll have to stay up all night together to keep the fire going and keep the bears away. They make out.

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