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    Guiding Light CAST - Christina Boudreau - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christina Boudreau Played by Karla Mosley on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Karla Mosley

    Birthday: August 27 1981
    Birthplace: Westchester, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Karla Mosley


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    It's not a Scam, it's a Marriage.

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    Remy goes to see Christina at the gym. She's not happy that they are still married. He laughs while she complains about what a slob he is. He admits that they do sound like an old married couple. She walks off to the sauna to sweat it out. He laughs more.

    I Think I Might Love You.

    Monday, November 17 2008

    Remy goes to see Christina at the gym. She tells him it will cost him 90 dollars an hour for her services. That's not why he's there. He feels terrible that her score on the MCATs was so bad and urges her not to give up. "I'll just work harder and sleep less. I've had to work for everything in my life... unlike some people," she snipes before walking away. He works out for awhile. She returns. He argues with her and tells her that her attitude sucks. She thinks that he's a 'golden child' and gets everything handed to him. "You just make things too hard," he says. He can handle pressure instead of putting everything on his back. As he walks out, Mel watches from the doorway. When she walks in, she tells Christina that lots of people have to take the test more than once. Christina has already signed up to write it again and hopes one day she can do an internship with her. Mel says it takes more than grades to be a good doctor, it takes compassion and suggests that she have some for her brother. She tells her about the baby he lost, Ava leaving and Tammy dying. Christina didn't know about any of that. Mel suggests that she do her homework next time and walks out. Christina sighs.

    An angry Remy meets with his gambling contact in the alley outside Company. He freaks out and starts yelling about his street cred. His contact walks way. Remy calls to get some more shifts at work. Cristina walks by. He's ready to walk away but she stops him and apologizes for judging him. She offers her sympathies for everything he's been through and admits that she tries too hard. "Can you teach me how to handle the pressure?" she asks. Mallet and Marina run out and announce that they are getting married. "That's a catastrophe!" he laughs. They ask him to come with them and be their witness. Excited, he agrees and asks Christina to come with him. Laughing, they all run off.

    Once they get to the Mt. Arrowhead, Christina helps Marina get ready in the bathroom. They down champagne to calm their nerves. Marina's dress is new, her bra is old and Christina gives her a blue change purse. Marina admits that she never imagined she would be getting married like this. They giggle nervously and keep drinking. Meanwhile, Mallet and Remy drink champagne to calm their nerves. The women come out. They all drink together until the witnesses walk off to wait for them in the chapel. The bride and groom kiss and toast, eager to get it done in an hour so they can have a steak dinner, free photo and some free motor oil.

    Remy and Christina return to the room and stumble around before drunkenly running off to continue gambling.

    Who Would you Recommend?

    Monday, November 10 2008

    Remy arrives at Company, fresh from finishing the M-CATs and tries to keep his family off his back while they eagerly await results. Christina brings Buzz the receipt for his charity donation. Remy walks by and they recognize each other. She's still worrying about how she did on her test. He admits that he's a little nervous, more for his family than himself. She notices that a man in the corner is waving at him. Remy feigns ignorance and hurriedly drags her away. They sit on the stairs and talk about how eager their parents are for the results and worry about how well they did. Cramming for this test has been her life. He admits that he barely studied and doubts he did well. When he doesn't seem to care, she's disgusted by his attitude and walks away.

    When Remy goes to the gym to work out, he runs into Christina again (she works there). He asks her what was wrong. She was disturbed by how arrogant he seemed. He teases her and tells her he wants to keep his options open. She thinks he has no determination or goals; she can't afford to play things loose. He jokes around, but she is serious and tells him about what a great doctor she could be. He's impressed that she has so much ambition and focus. She soon learns that his father is the Dean and he grew up in the rich part of town. Mel walks in. Remy introduces them. They discuss the M-CATs and Remy asks Christina to catch their scores together. She agrees, smiles and walks off. Mel teases him and tells him he could do better.

    At his apartment, Remy and Christina sit by their computers and wait for the test results. He's shocked when his results come in: 37 out of 45. When he turns to ask her what she got, she's somber and tells him she got 24. He thinks she's joking but she's not. Upset, she walks away. Later, Mel arrives, eager to hear the news. "I did lousy," he tells her.

    Pit Stop.

    Wednesday, October 22 2008

    Remy arrives to take the MCATs. Christina greets him and explains that the computers were down so the test was delayed. He ran all the way over and is covered in sweat. She smiles and suggests that he take the test shirtless. They sit down and wait. They chat until the test begins.

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