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    Guiding Light CAST - Christina Boudreau

    Full detailed profile on Christina Boudreau Played by Karla Mosley on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Karla Mosley
    Christina Boudreau

    Actor: Karla Mosley

    Who played Christina Boudreau over the years

    Karla Mosley (October 22, 2008- )

    Useful information on Christina Boudreau

    * Married Remy in a drunken ceremony at a casino.
    * When she was 15, her mother died in her arms.


    Current: Gym instructor


    Unknown (Mother; deceased)
    Unknown (Father; deceased)
    Loretta (Grandmother) (sister-in-law)
    Leah Boudreau (sister-in-law)
    Felicia Boudreau (mother-in-law)
    Clayton Boudreau (father-in-law)




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    Friday, September 18 2009: The End.

    Remy tries to get Christina to relax. She's eager to get married before they have the baby. They rush off to find Mel. When she opens his door, they see Cyrus naked in bed. "I was just giving her her birthday present," he says.

    Remy and Christina call their friends down to the courthouse for a speedy wedding. Doris performs the service. They sign the license and run off to say goodbye to Ashlee and Daisy. Everyone hugs, Doris cries and Daisy tells Marina she'll have to handle being the only Cooper girl. James and Daisy tell each other that they love each other. She and Ashlee jump in the car and drive off.

    Remy and Christina tell Mel and Cyrus that they are having a baby.

    Shayne and Marina are playing at the ballpark. Billy gives Jonathan the foreman job at their new construction site. Lizzie and Bill arrive pregnant. Remy and Christina arrive with their baby. Frank and Blake look after his baby.

    Thursday, September 17 2009: I'm Going To Miss Him.

    In Company, Christina teases Frank and tells him he needs a lady. He thinks he has more than enough of those in his life.

    Remy is on the phone arguing with his insurance company. He discovers that there is no record of his marriage because he didn't file a license. Rushing off, he finds Christina and tells her the news. He tries to laugh it off. She tells him that they better get married in a hurry and shows him the blue line on her pregnancy test.

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