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    Guiding Light CAST - Grady Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Grady Foley Played by Kane Manera on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kane Manera

    Birthday: September 20 1973
    Birthplace: Perth, Australia
    Real Name: Kane Manera


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    One Love Tears Down Another.

    Wednesday, November 12 2008

    In the park, Daisy admits to Grady that she's been trying to stay away from him but can't. Although she can't forget the past, she still wants to start over with him. He tells her that he can be fearless and strong with her. They kiss. She tells him that she can't save him. He doesn't want to be saved; he just wants someone who he 'fits' with. She thinks the chip on his shoulder has gotten smaller since they were together. He needs to leave to take care of some work and promises her he's not doing anything illegal. After he kisses her and leaves, Ashlee sits beside her. "Why don't I get you a gun? Then you can shoot yourself. It would be a lot faster," she smirks. Daisy storms away. Ashlee follows. She suggests that she'd be better off with a dog than with Grady and assumes that he is just using her. She reminds her about Rafe. Daisy hasn't forgotten, but she loves Grady. Ashlee rolls her eyes. Daisy has tried to stay away from Grady and deny her feelings, but she can't. "Can you just be my friend?" Daisy asks. Ashlee is sarcastic. Daisy asks her for some space so she can find out if he has changed or is just pretending. Ashlee hopes she knows what she's doing.

    Back at the mansion, Alan is surprised when he sees Grady lounging on his couch. Grady is smug. Alan points out that a letter and a magazine won't be enough to convince the cops about Bill. Grady says they need to feed them a little at a time. Alan's sure that Lizzie will continue defending Bill. Grady says he can make her doubt him. Alan's already sent Beth to try and turn Lizzie against Bill. "It may take one kind of love to tear down another," he says. They smoke cigars and Alan tells Grady that women like it when men take charge. Grady says that Daisy and Dinah aren't like that. He explains Dinah's role in the kidnapping. Alan is shocked and worried that Dinah will turn him in. "She won't be a problem," Grady promises. Alan tells him she better not be because he's not going to save his skin.

    Grady goes to Dinah's office and looks around. He hacks into her computer when Ashlee walks in on him. He claims he is trying to buy a present for Daisy online. "I can't believe that Daisy said she loves you!" she blurts out, throwing a fit and storming out. He runs after her and asks her when she said that. He tells her that anyone who gets between them is looking for trouble. She takes that as a threat. Daisy spots them arguing. Grady runs off.

    Tough act to Follow.

    Tuesday, November 11 2008

    Alan calls Grady and barks at him for not picking up after the first ring. Grady tells him he has a plan. Alan is not reassured and wants to call it off. Grady claims he's learned from his mistakes and the plan is already in motion. He's sent Frank a tip. Alan threatens to turn him in if this plan backfires. They discuss their strategy.

    Cyrus and Grady are shooting hoops at the gym. Cyrus is still trying to figure out a way out of the mess his brother is in. Grady says he already has a plan. He explains that he and Bill are about to swap places and he will make him look as guilty as possible. Cyrus seems disgusted and skeptical. Grady wishes he would give him some credit and tells him that he has help. When it becomes clear that Alan is involved, Cyrus is still skeptical. He reminds him about Dinah's involvement. Grady reminds him that Dinah would go down if he does. "She rolled over on me once," Cyrus points out, dragging his brother off to track her down.

    Cyrus and Grady go to Dinah's room at The Beacon. There's no answer so they break in. There's no sign of her. They go to the station to look for her. There's a note saying that she's gone. Grady is relieved and thinks his problems are solved. Cyrus warns him that Daisy won't forgive him if she finds out what he did this time.

    Grady finds Daisy in the park. He reminds her that she kissed him yesterday. She repeats it was a goodbye kiss. He doubts it. She kisses him.

    I Hate Being a Grown-up.

    Friday, November 07 2008

    At the mansion, Grady suggests to Alan that they pin the kidnapping on Bill. It would be easy to frame him while he's in the hospital. They have motive and method. He excitedly lays out the case but Alan seems unconvinced. Grady promises him that by the time he's finished with Bill, Alan will be all that Lizzie has left. Alan asks what's in it for him. Grady wants some ransom money. "Did you come up with this plan all on your own?" Alan smirks. Grady reminds him of the last time they worked together and how they nearly got away with murder. "Maybe I'll make it two for two," Alan says as he pulls a gun on him. He ushers him into the next room. "Is this the room that you kill people in?" Grady asks. Alan threatens to bring him to the police. He's outraged that Grady kidnapped Lizzie. He throws him a blindfold and forces him to sit down. After Alan ties him up, he returns to his office and picks up the phone to call the police. Before he can get through, Beth walks in and throws a tantrum at him for how he's been dealing with things. He tells her that Lizzie's vigil by Bill's bedside is a waste of time. She's disappointed to hear that; she thought that he would be capable of understanding that kind of love. She demands that he let Lizzie have her hero. They can hear Grady trying to escape. Beth doesn't even want to know what all the noise is. "Opportunity knocking," Alan mumbles as Beth walks out. He grabs his gun and returns to Grady, offering to go in on the deal if Grady can assure he gets Lizzie back for good. Grady promises. Alan unties him.

    Goodbye Kisses.

    Thursday, November 06 2008

    At Cedars, Grady is ready to put a pillow on Bill's face when he hears some family members walk by. He ducks until they're gone, shuts the blinds and picks the pillow back up. "I don't have a choice... this is just self-defense," he says. As he raises the pillow, however, he can't do it. After throwing the pillow away, he walks out. Daisy runs into him and asks him what he's doing there. "Nothing I guess," he mumbles. She tells him that she was the one who found them after the crash and talks about how devoted Bill and Lizzie are to each other. "I wish that..." she starts before trailing off and walking away. He limps after her. She admits that she wishes they could be like Bill and Lizzie, but they're not – he always shuts her out. She's about to walk away again, but then turns and kisses him. Pulling away, she tells him it was a goodbye kiss and storms off.

    Cyrus goes home and finds Grady throwing things at the house. He's angry that nothing he does leaves a mark except when he screws up. His brother asks him what he was doing at the hospital. Grady is quiet. Cyrus reminds him that Lizzie has no idea who was behind this. Grady is still worried about Bill. Cyrus warns him to stay away and suggests that whatever mess he's in, he can still get out of. Grady doubts it. They get beer and Cyrus attempts to offer advice. He's sure his brother could make better choices if he actually thought things through. There must be a way to get him out of trouble instead of into more. Grady asks his brother to show him how. When Cyrus goes inside to get another beer, Grady limps off. Cyrus tries calling him without luck.

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