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    Guiding Light CAST - Grady Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Grady Foley Played by Kane Manera on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kane Manera

    Birthday: September 20 1973
    Birthplace: Perth, Australia
    Real Name: Kane Manera


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    Am I Smarter?

    Thursday, November 20 2008

    Ashlee follows Grady around town. When she spots him, she smudges mud on her head, tears her clothes and prepares to fake a mugging. Before she can, a real mugger runs up and mugs her. As they struggle, Grady stops and watches.

    I Live and so Does our Baby.

    Wednesday, November 19 2008

    Daisy spots Grady creeping around outside of the mansion and asks him why he's there. He claims that he is there to tell Dinah he's quitting. She thanks him for giving her the key back. "Thank you for taking me back," he says. They kiss. Sitting down at a picnic table, she tells him about Thanksgiving. Harley comes up but she downplays it. Grady tells her about his mother and then they discuss American holidays. When she looks at her laptop, Ashlee's blog comes up. They watch her interview Rafe. He stutters through a discussion of what's happened to him in prison, but doesn't claim to be innocent or want to make excuses for his behavior. Ashlee leads him though the interview to talk about losing his father and Daisy. He talks about how Grady killed someone and got away with it and how he framed him to be locked up. "You must hate Grady Foley very much," she says. He just wants to go home and start over.

    Grady defends himself. He reminds Daisy of how much Ashlee hates him. She knows; she just worries about Rafe. He tells her that he'll be okay in the new prison he's been sent to. He got in touch with a few people he knows inside and asked them to make sure Rafe is left alone. Grady still doesn't like Rafe, but he knows this is what she would want. After he leaves, Ashlee arrives. They talk about the interview. Daisy is less than thrilled. Ashlee insists that she only wants to help. Daisy wants to help Rafe too, but not at the expense of Grady. She tells her that one day, everyone will see how much Grady has changed. Daisy wanders off, staring at the key.

    Ashlee returns to her car. When she gets in, Grady pops up in the back seat. She gasps.

    It's not a Scam, it's a Marriage.

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    Grady walks home and plays with his key until Cyrus snatches it from his hands. Grady demands it back and thanks him for talking to Daisy. Cyrus explains that there is surveillance video of the van being stolen. Grady isn't worried as long as Alan is looking out for him. Cyrus is still worried but Grady doesn't care what he thinks. He leaves, heading over to Daisy's. After pushing the door in, he walks around the house looking for her. He slips the key in beside Daisy's purse and leaves.

    Cyrus walks into the mansion and tells Alan that he borrowed a movie from the cops. He won't let his brother go to prison. They watch the footage and Cyrus says 'nice coat', suggesting that if they go into Bill's room, they could find one that is identical to it. He assumes that they must have already planted the duplicate to frame Bill. "You're asking way too many questions," Grady says as he pops up. The three of them walk outside to talk. Alan suggests that Cyrus return the tape. Cyrus doesn't want them to frame Bill. They bicker. Alan reminds them that if Bill doesn't wake up, they have no problems. If he does, he's a Lewis, so he won't do any time. Cyrus continues worrying that his brother has taken too much of a risk. After Cyrus leaves, Grady puts his feet on the table. Alan knocks them off and repeats that their association is over as soon as this deal is done. "You think you're better than me?" Grady asks. "I think most people are better than you," Alan admits. When he brings up Daisy, Grady becomes defensive. He points out that Alan's family obviously doesn't care for him much either. Why else would he be working so hard to keep Lizzie in line?

    Cyrus goes home. Grady sits on the porch. His brother tells him he won't regret that he's saved him again. "I want to live a better life... for Daisy," Grady promises. Cyrus wishes he'd do it for himself. They hug.

    Cyrus' Christmas Carol.

    Thursday, November 13 2008

    At Cedars, Lizzie bumps into Grady and tells him that they are not friends and he doesn't have a chance with her. Grady claims he is only there to apply for a job as an EMT and apologizes. She apologizes for flying off at him and tells him that she is just upset because people are starting to think that Bill kidnapped her. She says that she has a plan to prove he's innocent. He asks her about it. She's going to search for the hole she was in. He suggests that she take someone with her just in case the kidnapper is still lurking around. "There's no one that I trust," she says.

    As she goes off to search for the place she was held, Grady tags along behind her. Lizzie finds the hole and runs around for clues. He kicks the dirt around to get rid of footprints. She can't find any evidence. "I thought I was going to die in here," she says. The fact that the kidnapper kept her alive may only be more evidence against Bill, she worries. He suggests the kidnapper may not have been such a bad guy. She's annoyed and kicks herself for never getting a glimpse of her captor's face. He tries to put his coat on her but she rejects it. She says that the kidnapper doesn't have a heart; he's a monster.

    Daisy meets with Cyrus in front of the police station. He asks her if she really thinks she is the person who could save his brother. Not 'save', but help, she clarifies. Cyrus asks her if she is serious about getting involved with Grady again. She says that she is in for the long haul. He takes her back to Harley's and reminds her that Rafe took her there and Grady called the cops to have him arrested. She's confused; she thought he wanted her to be with his brother, so why is he reminding her of all the bad things he's done? Next, he drags her to where Tammy died and goes over what happened again. He tells her that Grady is responsible for this. She claims it was an accident. He tells her not to sugarcoat it; the only accident was that Tammy died instead of Jonathan. This is difficult for her. Next, he drags her to the church. "I thought we were doing the ghost of Christmas past thing?" she asks, confused. He tells her that this is where her family goes at Christmas: Will she be willing to go in there with Grady? She can't say she will be. He warns her that people will always look down on her for being involved with Grady. Neither of them can change his past; is she ready to accept that? "I am," she says. They walk off together to his house with Grady. She asks him what Grady did there. "Nothing. You passed," he says. He walks away and Grady arrives. He offers her the key again so they can start from scratch. They sit down and she tells him the story of "A Christmas Carol" and how Cyrus had to make sure that she was sure about him. They can't predict the future or forget the past – all they have is right now. They kiss.

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