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    Guiding Light CAST - Grady Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Grady Foley Played by Kane Manera on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kane Manera

    Birthday: September 20 1973
    Birthplace: Perth, Australia
    Real Name: Kane Manera


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    This is Bad, Really Bad!

    Friday, December 26 2008

    Daisy and Grady are decorating their tiny tree and talking about their financial strains. Daisy remains positive about the situation, but insists that they will survive and be happy. He reminds her that she should be at Christmas with her family, but she tells him that it will be no fun at all without him. She grabs her things to leave and tells him that she’ll go as long as he goes with her. A reluctant Grady gives in and they leave together and head to Company.

    As Daisy and Grady enter Company, Frank rushes over and thanks him for dropping off his niece. Daisy informs him that she is not staying if Grady has to leave. Ashlee pulls Frank aside and reminds him that this is about Daisy, not Grady. He tells Ashlee that he isn’t sure that Daisy knows what love is, but Ashlee begs to differ. When Frank says that he has felt love before, Ashlee says that maybe he should let Grady stay…for Daisy’s sake. Outside, Buzz finds Coop on the steps and gives him his Christmas present. Coop shakes the box and then proceeds to open it. Buzz tells his son that he realized that he has handled him and Beth all wrong. He opens up and tells him that he has never really known how to handle his son. Buzz says that he prays that he will go in the right direction. Coop promises his dad that he is trying to do that right now. Just then, Lillian walks up with Beth and Alan trailing behind. Buzz looks shocked while Coop has a huge smile on his face. As everyone takes their seats, Buzz pulls Lillian aside and tells her, “This is bad, really bad!” Lillian laughs it off at first when Buzz tells her that Coop is the mystery man, but Buzz insists that he isn’t playing around. At the table, Coop takes their drink order and apologizes to Alan for their recent disagreement. Before he leaves he slips Beth a note asking her to meet him upstairs.

    As Marina enters and takes a look around, she turns to Mallet and suggests that they go home and play with their remotes! Frank pulls Daisy aside and wishes her a Merry Christmas. He tells her to stick around for a while because they are going to be calling Harley and passing the phone around to everyone. Beth sneaks away and dashes upstairs to meet Coop. As she enters the room, he grabs her in his arms and kisses her. Beth says that they don’t have much time because she needs to get back downstairs. She turns down his offer for Colorado, but Coop insists that she is really going to miss out on a lot of fun. Beth ends up changing her mind and decides to go with Coop to Colorado. Downstairs, Mallett receives a call about the fire at the warehouse and informs Frank and Ashlee. Grady volunteers to go with Ashlee to the hospital so that Daisy can stay with her family.

    It All Comes Down to Blood.

    Wednesday, December 17 2008

    At his place, Grady asks Daisy to move in with him permanently as his 'girl'. He promises her that things will be better and doesn't see why they should keep sneaking around. She thinks this is a huge step. "It's kind of scary," she admits. Sitting on his lap, she says they are a lot alike. They were both basically abandoned as children and have felt 'in the way' most of the time. His life was all about him until he met her, he says, begging her again to move in with him. She worries that this won't go over well with her family. "I can do this," she decides. They kiss.

    Grady walks into Company and asks Frank how much a Christmas tree is. Frank doesn't want to sell him a tree. Grady gives him the money anyway and wishes him a merry Christmas.

    Dinah tells her brother that he can run from the cops but he can't run from her. It's natural that he can't remember things, but they can work on it. He repeats that he knows that he wouldn't hurt Lizzie... and yet, he can't shake the feeling that he might have done it. "I know you didn't," Dinah insists. That's not enough for him. He trudges off. She follows. He repeats that he can't remember anything that's happened. The only thing he has are his feelings for Lizzie. Dinah repeats that he didn't do it, but he wonders if he did cross the line. Again she tells him he didn't do it. "How do you know?" he asks. She admits that sometimes, out of love, people do things they shouldn't... When she seems on the verge of confessing, she sees Grady in the distance and backtracks, telling Bill again that she has faith in him. Bill can't understand why. She promises to take care of this, one way or another. Giving him a hug, she tells him to get in touch with Frank. After he walks off, she wanders over to Grady. She tells him that this all started with him and she won't let her brother pay for it. "I guess you'd rather see him dead," Grady threatens. He tells her that Alan won't let his life be ruined by anyone.

    Mallet and Marina return to their house with batteries and toys. After the tree is in the corner, she goes through the ornaments and talks about how she misses Harley's boys. Mallet promises her a merry Christmas. As they kiss, Daisy walks in and apologizes for what happened at the wedding. She's bewildered when they forgive her and begins showing her their wedding photos. She tells them that they are married and need space of their own so she is moving out. Marina looks for a key to lock Daisy into her bedroom. Daisy says she's doing them a favor so they can all have lives of their own. Marina says she's too young to have a life. Mallet asks Daisy to stay at the house until after the holidays and then they can discuss this. Daisy agrees to go along with that. When she goes upstairs, she calls Grady, telling him the new plan. Meanwhile, Marina complains that Daisy doesn't know what real love is. Mallet's sure she'll see the kind of love that they have and change her mind. Daisy overhears this and is not happy. She begins confronting them. Mallet apologizes. She declares that she is moving out immediately. They try to hold her in when Grady arrives. He and Daisy walk out. "We lost this one," Mallet concludes.

    What Kind of Man Jumps Bail?

    Tuesday, December 16 2008

    Grady pulls Daisy to Doris' office. He makes her keep her eyes closed until they get in. When she opens them, she's bewildered to see he works for Ashlee's mom. She's proud of him. He gives her a kiss and she wishes him good luck.

    Grady stands in Doris' office when Dinah walks by and spots him. She asks him what he's doing there. "I work here now," he informs her. She's surprised the mayor would hire a felon. "Maybe you should fill out an application," he suggests before reminding her of the danger they are still in. Doris walks in and tells Dinah that her brother better turn himself in before her people find him. Dinah argues with Doris and suggests that the real kidnapper must be setting Bill up. Doris laughs. Dinah gets a call and leaves. After Doris leaves for a meeting, Grady begins to dig through her desk and read her files. Ashlee and Daisy come in and he leaves to 'make a few copies'. He slips into the bathroom and tries to read Doris' files but they are in code. When he hears someone in the stall, he looks in and finds Doris standing there. "I was wondering when you would show up," she says with a smirk. She knew he would go through her drawers. He asks her what's in the book. She tells him they are secrets about the people in Springfield, but they're all in a code only she knows. Maybe she'll teach him to read it some day if he proves his worth.

    Ashlee and Daisy sit in the office. Daisy admits it bothers her that Grady is now working for the authorities. She suggests that they have a double date. Ashlee says she's not seeing anyone seriously. Grady returns, saying that he has the afternoon off and invites Daisy away with him. When they leave, Ashlee is left alone. She weeps.

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