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    Guiding Light CAST - Grady Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Grady Foley Played by Kane Manera on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kane Manera

    Birthday: September 20 1973
    Birthplace: Perth, Australia
    Real Name: Kane Manera


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    Too Many Ifs.

    Friday, January 09 2009

    Grady walks into Alan’s office at the mansion and tells him that they have to act fast. He informs him about the hypnotist and worries that he could be caught. Grady thinks that this could cost them both so he better do something about it. Alan calls to have the hypnotherapist checked out. Lizzie walks in looking for some papers. She tells him that Bill still hasn’t made a decision. Bill suddenly calls her and asks her to come back to the office. She rushes off. Alan grimaces.

    Downstairs, Cyrus runs into his brother in the dining room. They take swipes at each other. They walk outside and Grady tells his brother that he is finally trying to get his act together. “Neither of us need anymore enemies. Though we could do with a brother now and then,” Cyrus says.

    I Can’t Remember.

    Monday, January 05 2009

    Daisy rushes into Ashlee’s apartment and complains that Doris is trying to destroy Bill. She tells Grady that they have to do something to stop this. He ignores this. Ashlee reminds her that Doris is hard to convince of anything. Daisy still wants to help her uncle and save his love with Lizzie. Ashlee says they’ll be fine. “I don’t know that I can live here,” Daisy says. She can’t handle the thought that Doris might loom around. Ashlee promises to keep her away.

    Daisy, Ashlee and Grady go to Company. While the girls play with a blackberry, Dinah takes Grady aside to tell him that they are finished. They notice that Bill and Lizzie are about to give a press conference. Everyone watches as Lizzie awkwardly talks about Bill rescuing her. They squirm in their seats and she stumbles on her words. Bill stares off uncomfortably and she forces a smile. “To be guilty of such a terrible crime, he would have to be so manipulative, so cruel… you would have to wonder if he loved her or not,” she says. She bursts into tears and runs off. Bill takes over and says that she is under a lot of stress. The broadcast ends. Everyone wonders what’s going on. Daisy wants to run off and help. Dinah follows her. Grady looks nervous.

    Off the Hook.

    Friday, January 02 2009

    Grady and Daisy wake up at his place. She wants to stay there with him all day but they need to find a new place to live. She spots the newspaper come under the door. When she picks it up, she’s shocked to see that the charges against Bill are going to be dropped. Hearing this, Grady runs off.

    Grady shows up at Doris’ office. “So they’ve let Bill off the hook… let’s see who goes back on it,” he says to himself. As he snoops around, Ashlee walks in. He claims that he is only looking for something for Doris. She’s sure he’s just snooping, but she’s not angry – she does it herself. They joke about where Doris must keep all of her secret files hidden and she promises to keep this a secret.

    Doris and Grady go back to her office. He thinks he can really learn something from her. She likes having him around and is sure that Ashlee enjoys it too. “Ashlee and I are just friends,” he says, smiling.

    Cyrus goes to see his brother. Grady explains that he is in the clear now and he and Daisy will find a new place. Cyrus asks him to move back in with him. Grady wants a place of his own. Daisy walks in. The couple assures Cyrus that they’ll be okay. Cyrus leaves the couple alone. Before they can leave, Ashlee arrives and explains that she has a spare room they can stay in. They both smile, but Ashlee won’t take no for an answer.

    Hometown Hero.

    Monday, December 29 2008

    Grady arrives at Company and tells Ashlee that the guy who saved Doris was Shayne Lewis. She asks him why he's hanging around her. He thinks she needs his help and gives him a special number so she can call him for anything she needs.

    Daisy and Grady return to his place. She thanks him again for helping Ashlee and then reminds him that they haven't opened their gifts yet. Her mother calls. They talk and she lies about what she's been up to. After hanging up, she gives Grady his gift – a leather jacket. He's thrilled and gives her a copy of their key, now encased in jewels.

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