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    Guiding Light CAST - Grady Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Grady Foley Played by Kane Manera on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kane Manera

    Birthday: September 20 1973
    Birthplace: Perth, Australia
    Real Name: Kane Manera


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    Goodbye Kisses.

    Thursday, November 06 2008

    Grady barges into the mansion to see Alan. Hilda apologizes but Alan sends her away. Grady's been thinking. "That's a first," Alan snipes. Grady says he has a way to solve their mutual problem.

    Confession Isn't Good for the Soul.

    Wednesday, November 05 2008

    Dinah and Grady meet on a tennis court. She fills him in on what Mallet said. He suggests they run. She's done that before and won't again. He points out that Bill is the only one who can nail them and it would be better if he never woke up. "He's my brother," she reminds him. The guilt is killing her. He tells her to suck it up. "Confession is really not good for the soul," he says, warning her that he will not go to jail for anyone.

    At Cedars, Lizzie looks up and sees Grady in Bill's doorway. She asks why he's there. He's come to meet a hot nurse, he claims. "My Grandmother's taken," she snipes. He asks about Bill and if he saw the kidnappers. She's sure that he can take the police to them as soon as he wakes up. When he keeps asking things, she becomes angry and rants at him until he backs away.

    At Cedars, Rick asks Lizzie to get some ice cream with him, just like they used to when Phillip was gone on business trips. She cries. He promises that Bill will be fine. After they walk out, Grady walks in. "Hey buddy! You don't look very comfortable," he says, picking up a pillow.

    You Must be the Good Witch.

    Friday, October 31 2008

    "You said you were going to let her go. What happened?" Cyrus demands as he throws his brother against a wall. Grady never meant for things to get screwed up like this. He's not even sure what happened since he had a blackout after Bill jumped him. Cyrus wants to help him and urges him not to push away the only person on his side. Grady can't accept that Cyrus is on his side when he is dating the woman who hates him more than anyone else in the world. Grady stalks off before stopping and listening to a cop. "The girl doesn't have a clue," the cop says on the phone as he discusses Lizzie's case.

    Grady has been eavesdropping on Rick telling the family the news. A nurse spots him and his injured leg and takes him off to be examined. When she steps out, he looks down the hall and sees Lizzie. She stares at him with disgust and asks him what he's doing there. He says that he heard about the accident and was curious. He hopes Bill is okay, he adds, before limping off.

    I've Been Stupid.

    Thursday, October 30 2008

    At his house, Grady tries to get rid of Daisy. She won't go; they still understand each other, she insists. He snaps at her. He doesn't want her help and doesn't need to be saved. "Get lost," he barks. She doesn't understand; she thought they could be friends but she must have been wrong. After she storms off, he notices that there is blood on his leg. He attempts to disinfect his leg with some booze.

    Dinah shows up to see Grady and begins screaming at him, demanding to know what he did to her brother. He didn't do anything to him. They fought but Bill and Lizzie ran off. Grady suggests she call the station and find out where they are. She was just with the cops and they have no idea where Bill and Lizzie are. He tells her that this is all her fault. She wishes she had listened to Cyrus and never gotten involved with him. She could lose everything and everybody just because he did not listen to her. When he turns on the radio, they hear that Bill and Lizzie have been in an accident. Grady can't believe what he's hearing. Dinah collapses. When she gets up, she tries calling for information but has no luck. Grady defends his part in this. She slaps him. He limps away, hoping Bill is okay. "I wouldn't want anyone to lose their brother," he says. Wandering into the backyard, he screams.

    This Isn't a Good Time.

    Wednesday, October 29 2008

    Outside, Grady is flat on the pavement after taking a beating. His phone begins to ring. He reaches for it and sees that Daisy is calling. He drags himself under a tree and picks up. She asks him if this is a bad time. "You could say that," he says. He's lost something and needs to go find it, he explains, hanging up and limping off. Daisy calls back and asks him if he's in trouble. He's not sure about that yet and hangs up again, pulling his mask back on.

    Back in the garage, Bill and Lizzie walk upstairs to crouch and wait. Bill walks out and finds Grady outside. He attacks him but Grady clobbers him with a rock and hobbles away. Lizzie comes out looking with a crowbar in her hands. She finds Bill on the pavement. He gets up and looks for his phone. They can hear footsteps and decide to run. Grady watches them leave. Bill and Lizzie run into the woods and find the van. He's going to drive her home in it. He tells her that he has been treating her wrong. Having her disappear made him realize how much he loves her and how stupid he has been. He can't live without her. They kiss.

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