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    Guiding Light CAST - Edmund Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edmund Winslow Played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Andrew Macdonald

    Birthday: June 1 1961
    Birthplace: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Divorced (Nicolette Nicola - 2 children)
    Real Name: David Andrew MacDonald
    Height: 6' 3"


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    I Don't Want Your Heart

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    In the basement, a battered Edmund wakes on the floor. Jeffrey sits in a chair and stares down at him. He tells his captive that Cassie is married to a man with morals, which means that he can't just kill him, he had to come up with a compromise. If Edmund leaves for 'Peaceful Valley' tonight, and never returns, he can live. If he doesn't leave, they'll make sure that Edmund is tried, convicted and executed for the murder of Alonzo. Edmund points out that he couldn't have done it, but Jeffrey doesn't care and makes it clear that he will frame Edmund for it, just as he's done in many other cases. Edmund continues to protest his innocence and accuses Jeffrey of just wanting Cassie back. Jeffrey isn't backing off though. Finally, Edmund relents and gives in to the deal.

    Edmund is brought over to Cassie's after Jeffrey gets a call from Josh. Will runs down and jumps into his uncle's arms. He tells the boy that he will be going away; even princes sometimes have to do things they don't want to do. He needs to go back to help the people and guarantee Will's future. He assures the boy that Cassie will take good care of him. Will doesn't want him to go, not until he's seen him in the Christmas pageant. He begs Cassie to let uncle Edmund stay for the performance. She tries to convince Josh, who tells her that Edmund knows about Beth's baby—that's why they need to get rid of him quick. Will continues begging and runs to Edmund when he goes to leave. Cassie gives in and agrees to let Edmund stay. Eddie wishes Will a merry Christmas while Jeffrey and Josh stand around, suppressing their panic.

    Taking Care of Edmund

    Monday, November 26 2007

    Edmund and Josh are in the barn. Eddie gloats and suggests that Cassie really isn't cut out to be a minster's wife. Josh tells him that this is his last chance to do the right thing. Edmund laughs, but when he turns around, Jeffrey smashes him across the face. He collapses in front of a shocked Josh and Jeffrey announces that it's time to bury him. Josh wakes up-- this was a dream. Josh takes out the trash and then calls Jeffrey. He asks him what he meant when he said that he 'took care of Edmund.' Jeffrey assures him that Edmund is still breathing. Later, Bill arrives with a pie in his hands. Josh isn't sure that he's welcome after what he did to his father and Lizzie. Billy sticks his head out the door and says that he's allowed in the house. He doesn't know what to say to his son though: All that he's done since he got back has been hurt people. Bill says that he's not looking for a war with the family...he just wants to share some pie. They sit in front of the TV, watching football and eating pie. Soon they are recollecting Thanksgivings past and laughing. Billy becomes serious and asks him what they need to do to fix things between them. 'To start, you have to get rid of Lizzie Spaulding,' Bill demands. Billy tells his son to get out. Bill can't believe that his father would choose her over him. Lizzie walks in on their fight and Bill storms out.

    Edmund is bound to a chair in a basement. Roc Hoover watches over him and tells him that he used to play football but he was thrown out for being too violent. Edmund asks 'Pebbles', as he calls him, to untie him so that he can eat from the plate sitting before him. After threatening him, Roc uncuffs Edmund from the chair and turns his back. Edmund slyly grabs a cell phone from the table and sends a text message. Meanwhile, Will is upset that his uncle Edmund isn't around for the holiday. Cassie tells him that his uncle is fine and they can see him tomorrow. Josh tells the boy that they don't need Edmund when they can have pie. Will isn't pleased and runs upstairs. Cassie tells Josh that she has to take Will to see Edmund. She calls him downstairs and Josh announces that they will be going together. Will brings them to a room in the basement of Towers. As he beats on the door, which reads 'do not enter', Cassie tries to tell him that his uncle wouldn't be in a room like that. A maid walks by and Will pleads with her to let them in. Josh tells her not to, but she does. Will runs in and starts looking around but finds no one. Josh calls the front desk and then tells his family that Edmund has returned to San Cristobel. He tells Cassie to take Will home and stays behind to take care of things. Promptly, he gets on the phone to Jeffrey. After talking things over with him, he tracks down Roc and Edmund in another room. Edmund is still bound and gagged. Josh lets Edmund be ungagged and tells him that he is doing this because he has been threatening his family. Josh asks Roc to continue babysitting Edmund until Jeffrey gets back.

    A Thing for Cyrus

    Monday, November 19 2007

    At CO2, Edmund pops in on Alex with flowers in his hand. He tells her that it sounds like she needs a friend. She takes this to mean that he'll be sticking around. He wants a job. 'Are you insane?' she asks. 'You hired a thief,' he points out. She says no and wishes him good luck, 'by which I mean: Stay the hell away from me!' She strolls away. He puts his hands in his pockets and says that he's sure that something will fall in his lap. He goes over to the Beacon looking for a massage. Jeffrey soon runs tracks him down. Edmund tells him that he can't touch him, especially now that he's with Reva. He tried to be Richard, but he wasn't. He doesn't need to try and be Josh as well. Jeffrey isn't trying. Edmund taunts him, pulling out the real estate listing he was looking at. He may be moving in close to Cassie. He vanishes into his room for his massage and Roc Hoover arrives in the hall. 'I got your message,' he tells Jeffrey. They step aside to discuss the old days at the agency, taking people out before they could cause trouble. Roc asks him what he needs. Meanwhile, Edmund is taking his massage, when the masseuse leaves, Roc walks in. Edmund recognizes and tells him that he's read all of his books. 'Good, then you know how they end,' Roc says menacingly. Meanwhile, Josh has returned home. Cassie tells him that it seems like she's making progress with Will. They sit back and relax until Jeffrey calls and tells Josh that 'it's done.' Cassie asks Josh if everything is okay. He tells her that everything fine. Jeffrey calls Reva and tells her that they are leaving town.

    God Knows You're a Terrible Liar

    Friday, November 16 2007

    Outside of Cassie's, Josh and Edmund try to stare each other down. 'I think you'll make an excellent man of the cloth. God knows you're a terrible liar,' Edmund smiles. He explains that he's figured out the entire Beth-Alan paternity mess and knows that Cassie and Josh have covered it up. Assuming that Josh would do anything to protect his wife, even if it meant betraying his faith, he thought he'd come to him with a deal before going public with what he knows. 'What do you want?' Josh gulps. Well, first, Ed would like a decent cup of tea. Edmund goes inside and relaxes in a chair until Josh grabs him by the throat. Edmund threatens the 'man of the cloth' but Josh is unphased. He reminds Edmund that Cassie will never take him back, no matter what. Edmund knows, but Cassie saw the good in him and sometimes that's all you need for the good to come out. 'Isn't that what you should be preaching?' he asks. 'Being a minister doesn't stop me from being a man,' Josh tells him. Edmund demands that he walk away from Cassie: That is the only way to keep her safe. If he doesn't, the whole 'incestuous game of swapping spouses' that he, Cassie, Reva and Jeffrey have been playing, will only destroy Cassie. Josh doesn't think that Cassie would let him leave her. Edmund tells him that he knows that isn't true; if he left her for Reva, she'd have no choice. He's done it to every other wife he's ever had, so this makes sense. Edmund leaves him to think about it just as Cassie walks in the back door. She gives Josh a hug and tells him about her chat with Reva and her plan to get rid of Edmund. Cassie can't imagine what Edmund could do to ruin things. He tells her that Edmund stopped by and gave the standard threats. Josh is sure that he wouldn't actually hurt Cassie, but if he tries, Josh promises that he will be there to protect her.

    In the barn, Edmund meets with Will to plot. The boy wishes that uncle Ed could live there. They start discussing their little plot. Will doesn't think that Josh likes him very much. Edmund tells him not to worry: He likes him and he'll take care of Josh. He then goes over to Towers and has a drink with Blake. They toast and he tells her that he has decided to stay in town and buy a house. Meanwhile, Will has gone back inside to help Cassie make a pie. All the while, Josh has gone over to see Jeffrey. He tells him that he wants to hire him, not as a lawyer, but as what he used to be: A man who can get rid of someone.

    Just the Broads to do it

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    On the street, Reva climbs into the back of a limo. When the driver welcomes her, his voice sounds oddly familiar. All of the locks snap shut. 'Hello Reva. Where to?' Edmund grins as he turns around, peaking out from his driver's cap. He taunts her, wondering what last name she has now. Jeffrey warned her that he was back. She tells him to leave her family alone; they're all happy now and everything is good. Edmund tells her to stop wasting his time: He knows that she doesn't want Cassie with Josh together any more than he does, so she can stop the self-righteous routine. She asks him to turn the radio on but he just slows down the car. Reva tells him to stay away from Cassie; he can't split up Josh and Cassie, even she couldn't do it. He stops the car and kicks her out.

    Reva walks to Cassie and Josh's and finds Jeffrey waiting around outside. They kiss and he explains that he's just there to do surveillance. Since Cassie isn't even home, Reva takes Jeffrey's hand and drags him home. Once they're gone, Josh, Cassie and Will arrive. As Josh wanders off to check on something, Cassie unlocks the door. Edmund is inside waiting for them. He tells Cassie he would have waited outside but it was cold. Luckily he remembered where she kept the spare key. Will shows him his catching mitt and Edmund starts to recollect their Thanksgivings together. Ed tells Will to be a good boy but, before he can leave, Cassie tells him that he can't just walk into her house like this. He tells her that she's a good mother for tolerating a man she hates for the sake of her son. She doesn't hate him but... he takes her hand and tells her that he's back and she's just trying to figure out a way to let him back into her life. She tells him that what he's done for Will erases the debt between them, but now it's time for him to go somewhere else and start over. She informs him that Josh is adopting the boys and she doesn't want them to get confused. 'If you truly care about Will and me, then you'll leave Springfield,' she tells him. He thanks her for letting him spend time with Will and then walks out.

    Josh goes over to Cross Creek and tells Jeffrey to back off. He doesn't need him watching out for Cassie 24 hours a day. He doesn't want the boys to start thinking that something is wrong. Reva offers to handle Jeffrey and sends Josh out. Jeffrey wonders if she's jealous that he's been looking after her sister. She insists that she isn't, but he needs to 'sit this one out'. She wants him around for the people who need him. He takes her hand and they start to snuggle before Cassie appears at the door. Jeffrey excuses himself and leaves the sisters alone. They have coffee and Reva tells her sister that 'Edmund Winslow deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth and we're just the broads to do it.' Outside, Jeffrey is trying to arrange a mysterious trip to Montana. Meanwhile, Edmund catches Josh outside the house and confronts him: He knows that Reverend Josh knows all about who the real father of Beth's baby is.

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