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    Guiding Light CAST - Edmund Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edmund Winslow Played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Andrew Macdonald

    Birthday: June 1 1961
    Birthplace: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Divorced (Nicolette Nicola - 2 children)
    Real Name: David Andrew MacDonald
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Good Night, Sweet Prince

    Wednesday, December 05 2007

    Back in the chapel, once the applause dies down, Will rushes down to search for his uncle. Josh admits that he is gone; he did some bad things and had to go back to San Cristobel. Will is furious and Josh tries to clam him. Reverend Ruthledge takes Will away for photos and Cassie starts to freak out about Edmund vanishing like this. She goes to her sister for help, but Reva just tells her to let it go: 'Edmund is gone.' They all know what this means. Josh starts to panic; now he's complicit in sending an innocent man to his death and that was never what he wanted. As he is about to run off and stop this, Reverend Ruthledge stops him to remind him that the ceremony is about to start. Josh starts to feel terrible and tells Cassie that this was never what he wanted. Jeffrey walks through the door and says that it's done. Josh tries to call it off, but it's too late. Jeffrey shrugs it off and says that Edmund isn't redeemable anyway. Josh can't let it go: He has to get up in front of God and if he doesn't solve this problem, then he is just as unredeemable as Edmund is. As Will becomes more upset about his missing uncle, Josh tells Cassie to cover for him while he runs off to try and save the former prince.

    At the ceremony, Ruthledge comes up to the front of the church to introduce Josh to the congregation. As he is sworn in and Cassie testifies to his goodness, Edmund watches from above, as does a drunken Billy. We see Reva and Jeffrey both rush up a flight of stairs. Will finds his uncle alone. He tells the boy that they are all after him. Cassie is the worst, however, and he will have his revenge on her, Edmund vows. 'No! You can't hurt my mother!' Will cries, outraged. Edmund tells the boy that his mother is a selfish liar, but this only makes him angrier. Edmund insists that he is just trying to protect him. Will's heard that before; that's what Alonzo told him, but he showed him, 'showed him good.' Down below, Josh is confirmed into the church. After some applause, he tells everyone that he is honored to accept his charge and will do his best to ---- but he's interrupted when Edmund's body suddenly falls right in front of him!

    I Thought I'd Be a Better Angel

    Tuesday, December 04 2007

    Reva's getting fed up dealing with having Edmund in her living room. She decides that they should have a drink. He suggests that she makes a better couple with Jeffrey than she ever did with Josh. Josh is boring but Jeffrey has the morals of...well, someone like her. She tells him that she knows that he knows about Beth's baby. He's not surprised that she's involved in all of this and trying to sneak her way into Josh's life. She insists that she is only trying to protect her sister. He finds that hard to believe. He also finds it hard to get enthusiastic about what Jeffrey has planned for him....he really just wants to help Cassie, he promises again.

    At home, Cassie is sewing the wings onto Will's angel costume. He tries rehearsing his lines and asks her if they can have uncle Edmund over to help out. The boy becomes upset again when Edmund's imminent departure comes up. Cassie calls Beth to ask about James and discovers that the boy dropped out of the play because he fell off the stage. Turning to Will, Cassie wonders why he never told her this. None of this is news to Will, he just didn't mention it. Cassie suggests that they go and visit James. Will isn't interested and goes up to his room to rehearse. When the door opens, he excitedly runs to see if it's Edmund, but it's only Josh. Disappointed, the boy goes upstairs. Cassie tells Josh what Beth told her. Josh tries to reassure her and calm her fears about how Will will react to losing his uncle. He calls the boy down and tells him how sad James must be about not being in the play. Maybe they should visit him...Suddenly, Edmund arrives. The boy runs to him and they sit down to rehearse. Reva reminds him that her guard is outside and then talks to Cassie and Josh about Edmund's 'departure'. Cassie gives Reva a drink and thanks her for all of her help. Nervously, she tries to smooth over what will actually happen to Edmund so that Cassie won't figure it out. She's sure her sister must be happy to be rid of Edmund. Josh walks Reva out and she wishes him good luck on his ordination. He's just looking forward to being rid of Edmund, he admits.

    Inside, Edmund asks Will if he actually pushed James off the stage. Will confirms that he did because he 'thought I'd be a better angel.' Edmund is impressed— they're so much alike. But he can't just go around doing things like that, he advises: You have to at least act like you care or people get very nervous. The only way people will ever trust you is if you can make them believe that you have feelings like theirs. He helps his nephew put on his wings and reminds him of their little lesson. After Josh has Will go off to write a 'get well' card for James, Cassie sits down with her ex-husband. He tells her how grateful he is to have had a chance to come back and make amends. She thanks him for his help and he tells her that the last thing he wants is to hurt her.

    When Reva returns home, Billy arrives and they start talking about the ordination. The topic shifts to Edmund and the end that Jeffrey has planned for him. She tells Billy that Jeffrey has set Edmund up to be tried and executed for Alonzo's murder, even though he didn't do it. Billy tries to calm her fears and assures her that they can keep all of this from Edmund until it's too late. Meanwhile, Will is asking Josh if his uncle can stay. Josh tells him again that Edmund has to go. In the kitchen, Edmund tells Cassie that while he's in the compound, he'll be comforted to think about how she doesn't hate him anymore. When Josh comes in, Edmund goes back to the parlor to talk to his nephew. Will is angry that he seems to be giving up so easily. 'You always say to never give up,' Will reminds him. 'That's a very good point,' Edmund agrees, looking over at Josh and Cassie.

    Last Chance Time

    Monday, December 03 2007

    In one of the hospital examination rooms, Edmund confronts Rick about the fact that Beth's baby is really Alan's. Rick grabs the former prince by the collar, but he isn't bothered. Edmund tells Rick that he likes it in Springfield and wants to stick around. Maybe Rick can find a way to help make that happen? Rick tells him that he's sick and points out all of the lives he would destroy by staying around. 'Perhaps you've forgotten that you can't appeal to my better nature,' Edmund reminds him. As he drifts off, Rick stares down at a syringe. Later, Jeffrey walks in and finds Edmund unconscious on the floor. Rick stands over the body and explains why he knocked him out. 'He's going to be out for awhile,' Rick explains. 'Not long enough,' Jeffrey says. Rick isn't going to let Edmund ruin things for he and Beth. He readily agrees to help Jeffrey go ahead with settling this permanently.

    In her room, Beth unwraps a package. It's full of baby stuff. Rick comes through the door and hugs her. He tells her that he has a great idea: They should 'just go'; travel to Europe and stay there for awhile. Beth reminds him that she's a little too far along in her pregnancy to go flying around the world. He tells her they can take a cruise. She isn't going anywhere, she tells him. She reassures him that Phillip isn't coming back and they aren't the kind of people who run away from their problems: They solve them. 'You're right,' he says. Meanwhile, Reva returns home and finds Jeffrey with an unconscious Edmund. He tells her that he is going to see this through. She agrees to let him stay... but only if he reminds her never to get on his bad side. He laughs and she hugs him, but stares over his shoulder at Edmund with a worried look on her face. Edmund wakes up and Jeffrey goes into the kitchen to make coffee. Reva gets in Edmund's face, telling him that this is 'last chance time'. He needs to behave himself before someone finds an excuse to...

    When Did You Become My Conscience?

    Friday, November 30 2007

    Jeffrey arrives at Cross Creek with flowers for Reva. She wonders what the catch could be. He tells her that they are going to be having company. She teases him about it being one of his old flames, but he brings Edmund in instead. Reva tells Jeffrey that even bushels full of roses wouldn't be enough to get her to agree to letting Edmund staying there. Jeffrey explains that Josh asked him to help 'the problem' (Edmund) go away and tells her that Eddie knows all about Cassie and Beth's baby. They are going to send the devilish prince to the 'Peaceful Valley' compound where he can live out his days in comfort. 'That's more than he deserves,' she says. Sitting down, she agrees to let him stay. Edmund reveals the wound he's received on his wrist from Jeffrey's less-than-delicate care. He offers again to help her end the Josh-Cassie story but she refuses. As soon as Jeffrey and Edmund leave together for the hospital, Reva rushes over to Josh. She's not happy with what he and Jeffrey are up to. Does Cassie know what he's doing? Josh tells her that this is all his fault. He wasn't cautious enough and Edmund found out about Beth's secret. Now he has to make up for his slip. 'When did you become my conscience?' he asks. Isn't she the one always accusing him of being sanctimonious? She warns him that if he does this, the guilt will haunt him forever. She knows: She's gone over the edge herself. Later, Cassie and Will arrive. She tells them that Will went in a shepherd and came out an angel; James had to drop out for some reason... looking at Josh and Reva, she asks: 'So what's going on here?' Reva isn't happy with her new house guest, she says. Cassie promises that he'll be gone soon. Reva hurries away. Cassie worries about her sister, but she's glad that Edmund is staying at Cross Creek and not with them. They sit on the couch and he tells her that soon Edmund will be out of their lives for good. Will just happens to be listening in only a few feet away.

    Edmund is at Cedars being examined by Rick. They taunt each other. In the hall, Beth arrives with James. He was pushed off the stage during rehearsal and won't be the angel in the play anymore. Rick notices them and takes the boy off to get x-rays. Edmund strolls out and starts chatting to Beth. She reminds him that he's finished helping Cassie get Will back— it's time for him to go. Later, Beth sits with her son and he tells her that he thinks one of the shepherds tripped him. Meanwhile, Edmund reveals to Rick that he knows the baby is really Alan's. He won't make him lose his new daughter and used wife, he offers, not unless Rick pushes him too far. Outside, Reva arrives for an update from Jeffrey. He promises her that everything is covered. He also tells her the truth: There really is no Pleasant Valley compound; Edmund will be going back to San Cristobel to face charges. They're going to make sure that he's dead soon.

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