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    Guiding Light CAST - Edmund Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edmund Winslow Played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Andrew Macdonald

    Birthday: June 1 1961
    Birthplace: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Divorced (Nicolette Nicola - 2 children)
    Real Name: David Andrew MacDonald
    Height: 6' 3"


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    We Are About To Own Springfield.

    Monday, January 26 2009

    In the chapel, Jeffrey, Josh and Reva are not impressed that Edmund has shown up at Lara's memorial. They don't believe that she could really be his daughter. He found it hard to believe himself. He only knew her for a few weeks and she was the light of his life. "Because of Lara, we are part of each other's lives again," he says. They force him to sit down. He recalls being trapped in his hospital bed and then meeting a girl who looked exactly like a woman he had an affair with years ago. She told him that she was his daughter and sat by his bed day after day. Her last call to him was to tell him she was engaged to Shayne. Jeffrey thinks it's too convenient that he can't get a DNA test. Edmund had one done to make sure she wasn't out for his money. He hands them the results. Jeffery doesn't care and calls Edmund a 'monster'. Edmund claims that he is a changed man. Everyone shakes their head and Jeffrey takes him out.

    Jeffrey takes Edmund to the mini mart and explains that a cab is coming to take him away. Edmund asks him about his daughter and tells him that children change you. Jeffrey doesn't trust anything he says and threatens to put him back in a coma. Edmund asks about Reva's pregnancy. Jeffrey threatens him again and refuses to accept the 'father act'. Edmund tells him that he can keep sending him away but he will always come back; Shayne is the only chance he has now to get to know his daughter.

    Dinah and Shayne head to Company to meet Josh and Reva. Dinah is sure that Edmund must be lying. Reva explains that Jeffrey is kicking him out of town. At that moment, Edmund and Jeffrey walk in. Edmund instantly hugs Shayne. Reva is livid. Jeffrey explains that Edmund needs to go through this. Paranoid, she watches as Shayne questions Edmund for proof of what he claims. Edmund has the answers and explains that Lara was just getting used to having him in her life. He wants to talk about her. Shayne doesn't want to travel down memory lane with him. When Edmund digs, Reva yells at him and says that he can't force this. Edmund thanks them for the memorial and hopes that Shayne will talk to him when he is ready.

    This is What Families do!

    Friday, January 23 2009

    Back at the chapel, Shayne's family is clearing up when a man knocks at the door. When they open it, they are shocked to see Edmund standing there. "I was Lara's father," he tells them.

    I Don't Feel so Good

    Friday, December 28 2007

    A hospital orderly checks Edmund over. Once he's satisfied that the patient is still unconscious, he walks out. Edmund's fingers immediately start to twitch. When the orderly returns, Edmund grabs him and utters: "Saint Marks!" before falling back into unconsciousness. Meanwhile, back in Springfield, Josh goes to rehab to visit his brother. Billy doesn't think that Josh is looking too good himself. He starts to explain what's been going on with Will; he just confronted him and it's only made him look like a jerk. "There's definitely something weird with that kid," Josh states, but there is also something "off" with him. He wonders if he is just feeling guilty for having a good time with Reva and then projecting his guilt onto Will. Later, Josh goes over to the church to talk to his council. After the meeting, he gets a surprising call from Edmund. "Will...pushed..." is all that Edmund can say. As Edmund loses consciousness again, Jeffrey appears in his room and appears to disconnect his IV.

    You Lose

    Thursday, December 06 2007

    At the ordination ceremony, Edmund tells Will that everyone is after him. Cassie is the worst, however, and he will have his revenge on her. 'No! You can't hurt my mother!' Will cries, outraged. Edmund insists that he is just trying to protect him. Will's heard that before; that's what Alonzo told him, but he showed him. Down below, Josh is confirmed into the church. After some applause, he tells everyone that he is honored and — suddenly, he's interrupted when Edmund's body falls from above and right in front of him! Josh starts calling out for Rick and Will runs around screaming. Jeffrey and Reva shoot each other worried looks. As an ambulance arrives, Beth finds Rick and asks him where he vanished to. Alan interrupts to ask if Beth needs a ride. Rick asks him to take her back to Towers. 'It would be my pleasure,' Alan says, leading her away. Meanwhile, Jeffrey tries to convince Reva that it's a good thing Edmund's dead. feels like time to have a drink. 'Three or four,' she says. As they walk out, Cassie worries about how to shield Will from this as much as possible.

    When Edmund arrives at Cedars, the doctor there tells Rick that he has to stay away; they have a history and he needs to step back now. As Rick turns around, Mallet pops up and tells him that this doesn't look like an accident; he'll be collecting statements from everyone involved. Rick runs off to look for Beth as Josh and Cassie arrive. They leave Will so they can give Mallet their statement. He slips away to Edmund's side and tells him that he wouldn't let him hurt his mom. Cassie runs after, as does Mallet, who tries questioning the scarcely conscious man. Before he can speak, a nurse chases Mallet out. In the corridor, Mallet starts asking Will questions until Cassie and Josh lead him away. Later, Mallet returns to them and asks them if they know where Jeffrey may have been dragging Edmund. They aren't helpful and just want to take Will home. When they get home, Josh tells her that he's making some calls and will be looking after this. None of this has gone the way he planned; all he wanted to do was protect the family. Will watches them from around the corner. When Josh goes off, Cassie grabs her phone and calls her sister: They need to talk about Edmund right away.

    Good Night, Sweet Prince

    Wednesday, December 05 2007

    'Don't worry Edmund: We're not going to murder you...not until after Will's pageant,' Jeffrey jokes to Edmund as he stares down at the breakfast that Reva has plunked down before him. Reva and Jeffrey start arguing and Edmund sneaks out. One of the guards promptly pushes him back through the front door. 'Can't blame a guy for trying,' Edmund smirks. Meanwhile, at Cassie's, Josh is trying on his ministerial robes but they don't seem to fit properly. Will comes out, baffled to see Josh staring at himself in the mirror. He asks Josh to help him adjust his crooked wings. He does and then Will straightens out Josh's robes while Cassie and RJ watch and smile. Will starts to wonder where his uncle is. Uncle Edmund soon arrives with Jeffrey and Reva behind. Will sits down with his uncle who hands him something to read at the end of the pageant. He instructs the boy to read 'the plea for mercy' aloud while looking at Reverend Josh and crying.

    Cassie and Josh are telling Will how proud they are of him before they send him off to get ready. Cassie gives Josh a kiss and thanks him of letting Edmund be there for Will. At that moment, Edmund is taunting Rick and staring at the medical bag he carries. Jeffrey and Reva watch and worry that Mr. Winslow will try to run. He tells her that they already have his capture planned out. 'An abduction in a church? Great way to start the holiday season!' she quips before Reverend Ruthledge begins the ceremony. Everyone sits down as Will walks out to proclaim: 'Behold! I am the angel of the Lord!' All of the other little angels and shepherds come out on stage with him and start to sing O Little Town of Bethlehem and recount the Christmas story. Edmund makes faces at Reva and Jeffrey and a woman shushes Alan and Rick while they fidget over Beth. In the middle of the pageant, one of Jeffrey's men rushes in and they grab Edmund. As Eddie is dragged out, Will calls out to him. Ruthledge comes out and thanks everyone before announcing that they will soon be ordaining pastor Josh in a few moments.

    Edmund is dragged down to the street by Jeffrey and his goon. He starts to taunt Jeffrey about just being a stand in for Josh and points out how Cassie has chosen a man so different from him. As he imagines how miserable Jeffrey must really be, Jeffrey just smirks before telling him that their deal has changed: Edmund will be standing trial and will be executed; they've made sure of it and provided the courts with all of the doctored evidence they need. As Edmund starts to rage, Jeffrey turns his back and walks away.

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