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    Guiding Light CAST - Edmund Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edmund Winslow Played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Andrew Macdonald

    Birthday: June 1 1961
    Birthplace: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Divorced (Nicolette Nicola - 2 children)
    Real Name: David Andrew MacDonald
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Does it Come in Black?

    Friday, February 06 2009

    Edmund sits in his hotel room talking to himself. Josh barges in, accusing him of having plans to ruin his son. Edmund worries that Shayne's feelings aren't authentic. This project is a way to test them. While he's sure that Josh would prefer him plotting the downfall of civilization, he really just wants to feel connected to his daughter.

    Reva and Jeffrey are at Cedars. She warns him that birthing classes can be graphic. He's seen plenty of blood and guts in his lifetime. They go inside with all of the young couples and giggle as he helps her sit down. Jeffrey becomes nauseated as he watches the birthing video. He passes out. She teases him. He suggests that birth looks more like a car accident than a miracle. She's just relieved to feel normal again. Edmund suddenly arrives and announces that he and Shayne are opening a care center together. Reva is not happy. After he leaves, she starts to blow up. Jeffery tells her this might not be a bad idea. Reva refuses to let Edmund near another one of her sons.

    Dinah sneaks into Edmund's room and searches. Edmund walks in on her and finds her holding proof that Lara was pregnant with Shayne's child when she died. That's the one thing that Edmund knows which Shayne doesn't. He recalls the first time he met Lara. She came to him at his hospital bedside and introduced herself. They grew close and he felt like he had gained a second chance in life. Dinah wonders why he hasn't told this to Shayne and guesses that he is still testing him. Shayne arrives with good news from the bank: They got their loan. The men ask each other if they've passed the test of trust. Shayne asks Dinah to join them. She agrees to be a 'do-gooder' with them but hopes they don't regret it.

    That Was Fun.

    Thursday, February 05 2009

    At Cedars, Reva gushes about her latest sonogram pictures. As she flips through them, Edmund pops up. She sneers. "I always wanted a baby," he says. He tried with Cassie but it didn't work out. He knows that he's done awful things and may not deserve a child, but he had one, a great one, and she was taken from him. She tells him what it was like to see Cassie mourn and how she learned to smile again, but she's not willing to let Shayne help Edmund through his grief. She's sure that he's just testing Shayne to prove that he loved Lara. Edmund says that's why people do the good things and the bad ones. She tells him to stick to the bad; he's better at that.

    Edmund asks Shayne out for a drink. They go to Company and Edmund suggests that they build something in Lara's honor, perhaps a children's cancer clinic. Taking a napkin, he begins drawing a hospital. Shayne takes one and also starts drawing. Edmund watches as he enthusiastically plans it out.

    As Josh works at Lewis, Edmund comes to the door. Josh asks him if he needs a ride to the airport. Edmund wants to bury the hatchet. Josh refuses. Edmund thinks that will make things difficult since he is going to be working with his son. He explains his plans with Shayne and Josh fills up with anger. Edmund wants his help; he needs building advice. Josh stares as Edmund begs for help and then walks out.

    Harm's Way.

    Monday, February 02 2009

    At The Beacon, Shayne is packing up Edmund's things to get him out of town. Edmund tries to tempt him with Lara's last letter. Shayne gives in and reads it. Edmund offers him more but he can't handle it. Edmund admits that he didn't know Shayne was the man his daughter loved until near the end. He was surprised and never told her that they knew each other. Although he knew a lot about her, he always felt there was more. "She was new to me every time," Shayne explains. He was always finding new things about her to love. Edmund asks him to keep the letter. Reluctantly, Shayne accepts. They discuss Lara's mother, Rachel, and how Edmund met her. He tells Shayne that he was the most important person in Lara's life and thanks him. Edmund begs him to tell him more about 'the end'. Reva and Josh suddenly barge in and tell Shayne that Dinah has been hurt. As Shayne leaves, Edmund tells him he'd like to talk to him again some time.

    Back in his room, Edmund cancels his flight and says that he will be in Springfield for the foreseeable future. Looking at a photo of Lara, he tells her that he needs to find out for sure if Shayne loved her.

    Good Intentions And Big Mouths.

    Friday, January 30 2009

    Josh finds Edmund standing in the graveyard. "I don't even know where my daughter is buried," Edmund says. Josh is sorry for his loss, but he'll do whatever it takes to protect his son. Edmund asks if it's true that Cassie has moved to Hawaii and Reva's married Jeffrey. "Things change, life goes on," Josh remarks. In that case, Edmund wonders why no one believes he's changed. He needs Shayne so that he can learn about his daughter. Josh will allow it as long as he doesn't hurt him.

    Shayne arrives at The Beacon and knocks on Edmund's door. "Let's talk and then I'll drive you to the airport," he says. "I see you have your father's manners," Edmund jokes. He asks Shayne what Lara was like. Shayne says she was wonderful and now she's dead. Edmund thinks she was a forgiving person and would want Shayne to have compassion for a man who just lost his child. Shayne orders him to pack. Edmund pulls out a letter that Lara wrote him about Shayne. "Can you really turn away," Edmund asks.

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