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    Guiding Light CAST - Edmund Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edmund Winslow Played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Andrew Macdonald

    Birthday: June 1 1961
    Birthplace: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Divorced (Nicolette Nicola - 2 children)
    Real Name: David Andrew MacDonald
    Height: 6' 3"


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    I Want You Out Of My Life.

    Wednesday, February 25 2009

    Shayne finds Dinah at Towers and demands to know what is going on with her. Edmund rushes over and says that the video of Lara has been permanently deleted. Dinah apologizes. "Do you know what you've taken away from me?" Shayne asks her. He tears into her and accuses her of being jealous. "I want you out of my life," he says. She apologizes and walks away, tears running down her cheek.

    Upstairs, Edmund finds Dinah outside of his room. She apologizes for hurting him. He still thinks that Shayne should know that Lara was having his baby. She disagrees, and she may have lost him as a friend for what she did, but she's sure it was the right thing to do. When she walks away. He goes into his room. Shayne wants to take the computer to an expert to get the file back. Edmund tells him to wait and encourages him to go and see his mother.

    I Just Want You To Be Okay.

    Tuesday, February 24 2009

    Dinah sits down with Edmund at the bar in Towers. They both feel like they've been dumped by Shayne. She tells him that she has to stop kidding herself; she will never be accepted by Shayne's family. Eddie can't imagine why anyone would want to be.

    Edmund returns to his room and watches a video of Lara. She's very pregnant and talks all about Shayne and how important he is to her. She hopes that he'll be okay with her surprise and that they can be a real family.

    Daisy goes to the station looking for her family. She finds Phillip instead. He asks how her mother is and says that he is writing a letter to Zach. She tells him that Harley and the boys won't come back now that he is here.

    Shayne tracks Edmund down in Towers and apologizes for lying to him and shutting him out of his life. Edmund thanks him and admits that there is something he's been keeping from him. As he tells him about the video of Lara, Dinah eavesdrops. She slips away, steals a key and goes up to Edmund's room. She opens up his computer and watches the video. As she hears Edmund and Shayne coming in, she deletes it. Edmund shoves her out of the way and is outraged when he sees that it's gone.

    There's A Lot I Don't Know.

    Wednesday, February 11 2009

    Dinah arrives at Shayne's. He clings to a little gift box. It contains the ring he bought for Lara. He thought he should give it to Edmund. Once again, she warns him about how dangerous Edmund is. At that moment, Edmund arrives. Dinah sneers at him and walks out.

    Edmund takes Shayne to Towers. They toast to Lara. Reva calls to interrupt and tells her son that Coop was in an accident and it made her want to see her own son. He agrees to meet her and thanks Edmund for the drink.

    Dinah finds Edmund at Towers. She reminds him that the Lewises don't like either of them and points at Roc Hoover sitting behind them. Edmund knows that Hoover has been following him for days and calls him over. The detective doesn't deny it, or the fact that Jeffrey hired him. After Roc leaves, Dinah explains her relationship with Shayne to Edmund. She's learned that the Lewis will never accept her or let her into their circle.

    Edmund goes to company and watches through the window as Shayne talks to his parents about Lara.

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