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    Guiding Light CAST - Edmund Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edmund Winslow Played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Andrew Macdonald

    Birthday: June 1 1961
    Birthplace: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Divorced (Nicolette Nicola - 2 children)
    Real Name: David Andrew MacDonald
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Life Cannot Be That Unfair.

    Wednesday, April 01 2009

    Edmund and Reva arrive at Cedars. She claims she isn't really going into labor. Edmund makes her sit down and tells her that he will help her through this delivery if he has to. "Life cannot be that unfair," she groans. When she is brought into the room, she asks him to stay. He's amazed that having him around would be preferable to being alone. She asks him if he's ever been scared. He confesses that he was scared when he discovered he had a daughter. After all of the times he's faced death, the first time he felt fear was when he found out that he had something to lose. The doctor arrives. Reva won't let Edmund leave. She asks the doctor to halt the labor until she is ready. "Is this all about when you're ready? Doesn't your child have any say in the matter?" Edmund asks.

    Jeffrey and Josh arrive at Cedars. Reva's doctor says that they can still stop this but the baby has other ideas. Jeffery thanks Josh and then hurries to Reva. "This isn't like you, making a dramatic entrance," he jokes. He tries to thank Edmund. Edmund doesn't want word of this to ruin his reputation. After he leaves, Reva tells Jeffrey that she's not ready but the baby is. They tell each other how much they love each other and the contractions speed up.

    Edmund tracks Josh down and asks him to stick around and see how this works out. "Not my show this time," Josh says. Edmund thinks that this isn't random; maybe they were all brought there like this for a reason. Josh doesn't want to think about it and leaves.

    Misery Loves Company.

    Tuesday, March 31 2009

    Edmund sits down with Dinah in the park. She doesn't want him around but he's sure that 'misery loves company'. She tells him how shocked her family was by her confession. People were liking her for a minute and now she has to rebuild. "I don't care that people hate me. I just want my daughter back," he says. She can see that he has changed. He wants to tell Shayne about the pregnancy; he's sure that he can handle the news now that he has Dinah in his life. Dinah is skeptical. "In case you hadn't noticed, you twit, he's in love with you," Edmund explains. She becomes uncomfortable. He tells her she needs to stay alert for what's coming next. Shayne and Josh arrive. Dinah is about to run away but Edmund orders her to sit and talk. He leaves and Shayne tells her he wants to hang out.

    Josh and Edmund walk through the park. Edmund says that Shayne made Lara happy so he deserves to be happy. "I hope you always remember that," Josh says. Edmund hopes that Shayne and Dinah aren't too stubborn to work things out.

    Left alone, Reva leaves another video message for her baby. She's very happy to know that her son will soon be there. He gave her the hope she needed to get through the biggest fight of her life. Edmund arrives. "I want to tell you how sorry I am for all of the trouble I've given you over the years..." he starts. She's outraged to see him. Before she can yell at him to leave, she begins going into labor.

    Maybe We Can Have A Bridge.

    Friday, March 27 2009

    Shayne and Edmund walk into Josh's office and are surprised to find Olivia sitting on the desk with a bottle of booze. Shayne's glad to see her but shocked. She claims that she is just getting out of the house to have some fun, but she was looking for Josh... "We could be fun?" Shayne offers. She pours them drinks. They get plastered and decide to go to Shayne's for pizza and beer. When they get there, they play Rock Star and Olivia falls on the floor. Laughing, she tells them it was fun hanging out and leaves. Edmund and Shayne go back to their game.

    Everything Is Over.

    Wednesday, March 18 2009

    Edmund goes to the office and runs into Josh. He's looking for Shayne, worried that something is weighing on him. "I'm not trying to come between you and your son," he says. "You won't," Josh assures him.

    I'm Dead.

    Thursday, March 12 2009

    Edmund surprises Dinah in the park. They trade some barbs and he tells her that she will never win Shayne back. She ruined things with him just like she destroys everything she touches. After he meanders away, Phillip arrives. She hugs him and welcomes him back. He tells her that he is still settling in. "Have you heard the news about Lizzie's kidnapping? She found out who did it," he pointedly says. She tenses up. He tells her Grady did it. "Just Grady?" she asks. He wonders who else would be involved. Dinah wonders where Grady is now and tries to leave. Phillip tells her that Bill was abducted but now he's back. When he leaves, Dinah grumbles, "I'm dead."

    Josh and Shayne go to the gym and play catch. Josh is quickly worn out and his son teases him, threatening to set him up with younger women. As they drink, Edmund interrupts and Josh announces he has to go to a meeting with Billy. Once he's gone, Edmund sits down and tells Shayne that he's glad Dinah found the music box... but he hopes that he continues to protect himself from her.

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