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    Guiding Light CAST - Edmund Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edmund Winslow Played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Andrew Macdonald

    Birthday: June 1 1961
    Birthplace: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Divorced (Nicolette Nicola - 2 children)
    Real Name: David Andrew MacDonald
    Height: 6' 3"


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    I Have a Thing for You

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    Edmund is brought into police headquarters in cuffs. Once he's behind bars, he and Frank exchange some sarcastic remarks. Edmund says that he needs some spiritual advice and asks to see Reverend Ruthledge. Frank informs him that the reverend is gone and Josh has taken his place. Edmund bursts out in laughter, hardly able to believe that Frank isn't joking. Later, Cassie and Will arrive. She goes into the interrogation room to have a word with Eddie alone. She explains why she's brought Will there. He admits that he likes the boy and starts to reminisce about Tammy. The nostalgia session is short lived. Cutting it off, she stands back and lets Will in. The little boy runs in and jumps into his uncle's arms. Cassie stands by, baffled, while Edmund convinces his nephew that he needs to go to school and that it will be fun. Will's face lights up and he agrees. When he goes out, Cassie thanks Edmund for what he just did, surprised that he genuinely seems to care about the boy. He tells her that he has made unforgivable mistakes and that's part of why he's been looking out for Will. Getting closer to her, he congratulates her on marrying Josh. Will runs back in and asks when he can see his uncle again. She promises him soon and takes him out. Once they're gone, Jeffrey walks in. Edmund can't understand why he's still protecting Cassie. Jeffrey still cares for her and is sure that Edmund has returned for revenge. Edmund suggests that he may be doing things simply for the sake of his own redemption. That's hard to believe and the two men start to trade insults over their past battles. Jeffrey finally taunts him: 'I don't make threats...I've never needed to.'

    Death of the Monarchy

    Wednesday, October 31 2007

    Elsewhere in the clinic, Dinah is shocked to be confronted by Edmund in the corridor. He tells her that Cassie is coming to see him. As he chats with her, an orderly comes along and breaks them apart to return him to his wing of the hospital. Once he's back in his cell, Del, the psychotic opponent to the monarchy in San Cristobel comes to the former monarch's cell door to offer his regular threats. Edmund laughs and waves him away. Meanwhile, Dinah wanders around and then starts writing a letter to her 'stupid doctors' about how she never thought things could get worse...well until she found out the man who tried to burn her alive was living down the hall. Suddenly, the power goes out. Elsewhere, Lizzie walks down the stairs and begins to nervously talk to herself. When she enters one of the floors, she gets a creepy feeling and heads back into the stairwell. She soon finds herself down int the basement. She finally admits that she is completely lost and starts screaming as the lights go out.

    While the power goes out in the hospital, Edmund pushes the door of his cell open (it's run by an electric lock). Meanwhile, Cassie wanders around in the dark, shouting for Josh and Jeffrey who are trying to calm themselves by assuring each other that the patients aren't dangerous. They start to walk and argue. Cassie's separated from them by a locked door and a fence. She drifts around and down into the basement. Suddenly, she screams as Edmund comes around a corner. He tells her that she's looking beautiful. She accuses him of knocking out the power so that he could get her alone. He tells her that he wants to prove himself to her and get her safely to the hearing with Alonzo and Will. They banter, but she in unamused. 'Sometimes I forget all the things I did,' he admits. 'I don't,' she reminds him. Suddenly, Will runs out from nowhere and hugs them. It soon becomes clear that Edmund and Will have developed a relationship. Edmund explains that the boy needs guidance and came to him. Alonzo appears, insisting that the only way all of this will end is with Will going home with him. Over the sound system, it's announced that they'll be testing the back up power and there will be a risk of surges. When the power comes on, Alonzo is shocked when he's hit by a surge. He collapses on the floor as Jeffrey and Josh appear. Jeffrey checks Alonzo, but he's dead. Instantly, Jeffrey begins accusing Edmund of pushing Alonzo into the nearby electrical box intentionally. Soon, guards have appeared. Meanwhile, Cassie has taken Will away from the scene and promises him that everything will be fine. As she hugs him, Del appears in the distance. He remembers her as Princess Cassie and accuses her and her family of destroying his life. Pulling out a blade, he goes after her. Before he can attack, Edmund runs in and begins wrestling with him until an orderly comes and grabs Del while he screams that he will hurt them just like he killed Alonzo. 'You saved my life,' Cassie gasps to Edmund. 'I guess we're even,' he says. Will is depressed now that Alonzo is dead; he doesn't want to have to go back to his palace. Cassie tells him that he'll be going home with her. Will doesn't like to leave Edmund behind.

    If we live through this, I'm going to kill you!

    Friday, October 26 2007

    Lizzie and Billy are walking down the hallway of the clinic. She is nagging him about calling Bill again. He hasn't been returning his father's calls since he was fired. Billy doesn't want to talk about it anymore. They go into Dinah's room for a visit. She thinks that they're there to help her get out. They're only there for a visit, they insist, much to her disappointment. Dinah explains that everyone is flipping out just because she is back to her old self; there's nothing wrong with her: This is who she is. She begs them to get her out, but Billy won't. Lizzie offers to stay and have an espresso with her. When they're alone, Lizzie reminds Dinah that everyone in her family has tried to have her committed, unfortunately it was never to a place this nice. Dinah takes out the note she found and asks her who could have written it. Lizzie doesn't know. 'So you're sticking to this whole bad girl thing eh?' Lizzie asks. She used to be a bad girl too, but now she doesn't know who she is. Dinah starts telling her stories about Bill. She's sure that he would get her out. After leaving, Lizzie calls Bill and leaves a message, telling him that Dinah needs him. Meanwhile, Edmund drifts around outside of Dinah's room, leaving her a gardenia.

    Meanwhile, left behind, Josh manages to get a call though to Edmund. He explains the situation to dangerous Mr Winslow. He wishes that Josh would do him of the courtesy of a little 'chit chat' before asking for favors. Nonetheless, he agrees to help, offering to testify on Cassie's behalf, but only on one condition... After the conversation, Josh goes down and finds Beth and Cassie. He tells them that he got in touch with Edmund. Beth jumps out of her chair at the sound of his name and tells them that they're crazy. If they let him back into their lives for a second, he will be everywhere before they know it. Josh explains that Edmund is only willing to help if Cassie will see him. He's disturbed when Cassie is willing to do that. They return to his office and she calls Edmund. He tells her that he harbors no ill will toward her; he owes her and will help her get her son back.

    A Piece of my Heart

    Wednesday, October 24 2007

    Josh tracks Cassie down at the docks. He finds her fishing and asks her if she talked to Will. He tells her that he tried to get in touch with Jeffrey and he'll be back soon. 'I feel really right about this,' she smiles. Now she feels like she has hope in her life again. Meanwhile, Will plays outside of Edmund's cell. He tells Edmund that Cassie called and wants to come and visit him. 'I can't wait to see her again,' Edmund smiles.

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