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    Guiding Light CAST - Edmund Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edmund Winslow Played by David Andrew MacDonald on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Andrew Macdonald

    Birthday: June 1 1961
    Birthplace: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Divorced (Nicolette Nicola - 2 children)
    Real Name: David Andrew MacDonald
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Bill's Back

    Tuesday, November 13 2007

    At CO2, Edmund finds Dinah (in disguise, well, a hat anyway). They're both rather surprised to see each other free and walking the streets. As Edmund starts to dig into her, Mallet runs over, pushing him away. Edmund assures the detective that he's not come back for Dinah. 'She's my wife and you're a nobody,' Mallet tells him, reminding him that he's already pulled her out of a burning house, a fire that Edmund started. Mallet takes her to Towers and she apologizes for making him worry; she just wanted to go home. He wonders where that is now. She won't tell him but tries to reassure him that Edmund isn't after her. Mallet won't ever stop worrying about her; he just wants her to, at least, call him once and awhile. They sit down for a meal and she tells him that he needs to stop helping her. Putting her hat on, she walks out again.

    Cassie and RJ are spending the day together. She buys him some ice cream and tells him that Will has been having a rough time, that's why she's been spending so much time with him. 'He's weird,' RJ insists. Cassie tries to explain why, but Edmund suddenly appears so that he can offer his opinion. Uninvited, he sits down and starts to talk to RJ about his relationship with Richard. Uncomfortable, Cassie sends RJ away from uncle Edmund and then tells the former monarch to stop trying to worm his way back into her life. 'I was punished for what I did...but now I have my freedom and that's too wonderful to jeopardize,' he tells her. What does he want? He wants to be alone with her. She's disgusted and threatens to call the police. He tells her that he just wants to talk about Tammy; though he wasn't her father for long, he adored her. He begins commiserating, suggesting that he would have searched for ways to torture Alan for what he did. She admits that she did want to hurt him and became obsessed with doing so. Only Josh and RJ stopped her from going too far. Edmund knows how she feels; that's what it's been like for him finding Will. Abruptly, she gets up and leaves.

    When Cassie gets home, Josh is waiting for her and tells her about the lock. There is no way that Will's story could be true and the boy didn't admit or deny that he set his brother up. She tries to find an excuse, but he wonders if they've been accusing the wrong kid all along. When she brings Will in and asks him about the lock, he starts to cry that he didn't do it and begs her to believe him. She hugs him and sends him to bed. He stands around the corner eavesdropping while she talks about what a good kid he is and how hard he's had it: They need to drop this now. Meanwhile, uncle Edmund calls to get a confirmation on the date and time of Josh's ordination: He plans to be a very big part of it.

    Collar Too Tight?

    Monday, November 12 2007

    'Collar too tight?' Edmund asks with a devious smile as he watches Josh fondling his new fashion statement in the mirror. As he finishes adjusting his collar, Josh tells Eddie that he is working and is only ready to see parishioners. Edmund tells him that's exactly why he's there: He needs some spiritual guidance. If Josh can help a man like him, he won't only get a collar, he'll earn some wings. Josh flatly tells him that he doesn't speak for God. 'Then who do you speak for?' Edmund taunts. Josh finally agrees to help and lets him in. Edmund tells him that he wants what Cassie has. 'It's taken,' Josh tells him, defensively. Edmund smiles and explains that he just wants a family. Josh tells him to go and see Father Ray or someone who doesn't know him and can forgive him. He starts to yell at him, but Edmund can't stop asking him if everyone is happy about Josh and Cassie's little Reva for example? Josh becomes more outraged and chases him out.

    Later, when Rick arrives, Josh tells him about Edmund before Rick starts his confession. Edmund sneaks in through the back door and eavesdrops. Rick tells Josh that he overheard Beth saying that Alan could take care of someone like Edmund, but she's wrong: He's more like Alan than she thinks. Josh tells him that he could still tell Beth the truth about the baby. Rick can't do that; he is just desperate to keep his life together.

    At Cedars, Edmund bumps into Beth. 'It wasn't all bad between us?' he leers. At least she ended up with such an 'inconspicuous' husband, particularly after Alan. He brings up the baby and starts asking if Alan still thinks it's his. Beth becomes even more uncomfortable and defensive, talking about how Cassie gave her the strength to get away from Alan. He starts asking her about all of her tests and she begins to cringe until Rick appears. Edmund tells him that he really shouldn't leave his attractive wife alone. Rick takes her by the arm and walks away. Later, Edmund goes over to the barn and talks to himself about the situation. Will walks in on him and asks him if he's mad at Cassie and Josh. Edmund assures him that he would never get between he and his mother...unlike Josh. 'Wouldn't it be better if he just went away?' Edmund smiles.

    Boys Will be Boys

    Wednesday, November 07 2007

    At the police station, Frank is baffled that the secretary of state has ordered that Edmund be released: He's been granted an unconditional pardon. He walks out of the cells smiling and looking forward to a bit of shopping. He promises Frank that he is a better man now, but Frank just wants him out of town. Edmund can't go back to San Cristobel so he'll be staying around here for now. All that he wants is what Cassie has: A new family and a new start.

    Meanwhile, Billy and Josh are talking about their kids and grandkids. Billy tells his brother that his son hasn't been talking to him since he fired him. He tells Josh that he's sure that they can work it out eventually, but he doesn't seem convinced when he says this. RJ suddenly returns with Clarissa and Jeffrey arrives. He goes inside and starts talking to Cassie and Blake. Cassie spots RJ walking around alone and goes off to look for Will. When she rushes to the door to search, she finds Edmund standing there. Everyone is silent as he walks in. He promises not to cause trouble but everyone starts demanding that he leave. Then they begin accusing him of snatching Will away. Breaking into groups, they all start searching around the property. Lizzie goes to the barn and calls out. Will responds, asking for help but the doors of the barn have been locked. Edmund runs over and breaks the door open. Will jumps into his arms and they bring the boy back to the house. As everyone heads back inside, Jeffrey stops Edmund and congratulates him on his 'heroic' act but tells him that he needs to leave. Alone, Edmund walks into the barn and looks around, picking up Will's sweater. It was hidden behind a bale of hay. He smiles.

    Edmund starts talking to Lizzie, who admits that she has always had a soft spot for him. However, she tells him that if he hurts Cassie again, Billy will hurt him. Edmund smiles and moves on. Beth and Rick call him a 'loser' so he moves back over to Jeffrey, who doesn't have anything nice to say either. Will pops into the conversation and asks them what's going on. He runs to his parents and begs them to let uncle Eddie stay with them. Cassie and Josh try saying 'no' and are clearly uncomfortable. It gets worse when Jeffrey walks over to them and informs them that Edmund has been pardoned and his passport returned to him so he can stay or go as he pleases. Will is taken away to open his gifts while Edmund insists that he has every intention of leaving. Everyone else soon files out of the house. Blake gives Edmund her card before she leaves. Jeffrey offers to drive him to the bus station, but Edmund is clear that he is staying around for Will. Jeffrey walks him out the door. They go over to The Beacon where Edmund gets a room and tells Jeffrey that they should try to be friends. Jeffrey threatens him again, but Edmund reminds him that if he hurts him, he will be hurting Will even more. 'Give my best to Reva,' he smiles as Jeffrey walks out.

    Cassie and Josh sit the brothers down. RJ insists that he didn't do anything to be sorry for and tries prompting his brother to tell them the truth. Will doesn't say anything and they send RJ up to bed. They give Will a hug and send him up after. Josh tries to comfort Cassie. She's not worried about Edmund, she's worried about RJ not adjusting to his brother's return. She should have foreseen this. Meanwhile, Will has snuck out to the barn where Edmund finds him. He pulls out the sweater he found hidden before. He understands exactly what kind of game his nephew is playing and smiles at him as he cradles him in his lap, congratulating him on making RJ look so bad.

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