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    Guiding Light CAST - Rafael "Rafe" Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafael "Rafe" Rivera Played by E.J. Bonilla on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    EJ Bonilla

    Birthday: September 8
    Real Name: E.J. Bonilla


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    Alive and Hissing.

    Monday, May 04 2009

    Rafe runs into Frank at the minimart. Seeing his beat up face, he asks him what happened. "I walked into a door," Frank claims. Rafe doesn't believe it. Frank explains that he and Natalia just weren't meant to be. It's his loss and he hopes they can all stay friends. Frank tells him never to let anyone convince him that his mother is anything but caring.

    We're Being Together.

    Thursday, April 23 2009

    Frank and Nat go back to the house to see Rafe. Frank leaves them alone. Nat accuses herself of letting him down. He asks her what's going on between she and Frank. She knows her son was looking forward to having a man in his life. He was just happy that someone would take care of her, not him. Just because Frank is a good guy, doesn't mean that he is the right guy for her. She wishes she could explain why she walked out on the wedding. Rafe says he trusts her, no matter what. He wants to go to church with her before he has to leave.

    Rafe and Nat go to see Father Ray at church. He offers to talk to her and Frank if they need any help. Rafe and the priest light candles and say a prayer. Nat is more reluctant. Her phone rings but she doesn't pick up. As they walk out, Frank is waiting to take Rafe away. His mother weeps and hugs him. He promises to be back soon.

    That Was Lovely.

    Thursday, April 16 2009

    Mallet and Marina slip out. He checks his messages and discovers that Child Protective Services want to move their meeting up until today. She starts to panic and refuses to let anyone take their baby. James arrives, looking for Daisy and his sister Emma. He slips in as Daisy gives Rafe a welcome home hug. He tells her that he is back for good. She's happy for him. After some awkward moments, she walks off to sit. James sits down behind her.

    Is There Anything I Should Know?

    Wednesday, April 15 2009

    Ashlee is at the church teaching Emma how to be a flower girl. Emma runs over to Lillian and they chat as Mallet helps Rafe put on his tie. Marina asks him if he is going to catch up with Daisy. They tell him that Grady is gone and he should take a second chance with her. Mallet and Marina fool around and she admits that she's been checking text messages from the sitter all day. She asks him why he hasn't been telling her more about the investigation by Child Services. He tries to brush it off but she tells him to stop treating her like she is too emotional to handle this.

    As Natalia readies herself to walk down the aisle. She meets with her son. He is happy with whatever makes her happy. "If you've found someone special, you can't let that person go," he says. He lit a candle and prayed that God would let her have anything that her heart desires. Emma begins scattering flower petals. Olivia walks down the aisle next and everyone rises. Rafe walks his mother down the aisle to Frank. When she gets to the front, she and Olivia share a difficult glance.

    I Can't Let You Do This.

    Monday, April 13 2009

    At home, Olivia asks her daughter for advice about the wedding. Emma takes her by the hand and leads her upstairs. Natalia is crying. "I can't let you do this," she says, explaining she wants to take the dress back. Olivia wants her to have everything she wants. "I can't have the one thing that I want," Nat weeps. Olivia tells her that being drawn to something is never a mistake. Nat says that what she wants is wrong and selfish. Emma calls them downstairs. Frank is there with an early wedding present. When he opens the door, Rafe walks in and hugs his mother. "I'm home for good," he tells her. She thanks God. Rafe tells her to thank Frank. She doesn't know how to thank him. He did it for their family, he says. Rafe has to check into a half way house in a week so he was wondering if they could get married this week. Nat is skeptical but Olivia says it's possible. After watching the three of them hug, Olivia walks out sadly.

    Back at home, Nat shows Rafe the calendar and all the days she has marked off counting down until his return. She wants to take him to Cedars to check on his blood sugar. He insists that he is fine; his faith and thoughts of her have kept him alive. Emma comes down and drags him up to see his room. Nat picks up a photo of she, Emma and Olivia. "Not to late too back out," Frank says as he pops up and looks over her shoulder.

    Rafe and Emma talk about the wedding and he offers to be her friend. When Rafe goes downstairs, he hands Frank Gus' watch and tells him he wants him to have it. Frank would never try to replace his father but he will try to be the best man he can be for them. As Rafe and Frank hug, Nat cries and walks into the kitchen. Olivia arrives and Nat pulls her in to show her what just happened. Emma comes down the stairs in her dress for the wedding. Nat decides she doesn't want to wait anymore and thinks they should get married right away. Frank is thrilled. Nat asks Olivia to be her maid of honor. Olivia cries and agrees.

    I Don't Want to be a Nun.

    Monday, March 30 2009

    Frank and Natalia go to visit Rafe in prison. "I just want you to know that you are the man in this family," Frank tells him. They tell him that he is on the list for early release to the work program. Frank drinks three glasses of water and then rambles about how great he and his mom are. "Show me the ring," Rafe finally says. Frank laughs. Rafe wants a word alone with his mother to make sure she is happy with her decision. She says she is. Rafe jokingly tells Frank that he'll hunt him down if he messes this up.

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