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    Guiding Light CAST - Rafael "Rafe" Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafael "Rafe" Rivera Played by E.J. Bonilla on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    EJ Bonilla

    Birthday: September 8
    Real Name: E.J. Bonilla


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    I Guess Any Of Us Could Have Done It.

    Tuesday, June 09 2009

    Rafe goes over to the church and offers to help the women bake. A few dozen batches of cookies later, Rafe says it's time for him to go. As he hops outside, he finds Frank waiting. They discuss what to do and eat cookies.

    You're A Big Boy Now.

    Tuesday, June 02 2009

    At home, Frank is looking at real estate ads when Marina and Buzz come in. They're arguing about the murder investigation. After Marina stomps away, Buzz notices his son has been looking for a place to live and asks him if he wants him to move with him. Blake arrives, eager to take Frank apartment shopping. Rafe trails after her. "You need a roommate?" he asks. Frank takes Blake aside and tells her that he's old enough to live on his own now. Marina returns and Frank tells her he's moving out. "You're a big boy now," she says enthusiastically. Buzz steps up and says he's moving out too. Frank tells him he needs his own space. "He needs to get a life," the women say in unison. Rafe sits at the table laughing and Marina offers to pack the bags. When they leave, Buzz tells Marina that he was just teasing Frank.

    Rafe shows up at the mansion looking for Alan. He bumps into James who tries making small talk. James tells him that their grandfather is in the market for a new best friend. Rafe's uncomfortable. James wants him to stick around and tell him about Daisy. She calls and James tells her that he's hanging out with Rafe. The cousins discuss Rafe's mother and he tells James that his mother doesn't understand that people change and she needs to get a life. "Zoolander?" James asks.

    Where Do I Sign Up?

    Monday, June 01 2009

    Rafe goes to his father's grave. He says a prayer and leaves some flowers. His mother approaches and offers to take him on a picnic. He'd rather go home. She notices some papers in his pocket. As she looks them over, she guesses that he is applying to be a cop, just like his dad. He's still skeptical that he can put all of his mistakes behind him.

    Rafe puts on one of his father's ties and his mother hands him Gus' badge for luck. He goes into the station for his interview and Nat waits outside. Olivia surprises her and Nat explains that her son is now at a job interview. She thinks he's trying to make up for disappointing her. "There's nothing worse than disappointing the person you love the most," Olivia says. She offers to give him a reference and walks away. Nat goes inside and finds her son waiting. Frank walks out to meet him and they're all uncomfortable. Frank wishes they'd talked to him before, but he takes Rafe upstairs to speak in private. He reminds him that he has a felony record and that means he can't be a cop. "I'm so sorry. You really would have made a good cop," Frank tells him. When Rafe goes downstairs, he tells his mother that there's a waiting list.

    Rafe goes to see Olivia. She offers him a job as a busboy. He's looking for a career. Before he can walk out, she asks him to stay and talk. He admits that he can't be a cop. She tells him he owes his mother the truth. "Who do you think you are? This has nothing to do with you?" he asks.

    I Think I Have Rug Burn.

    Thursday, May 28 2009

    Rafe is outside of the farmhouse stretching before going on a run. His mother comes out and badgers him for not eating breakfast. He tells her to stop hovering and jogs down the road.

    Olivia and Emma arrive at the house as Rafe jogs home. Emma pulls him away to show him her new bike. Nat tells Olivia that her son is still adjusting and she wishes he was happier. Olivia suggests that he could use more family, not less. "Not yet," Nat says. Olivia thinks they should just tell him the truth; she wants what any other family has. Natalia worries how they can explain this to Emma. Olivia thinks she knew they belonged together even before they did. Emma runs over crying after Rafe tells her to leave him alone. He goes into the house and Olivia tries to explain what's up with Rafe. Frank arrives and Rafe jogs out to play ball with him. The women watch as they play catch. Nat says that she can't tell him their news until she thinks he's ready.

    As Frank and Rafe play, Frank tells him how much he reminds him of Gus. He's got a good arm and street smarts. He hands him back Gus' badge, telling him that he should have it because it will remind him of where he came from. As Frank leaves, Nat asks him to stay for dinner but he turns her down. She asks Olivia but she says 'no' too and leaves with Emma.

    I'm Not A Saint.

    Wednesday, May 27 2009

    Natalia is with her son at the courthouse. She adjusts his tie and talks all about what's next for him. The judge begins the hearing and asks for compelling evidence that Rafe would actually be better off at home. Nat says that her life is more stable than ever and she can give him a wonderful family. Olivia stands at the back of the room. The judge says there is still a problem: There is no strong male role model in Rafe's life. He makes it a condition of his release that he be provided with a male mentor. Frank walks in and agrees to take on that responsibility. The judge is satisfied and orders Rafe released. His mother kisses him and Rafe hugs Frank. Nat tells him that he's the best man she knows. They leave to sign paperwork and Olivia is left alone in the courtroom with Frank. She calls him a 'saint'. He refuses the title and says someone else could have been appointed. When he leaves to do paperwork, Olivia and Natalia hug. "I'm glad Gus' heart was here today," Olivia says. Rafe leaves with his mother and Olivia tells Frank that he must love Nat a lot. "It looks like I'm not the only one," he says.

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