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    Guiding Light CAST - Rafael "Rafe" Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafael "Rafe" Rivera Played by E.J. Bonilla on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    EJ Bonilla

    Birthday: September 8
    Real Name: E.J. Bonilla


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    He Has No Rules.

    Friday, June 12 2009

    "You make me feel beautiful when you look at me like that," Natalia tells Olivia. They touch each other's faces and talk about how they feel. Olivia tells her that she won't love her any less if sex never happens. "It will. I want it to," Nat assures her. Rafe watches them from a distance as Natalia offers to do her 'I love Olivia dance'. Rafe wanders over and his mother tells Olivia about his new job. Natalia decides they should celebrate. He leaves to take a shower. The women are sure this will all work out.

    Rafe goes looking for Olivia. He finds Emma with the babysitter. Jane slips away so he sits down with Emma. She shows him her 'My Two Mommies' paper and tells him about family day and all the time they've been spending together. She tells him that everyone knows their mothers are 'BFF's'.

    Rafe drifts around and bumps into Daisy. He asks her what happened at the wedding and wonders how his mother could have just changed her mind like that. Daisy tells him it's because women are complicated and gives him a hug.

    Olivia returns to the farmhouse. As she and Natalia drink champagne, Rafe watches them getting close and then blurts out, "Ma? What the hell?"

    My Only Crime Today Is Faulty Logic.

    Thursday, June 11 2009

    Natalia tries to hang out with her son and Frank at Farley's. They laugh when she offers to 'knock a few back' with them. Frank offers to look out for her son but she wants to stick around. She begins ordering shots to prove that she can drink with them. After taking a drink, she starts coughing and then threatens to beat them at pool.

    Rafe is sweeping the porch at the farm house. He tells his mother that he had a good time with her today. He admits that he can see why she liked Frank and then tells her that he got a job. She hugs him and tells him that things are working out because God loves them. While he goes for a run, Olivia arrives and Nat tells her her son's news. Soon, he'll be more adjusted and they won't have to wait. Olivia says that she enjoys all of their time together and doesn't see it as waiting. They both want more, but Olivia doesn't mind giving up 'other things' to be with her. Sitting on the lawn, they talk about how much they miss each other and want to be together all the time. Rafe watches from a distance as they stroke each other's hair and hold hands.

    Wanna See A Dead Body?

    Wednesday, June 10 2009

    Rafe and Natalia are meeting with his parole officer. He doesn't say much. His mother explains that he's been doing volunteer work and meeting with his mentor. The officer reminds them that the parole mandates that he be employed. When they walk out, Nat is disappointed that her son didn't try harder in the interview. She orders him to show his parole officer that he has potential. Rafe isn't sure he does.

    Rafe arrives at the bar. As he orders a beer, Frank surprises him. Rafe complains about how he can't even get a job interview. Natalia stands in the doorway and listens while Frank tries to reassure him. She walks over and decides to join them for a drink.

    I Guess Any Of Us Could Have Done It.

    Tuesday, June 09 2009

    Natalia goes home with groceries and tries to get her son to come to church with her. She's the head of the cookie committee and needs his help. He wants to stay in bed but she drags him out. They go over to the church and she harasses a smile out of him. After he's helped unpack her groceries, he leaves. When Nat starts baking, the woman who was supposed to help her calls to say she can't come. Suddenly, Olivia arrives. Nat tells her she needs to make 50 dozen cookies. Emma leaps in and offers to help. Olivia tells her how much she loves baking cookies with her and the three of them play around in the kitchen.

    Rafe runs up to Mallet in the parking lot. He admits that he's having a hard time adjusting to the outside world. Mallet offers to play catch with him. As they play, Rafe admits that something seems wrong, but he doesn't know if it's with him or his mother. Frank interrupts and tells Mallet that Marina needs him to call her. When he does, she tells him that things didn't go well with Shayne.

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