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    Guiding Light CAST - Rafael "Rafe" Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafael "Rafe" Rivera Played by E.J. Bonilla on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    EJ Bonilla

    Birthday: September 8
    Real Name: E.J. Bonilla


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    About Nine Months.

    Thursday, September 04 2008

    Grady and Daisy swing in the park. She tells him how much fun she had at Reva's wedding. "It's good that I wasn't there," he grumbles. She says they didn't even mention him... maybe one day they can accept him. She hears the ice cream truck and runs off to get them some. Her phone rings. He picks it up. It's Rafe. Grady asks him how the food in prison is. Rafe is sure that Daisy will soon figure out Grady is playing her. He hangs up as she returns. As they sit on the swings, she tells him all about getting ice cream with her dad when she was a kid. He seems sad; he never had anything like that. "I can buy you all the ice cream you want," she promises.

    But I Didn't Marry her Sister.

    Wednesday, August 27 2008

    At the jail, Frank brings Rafe some food that Natalia made him. Rafe is sarcastic. Frank sits down and tells him to knock the chip off his shoulder. His sister and Natalia have sacrificed lots for him. Frank knows that he wouldn't have abducted Daisy but the state police feel differently. This gets Rafe to thinking. He asks Frank for more information about the call. Frank tells him he's looking at five to ten years in prison now. "I wonder who would want me away from Daisy that long?" Rafe asks, promising to take this seriously and asking for his call.

    Grady arrives at the jail. He tells Rafe that this place is The Ritz compared to the hole he was in in Sydney. Rafe confronts him about the call to the troopers. Grady slips up and lets out a detail that makes it clear he was the one who made the call. Rafe grabs him and threatens. Grady laughs. "You need to leave Daisy alone," Grady says. Rafe reminds him it's her choice. Grady says he's made the choice his. Rafe mocks him for having to trick women to be with him. They continue to threaten each other. Grady leaves, promising that Rafe will never get close to Daisy again. Once he's gone, Rafe calls for Frank and asks him to get Daisy there so he can talk to her.

    Thank God for Garage Sales.

    Tuesday, August 26 2008

    At the courthouse, Jeffrey catches Rafe as he walks through with a guard. "I never meant to hurt you," Rafe says. Jeffrey knows and tells him that he will do everything he can to help him. Doris rushes in and orders Rafe to his cell. Jeffrey says it was an accident. Doris doesn't care and tells him to focus on the Spaulding case and let her do her job. "Or did you lose your key witness?" she taunts before stomping away. He goes outside and sighs. He gets a call from Ava's treatment center about a new therapy they want to start. They fax the paperwork to his office as he arrives. He looks it over and shakes his head.

    Natalia returns to the water and sits down. Frank calls and asks her to come and see Rafe. She hurries over and immediately asks her son if he's eating right. She admits that she called Mallet but only to keep him safe. He knows that she didn't turn him in. She apologizes again. He tells her that everything will be fine. Leaning in, she tells him that Alan has a blockage in his brain and his visions may have only been symptoms of his condition. She hopes that, like her, he will choose to believe it is more than that. He'll try. Olivia listens and shakes her head.

    You Make a Lousy me.

    Monday, August 25 2008

    At Harley's, Grady laughs while he watches the cops demand Rafe come out. Inside the house, Daisy explains that she didn't call the cops and offers to go outside and talk to them for him. He doesn't want her to do this for him. He kisses her, opens the door and announces he is coming out unarmed. He's arrested.

    At the station, Daisy asks Frank to let her see Rafe. He refuses and accuses her of chasing trouble. He bans her from seeing Grady, Cyrus and Rafe. Natalia arrives and Frank takes her in to see her son. "You got what you wanted now get out!" he angrily barks at her. She claims she didn't call the police. He knows she called Mallet; he thought that she was the one person he could trust... He says that Daisy could have been killed. She didn't even know he was with Daisy. Rafe demands that Frank take her out. She tells her son that Gus won't abandon him and something good will come out of this. Natalia and Frank walk out.

    Olivia rushes in and tells Natalia that she has a lawyer and PR person already set up and she will take care of this. Natalia snaps and tells her to take care of herself. She demands that Olivia go home and get herself checked out. Olivia bursts out laughing; Natalia is starting to sound like her and she is sounding like Natalia. "You make a lousy me," she says. After promising to be gentle, Olivia goes in to see Rafe and quickly calls him a "selfish, ungrateful little twit". She reminds him of everything his mother has done for him. If he wants out, he needs to listen to her and do as she says.

    I'm on top and You're the Bottom!

    Friday, August 22 2008

    At Harley's, Daisy is still annoyed that Rafe never called her while he was on the run. She's sure that he doesn't really love her. He asks her if she really believes that or if this is her way of telling him that she has a new guy. His mother calls him. She's awkward and tells him to meet her at the cottage that Gus bought them. She promises that he'll be safe there. Hanging up, Mallet compliments her on actually telling a believable lie. She feels awful, especially while she watches Mallet strap on his gun. "I feel like the worst mother in the world," she says. He tells her that there are no guarantees, but if Rafe turns himself in, things should be alright. He won't be going to juvie this time though. She's tempted to just send him back to Europe. He explains that there are cops and bounty hunters all over the world. She tries to have faith that everything will turn out. She wants to go along. He tries to talk her out of it but still lets her come along.

    Natalia arrives at the empty house. As she walks around, Rafe comes out of hiding. He tells her to trust him and informs her that he is leaving town with Daisy... though he hasn't asked her yet. The longer he waits, the more dangerous it gets, she says. She cries. He comforts her and tells her that he needs to go so that she won't lose him for good. Looking at her, he realizes that she's already turned him in. He backs away. She tries to explain and tells him that Daisy won't leave with him. She asks him to have faith that Nicky is watching them. He believes in Alan and Gus because they didn't betray him. He sees Mallet pull up out front and runs out the back door. After running through some fields, he collapses and calls Daisy. She tells Grady that she is talking to Ashlee. He walks out but eavesdrops. Rafe explains that his mother turned him in and he's on the run. She tells him to go to Harley's house and she'll meet him there. Getting off the phone, she tells Grady that she needs to go and see Ashlee. "You do what you need to do," he says as she leaves. "And so will I," he smiles to himself.

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