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    Guiding Light CAST - Rafael "Rafe" Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafael "Rafe" Rivera Played by E.J. Bonilla on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    EJ Bonilla

    Birthday: September 8
    Real Name: E.J. Bonilla


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    Rafe Makes a Choice.

    Thursday, October 02 2008

    Rafe and Natalia meet with their new lawyer at the prison. The lawyer hasn't been very well informed so far but goes over their options. He suggests that the deal they are being offered is good. Natalia refuses and dismisses him. After the lawyer leaves, Natalia tells her son that they still have options and she will get him a better lawyer.

    Buzz goes to visit Rafe in prison. They catch up on Daisy and then Rafe tells him how hard he's been working to defend himself. Sitting down, Buzz tells him that Natalia is desperate and might do some things to get herself in trouble. Rafe begs him to get her to stop. Buzz is sure that Gus would want his son to step up and be a man. He has some hard decisions to make and he needs to keep his mother in mind.

    As Natalia tries to drive off, her car breaks down. She runs into Towers and bumps into Matt. He offers to give her a lift. They drive over to the prison and she arrives just as Buzz is leaving. She gives him a hug and goes in to see her son. He tells her that God is still looking out for him. Outside of him, her faith is all she has, she says. She apologizes for not getting him another lawyer. He tells her to let it go. He'll take the deal. She begins to weep. He urges her to live her own life and trust him to make the right decision. "Making the right decision may not be easy but it's right," he says. In tears, she agrees to go along with his plan.

    Champagne Gives me Heartburn.

    Friday, September 26 2008

    While Natalia stands in the hall outside of Russo's office, Rafe calls. She's uncomfortable but takes it. They worry about each other; he wishes that she had more fun in her life. She promises to come and see him soon. The secretary leads her down to Vince's office. He soon arrives and closes the door behind him. She asks him what her son's chances are. He tells her that he knows how to play this game. After asking her to stay and discuss the bill, 'like adults', he sends his secretary home for the afternoon. He offers Natalia a 'pro bono' accommodation. Olivia calls to interrupt. He tells her that he's busy working out some kinks with Natalia and cuts the call short. That leaves Olivia worrying. Seeing that she's upset, Buzz drags her off to Cedars. Meanwhile, Vince takes Natalia's hand and asks her if it's 'true what they say about catholic girls'.

    Rafe calls Buzz to tell him what a hard time he is having in prison. He begs him not to say anything to his mom. Buzz tells him about his time in the army and how he didn't think he could live with some of the things he did. He always ran from his problems before, but now he's too old and too tired. Rafe worries about his mother. Buzz tells him she's just tired.

    Old man! Wake up!

    Monday, September 22 2008

    Natalia and Olivia wait at the prison. Rafe is brought in with a black eye. Natalia demands to know what happened. Rafe won't answer. Olivia snaps and tells him to show his mother some respect. He doesn't want her to worry but admits that things can get scary. Natalia tells him about the lawyer they got him. The guard announces that time is up. She tells her son to be careful. He's sure that Gus will look out for him. He's taken away. Olivia wonders if he still believes in Alan's visions. Natalia still hasn't told him about Alan's problems. As for herself, she just believes in God now. She decides it's time to go and see Rafe's attorney.

    Freaks and Idiots.

    Tuesday, September 16 2008

    Daisy goes to the prison to meet Rafe. He's shown into the visiting room. She apologizes. They ramble through an awkward conversation. She tells him that she's broken up with Grady. He's happy to hear it. She thinks that she's the only person who understood him. Rafe's sure Grady just went crazy after she dumped him, that's what happened to him. "Daisy, I love you," he admits. The guard ends the conversation and takes him back to his cell.

    A Room at Ravenwood.

    Tuesday, September 09 2008

    At the station, Natalia thanks Frank for managing to keep Rafe at the local jail. He doesn't know how much longer he can do that. She goes in to see her son. He tells her that his staying in there is the best thing for everyone right now. She's proud of his faith and hands him some books. He hopes that Alan will come to visit him.

    Alan slips into the jail to visit Rafe and Natalia. He tells him that he has a blood clot in his brain and the doctors think this may have caused his visions. He suggests that the family is being tested to prove their worth. Natalia thanks him for coming. Alan walks out and Lizzie finds him outside of the boarding house. "This is where it started," he explains. He fell down these stairs and began his relationship with Gus. She jokes that they keep a room on hold for them at Ravenwood. He'd gladly stay there to be with Gus. He's messed up with his other sons, but there is still hope for them. Gus, however, gives him a kind of unconditional love; a joy he has never known. Why would he want to give that up? She wishes there was another way to make him better, but there isn't. Although she can never be the son he's lost, she can forgive him and love him the way she did when she was little. Maybe they can have something just as strong as what he has with Gus? "You're more than I deserve," he says. "Please don't leave me alone," she cries. They join hands and he agrees to go through with the surgery.

    Natalia goes to see her son and promises him that she will get him out of this. He asks her if she still believes in Gus. "Of course I believe," she says. Frank announces it's time. They take Rafe off. She cries.

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