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    Guiding Light CAST - Cyrus Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cyrus Foley Played by Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Murray bartlett

    Birthday: March 20, 1968
    Real Name: Murray Bartlett


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    Busy Day At Burger Land?

    Friday, June 05 2009

    Frank goes to see Cyrus in the kitchen. He tells him how busy the department is these days and how Mallet's workload is driving Marina nuts. Cyrus rushes back out to the dining room to fill the sugar shakers. Christina comes in and Remy soon follows. Marina complains about how hectic her life is and Cyrus tries to get information about the latest case. She's not helpful. As they head into the kitchen, Frank sits down with Remy and asks him if he's found any leads on the jewels. He gets a call from his dad and hurries off.

    Remy returns to Company and Frank hands him the latest information he got about the stolen diamonds. Marina suggests that they ask Cyrus for help. Frank likes that idea and offers to put Cyrus on retainer. Remy objects but Frank is sure that this is a good idea and tells Remy to shake hands with his new partner. Cyrus smiles.

    There's Nothing To Fix.

    Wednesday, June 03 2009

    Cyrus is on the phone with Natasha. She's eager to get Edmund's diamonds. Cyrus assures that they will but he has to work on his cover right now. He walks into Company to see Buzz. He's looking for a job. Buzz tells him that Marina's the new boss and starts laughing. They see Marina come in. Cyrus slowly walks over and tells her that he needs a job. She agrees to take him on. Buzz is shocked. Cyrus calls Natasha to tell her the news.

    Cyrus shows up outside the station to say hello to Frank and offers to try and make up for the past. When he tells him that he's working at Company now, Frank isn't too thrilled. Cyrus begins asking him about the murder case but Frank won't say anything. Cyrus walks into the station and bumps into Dinah. She paces around the station. She begins badgering Mallet for details. He tells her that he just got a search warrant.

    Remy and Christina go over to Towers. She asks to see the diamond again and smiles at it. Doyle arrives to buy the diamond. Doyle checks it out and talks about how exquisite it is. They hand off cash and Doyle leaves. The couple is thrilled to see how much cash it is. Frank surprises them. Remy panics, but Frank doesn't actually know what's going on. He asks for a minute alone with Remy and tells him that San Cristobal are saying that Edmund stole the crown jewels and they have to be on the lookout for them. "Your job is to go out and find those gems," Frank tells him. As they walk out, they bump into Cyrus and then hop into the elevator.

    Cyrus meets with Natasha. He tells her that he's got a job and is sure to find the jewels. She doesn't seem impressed.

    You're A Big Boy Now.

    Tuesday, June 02 2009

    Natasha and Cyrus arrive about three miles from Springfield. She throws him his jacket and tells him he can walk the rest of the way. She drives away.

    Buzz is in the graveyard talking to Coop's gravestone. Cyrus approaches and surprises him. He explains that he hasn't found a trace of Grady but he's come back to regroup. Cyrus admits that Springfield is the only place he's been that felt like home. Buzz welcomes him home.

    Cyrus shows up at the Coopers'. He tells Daisy that he hasn't found Grady, but he's sure that she's better off without him. Natalia walks in and welcomes Cyrus back before asking where Rafe is. "He's with Uncle Frank," Daisy says.

    As Cyrus walks down the street, Natasha calls him and urges him to hurry up with their plan. He needs more time, he claims.

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