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    Guiding Light CAST - Cyrus Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cyrus Foley Played by Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Murray bartlett

    Birthday: March 20, 1968
    Real Name: Murray Bartlett


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    My Drama Meter Is Tapped Out!

    Wednesday, June 17 2009

    Cyrus sits in Company wondering what to do next. Natasha calls to threaten him again. He sighs and wonders what to do. He goes to the bank and asks them to let him check out security tapes. He soon discovers footage of Remy with the diamonds.

    We're Going To Set me Up.

    Tuesday, June 16 2009

    At Company, Cyrus gets a call from Natasha. She issues more threats. He slips back to work and Christina quizzes him on how things are working out with Remy. Cyrus returns the favor and asks her how things are working out between she and Remy. She gushes about the big diamond he flashed her. Something clicks for Cyrus.

    Cyrus and Remy stop by Company for coffee. Clayton walks in and tells Cyrus how wonderful his son is. He brags about how his son paid down his mortgage. Now his money in the fund is back and he hands his son a check. After Clayton leaves, Cyrus tells Remy that what he did for his dad was pretty incredible.

    Cyrus and Remy are doing the rounds. Cyrus begins asking him about the diamond and all of the things he's done lately. "I have a feeling that you're going to lead us right to the diamonds," Cyrus says.

    Cyrus calls Natasha and tells her that he's close to the diamonds. When he meets up with Remy again, Remy says he knows that he's already onto him.

    I Can Be Very Persuasive.

    Monday, June 08 2009

    Natasha cat calls at Cyrus when he takes his shirt off in the park. They flirtily taunt each other and she repeats her demand that he find her diamonds. He tells her that the SPD has hired him to help find the diamonds. She finds that odd since he's a criminal. "I can be very persuasive," he says.

    As Remy walks to the park, his father calls him to thank him again and offers to set up a way to pay him back. He runs over to Frank and Cyrus. Frank gives them a list of pawnshops and gem dealers in town. Cyrus picks through the list and knocks half the names off. Frank thinks this could work out after all. After Frank leaves, Cyrus makes suggestions and thinks that they should go after Doyle. Remy nervously says they should split up. As Remy wanders off alone, Lizzie walks by. She sits down and tells him about her brother being arrested and he tells her that his dad was one of the people James ripped off.

    Cyrus goes to see Doyle. He tells Cyrus that he got an unusual stone the other day from someone who had no idea of what he had. After giving him all of the details except for Remy's name, he says he's sure that there must be more of those stones around.

    Cyrus shows up at Company. Christina chats with him and begins quizzing him about how he used to steal from people. He demonstrates by putting his hands on her face and steals her earrings. While she smiles, Remy comes in and interrupts. She walks off to the kitchen and Cyrus tells him what he got from Doyle. Frank calls and tells Remy that he can cut Cyrus loose. Remy's decided that it would be best if he kept his eyes on Cyrus from now on.

    Busy Day At Burger Land?

    Friday, June 05 2009

    Cyrus is stumbling around Company with dishes. Marina tells him that he's the worst busboy in history. Natasha knocks on the window and he runs outside. "Busy day at burger land?" she asks. She wants her diamonds and if she doesn't get them, he'll be the next person to be fished out of the river. She offers to help relieve his stress. "I try not to get involved with women who threaten to kill me," he says. Frank walks by and goes inside. He asks his daughter how Cyrus is working out. He gets a call to say that Bill has been arrested. Cyrus comes back in and Marina shakes her head as he cleans the floor.

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