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    Guiding Light CAST - Cyrus Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cyrus Foley Played by Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Murray bartlett

    Birthday: March 20, 1968
    Real Name: Murray Bartlett


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    A Matter of When

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    After the ceremony, Matt toasts to the bride and groom. Vanessa says that her little girl has really grown up. Dinah tells them that she never wants to hurt them... an odd statement that she tries to put down to the champagne. Mallet carries her back over her threshold and drops her on the bed. He puts on some music and they start to dance. She thinks to herself: The old Dinah Marler would have set her dress on fire, the new Dinah Mallet won't let anyone come between her and her prince. They kiss and pass on to bed. She lays awake as he sleeps and then she climbs out of bed and walks into the hall where Cyrus waits for her. Turning back inside, she lays beside Mallet again. She's sorry for what she'll have to do to her mother, but she loves her husband.

    Dropping His Cool

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    Dinah wakes up in bed to notice her missing bracelet is back. Rolling over, she asks the man in the bed to wake up... 'it's gonna be a good day.' 'You promise?' the man answers. But it isn't Mallet in her bed, it's Cyrus. She tries to convince herself that this is a dream as he begins telling her that she owes him. Suddenly, she wakes up. It was a dream after all. She wakes drowsy Mallet up and tells him that they should get out of town right away. They rise up and dress when he gets a call from the governor. Smiling and thanking them, he hangs up the phone and announces, excitedly, that he's been appointed to the new crime commission. She begins to cry, remembering the letter that her father left her saying that he was a good man. Things are going so well for them now, she's afraid that they will get screwed up. He doesn't see any reason why things can't get better and better. She tells him that her bracelet is gone, then covers and says that she just had to take it to the jewelers to be repaired. After kissing him goodbye, he promises her that she'll have a normal life with him and leaves for work.

    At Company, Cyrus begins teasing Marina while she does a crossword puzzle. She tells him that she will be watching him until he gets busted with 'the loot.' Barely stifling his laughter, he invites her to breakfast. He begins suggesting that she might be suited to other work; he'd love to see her in an apron. When he goes into the men's room, she stands guard at the door, although he invites her in. After a long time, Buzz comes by and asks her why she is waiting there. Buzz checks inside and sees that Cyrus is gone. Marina isn't bothered; she slipped a tracking device in his pocket when he wasn't looking. Using her tracking device, she travels down Main Street until she bumps into Mallet. He's not impressed about what she's up to, but Marina tries to convince him that Cyrus is a threat to him and Dinah. Unconvinced, he knows Dinah has a lot of baggage, but he just wants to push on with his life. After telling her that he's been put on the crime commission, she hugs him in congratulations and her tracking signal comes back.

    Cyrus runs into Dinah's room and tells her that Marina put a tracking bug on him, but he threw her off. This isn't a game for him; he actually cares about winning and he won't let her forget their past together and what she owes him. She asks him to pass on some good karma and let them both have a clean start. He agrees and tells her that there may be something she can do to speed up his exit...but she will need to be his partner for a little while first. He needs her to swipe some jewelery he saw at the police station so that he'll have travel money, but he's keeping her bracelet. Handing her a plan, he walks out just as Maria strides down the hall. She begins questioning him until Dinah walks out and asks her to make the creep get lost. As Dinah walks away, Marina tells Cyrus that she's taking him back to the station where he has an appointment with a broom.

    Dinah goes down to police headquarters and asks a cop to dig up a file for her. When he leaves, she searches for the jewelery box that Cyrus asked her to swipe. As she grabs it and turns, Mallet almost runs into her. Spotting Marina and Cyrus, she slips the box into Mallet's jacket and tells him that is where Cyrus stashed his jewels. Cyrus watches the whole exchange and, when Marina brings him his broom, he 'quits' and walks out.

    In the Picture

    Tuesday, March 20 2007

    Marina has her gun drawn on Cyrus as he tries to wipe some jewelry. He slowly walks up to her and puts his finger on the lip of the gun. 'Wouldn't shoot me now...messy,' he says as she stares, rather agog at the suave Australian. Marina renews her threats and he backs off. She says that he's a regular Clyde Barrow and things didn't end well for him. Cyrus thinks there are worse ways to go, like rotting in prison. She's ready to take him into custody, but he tries to tell her that he is simply there as Dinah's guest. After asking her name, he smiles and offers his hands to be cuffed.

    On main Street, Dinah runs into Remy who wants to know why she hasn't called him. Mallet interrupts and takes Dinah away. They return to her room and find the door open. Mallet tours the room with his gun out before she follows him in. Seeing that it's clear, they start making out when there is a knock at the door. It's Marina and Cyrus. She tells them that she caught him going through Dinah's stuff. Dinah is reluctant to admit that she knows Cyrus, but Mallet recognizes him, congratulates Marina on a good job and tells her to take him down. However, Dinah feigns suddenly remembering him and gives Cyrus a hug. While they pretend a happy reunion, Marina and Mallet aren't sure what to do. Dinah explains that she knew Cyrus is Europe while she was on the run. She introduces him to Mallet, but Cyrus is more interested in getting his cuffs off. Marina remembers the smiley face they found and Mallet starts questioning him on what he wants in town. 'Your girlfriend,' Cyrus answers before adding that he's looking for help. Marina finally uncuffs him while he explains that he needs Dinah's help to clean up his act. He would love the opportunity to be part of her show. Dinah walks away from him to stand by Mallet while Marina announces that she has a job for him. Before leaving, Cyrus kisses Dinah's hand and tells Mallet that he's 'admirably tall' before walking out with Marina. Mallet suspects that none of this was a real surprise for Dinah. As he prods her for answers, she glibly confesses that she knew Cyrus was in town and after her. Mallet gets upset and clings to her, begging her to tell him that she's through with Cyrus. She isn't going anywhere, she says, before realizing that her bracelet was swiped.

    Remy goes down to the station and, while he waits around, he grabs a perp when he tries to escape. Frank appears and thanks him. After an act like that, it should be easy to convince the commissioner to give him his job back. Remy doesn't want it though, not after everyone stabbed him in the back and only Josh seems to understand justice. Frank tells him that he's a good cop and he needs a job. When Remy refuses again, Frank takes the offer off the table: Remy's passion obviously isn't for the job. Later, Marina brings Cyrus down to the police station. He thought that he was there for a job. He is, she says, before getting him a broom. She wants him to be the new janitor. There's no better way to get on the straight and narrow than being surrounded by cops all day, she tells him. As he sweeps, he stops to look at the bracelet he swiped from Dinah and smiles.

    Two Years

    Monday, March 19 2007

    Walking down the hallway of the Beacon, Dinah tries to pull herself together when she goes in to visit Vanessa. Cyrus appears with coffee; he expected that she would be tipping off her mother that he was in town. Dinah reluctantly knocks and Vanessa opens, instantly appalled to see Cyrus standing with her daughter. She tells Matt to kill him if he moves. Walking into the room, Cyrus apologizes for the rotten things that he's done, but he's paid his debt to society. He re-evaluated his life while he was in prison; he no longer wants to be a shallow hedonist and has no hard feelings toward them for sending him to prison. He asks only that they try and forgive him and gives them champagne for a toast. When he toasts to Matt and Vanessa's new business venture, he suggests that they let him in on it. Vanessa would sooner stick a piece of glass in her eye. Matt isn't buying this act and needs some proof, but there is no proof great enough to convince them that Cyrus is a changed man. Cyrus won't give up; he puts his arm around Dinah to escort her away. Dinah tells her mother that everything is fine and leaves with him. Cyrus is smug and flirty. Dinah breaks away from him and he takes a key card from his pocket smiling.

    At police headquarters, Marina is still upset that she let Cyrus slip through her fingers. Mallet wants her to concentrate on finding Josh's gun, but she finds it difficult. They reach a dead end and decide to go out shopping for Dinah. Marina suggests they try jewelry and they go down to the store that Cyrus robbed. He quickly notices that she isn't looking for a gift, she's looking at the security system. Mallet is still reluctant to believe that Cyrus did the job because he didn't leave his normal calling card. While he continues shopping, Marina searches around and finds one of Cyrus' smiley faces. Later, Mallet meets with Dinah and gives her a present. She feels like she doesn't deserve something so perfect. The only thing that he can offer her is routine, which is what she needs. He'll never ask her to be what she's not; she makes him happy. Meanwhile, Cyrus uses the key card he stole to sneak into a room. As he searches through bags of jewels, the lights come on. He turns to find Marina pointing a gun at him.

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