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    Guiding Light CAST - Cyrus Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cyrus Foley Played by Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Murray bartlett

    Birthday: March 20, 1968
    Real Name: Murray Bartlett


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    Bill And Lizzie Get Married.

    Monday, July 13 2009

    Remy and Christina are teasing each other about how they would only ever get married if they were drunk. Remy and Cyrus walk over to Rick's car with Buzz and Matt so they can get beer cans to tie to the bride and groom's car. Rick's trunk is full of rotting food.

    Remy saunters over to Christina with some champagne. They drink and begin dancing, leaving Cyrus and Mel alone. He tells her she needs some lessons in trouble and asks her to dance.

    I Feel Very Blessed.

    Friday, July 03 2009

    Remy's car breaks down so he, Christina, and his sisters have to get a ride with Cyrus. Mel can hardly recognize him with his clothes on.

    The Boudreaus and Cyrus arrive at the picnic. Leah puts a chef's hat on Rick. Mel cringes as Rick walks toward her. She cozies up to Cyrus and then leaves with him to play croquet.

    Not Today.

    Friday, June 26 2009

    Cyrus tells Remy how ruthless the people who want the diamonds are and how much danger they are both in. Remy still wants to go to the cops but Cyrus is sure they'll both end up dead or in jail. Remy gets an idea for how to catch Natasha. Cyrus is impressed. "You'd make an excellent criminal," he says. They cuff Remy, who then asks Cyrus to punch him. He laughs and does it. "How often do I get the chance to punch a cop?" he asks. Remy gets into the back and they drive off as Christina watches in the distance. She panics and follows them.

    Cyrus takes Remy to Natasha. She's happy to see the diamonds and tells him to kill the cop. Cyrus pulls a gun on her and Remy slips the cuffs off but Christina runs in before they can arrest Natasha. She grabs Christina. They tell her that they're under surveillance and then Cyrus and Remy begin arguing. Cyrus grabs Remy and then all four of them struggle until Cyrus throws Natasha against the wall. They arrest her. Frank comes and takes her away. He tells them that the case is closed and Cyrus covers for Remy. Christina tells them to take a shower. As they walk away, Cyrus stands back to count the diamonds he swiped.

    How Long?

    Thursday, June 25 2009

    Buzz is in the kitchen arguing with his oven. Cyrus comes in and fixes it before leaving to take a call. It's Natasha demanding her diamonds. He tells her that he knows who has them.

    Remy flushes the diamonds down the toilet and then sits down with Christina. He feels relaxed and satisfied. Now he wonders how he can solve this case when there is no longer any evidence. She gets called away. Once she leaves, Cyrus arrives. He shows him the surveillance photo he got and demands the diamonds. Remy says he doesn't have them. Cyrus explains that the people who want them would kill for them. Taking him into the bathroom, Remy explains that he flushed them. They try digging in the pipes with a wire but have no luck.

    Remy and Cyrus head to the sewer plant. They argue about what to do and Cyrus begins stripping. Remy follows and they leap in. After they swim around, they get out and hose each other down until Mel shows up. They tell her they don't want her to know what they've been doing. She smiles at Cyrus and shakes his hand, inviting him to the barbecue. As she walks away, Cyrus says she's a beautiful woman but he'll be dead before he gets to do anything. Remy pulls out the diamonds and dangles them in his face. Remy says he's giving them to the cops. Cyrus wants them but Remy thinks he's scamming him.

    My Drama Meter Is Tapped Out!

    Wednesday, June 17 2009

    As Remy and Cyrus walk, the Australian tells him not to be so hard on himself for giving in to temptation. Remy leads him not to the diamonds, but to a secret card game. Remy introduces him around and then tells Cyrus that he got the money to help his father from gambling. They sit down and play. They have a good time and Cyrus tells Remy that he can teach him how to cheat. Remy goes back to his friends alone and thanks them; he's sure that Cyrus bought their charade. He pays them back and leaves.

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