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    Guiding Light CAST - Cyrus Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cyrus Foley Played by Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Murray bartlett

    Birthday: March 20, 1968
    Real Name: Murray Bartlett


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    Tuesday, July 21 2009

    Daisy goes to see Cyrus in the cells and asks him why he hates her family so much. He says he was trying to pay them back and doesn't usually get caught. She says that they are worse off now than ever before and he needs to stay away from them. She goes into the courtroom and runs into Remy. When she complains about Cyrus, Remy makes excuses for him but she's unconvinced.

    Buzz goes to see Cyrus in the cells. Cyrus apologizes. Buzz understands what he was doing and says this is as much his own fault.

    The Son I Was Meant To Have.

    Monday, July 20 2009

    Remy goes into Company and grabs Cyrus. He tells him that the Feds are looking for the diamonds that went missing. Buzz comes out and begins talking about how wonderful his new stove is. Daisy wonders who sent the stove and suggests it must have been the same person who sent her a check for college. "I have a feeling that person knows they did something great," Remy says, looking at Cyrus. She talks to Cyrus about the check and how she never got to cash it.

    Cyrus goes to the graveyard to see Buzz. "How do you hold on with so much loss?" Buzz wonders. Since he lost Coop, he hasn't felt the same about anything. Cyrus tells him that he can help him feel connected again. He explains that Coop was doing research for a biography he was going to write of Jenna. He'd wanted to finish it for Buzz as a Christmas gift.

    It's Too Late.

    Wednesday, July 15 2009

    Outside Company, Remy tells Cyrus that he tried to be married but got divorced and then wound up spending all of his time with his ex-wife. He knows marrying someone drunk is wrong but she's the girl for him.

    Buzz, Frank and Cyrus arrive at the courthouse and begin searching for Remy and Christina to stop them. As Christina signs the papers, Remy leaps into the courtroom and tells her how much he loves her. He doesn't know why they've been so afraid but he's not afraid anymore. "You're my wife and I will not allow you to sign those papers," he says. She admits that she loves him too and is ready to be his wife. Mel wants to hear their vows. Remy tells Christina that she makes him feel like he can take on the world and he promises to love and protect her forever. She tells him that she's always lived a straight and safe life... until she met him and started doing crazy things. She wants it all and wants it with him. They hug and he carries her out. Everyone claps.

    The Morning After.

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    Mel wakes up in bed only to find Cyrus walking out of the bathroom brushing his teeth. He tells her that he ordered her some room service. She ought to eat something after all she drank last night. As he gets dressed, he explains that they drank a lot and danced a sensuous hokey pokey until he wound up driving her home. He stayed to make sure that she was okay, but he slept on the couch. She's embarrassed. Nothing like this has happened to her before. "Then you should be embarrassed. You should get out more," he says.

    At Company, Daisy berates her hung over grandfather for spending the whole wedding making out with Lillian. She'll probably need therapy now. They talk about Jeffrey. Buzz is pretty sure he's dead. He advises her to take whatever life has to offer her. Shayne, Dinah, Marina, Cyrus and Mel all file in for coffee. They hand out rice as they spot Christian and Remy walking in. As the couple is pelted with rice, they ask what's going on. "You two were married last night," Cyrus explains.

    Cyrus walks outside when he sees Dinah. She asks him for a gun. He's reluctant but gives her a number for a guy.

    Outside, Remy waits for his sister. Cyrus isn't convinced that he was all that drunk at the wedding. Remy admits that he wasn't, but he doesn't think Christina would have married him otherwise.

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