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    Guiding Light CAST - Cyrus Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cyrus Foley Played by Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Murray bartlett

    Birthday: March 20, 1968
    Real Name: Murray Bartlett


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    Pink Lemonade.

    Friday, August 28 2009

    Daisy sits with Rafe outside of Company and tells him about Cyrus. She invites him in to join the 'family reunion'. Inside, Buzz is showing pictures of his trip to the family. Frank cringes and walks away from them. Blake follows him and he tells her he doesn't want Cyrus in his family. Remy comes in with flowers but Christina isn't impressed.

    Cyrus and Marina talk about how weird this situation is, but, after the past few weeks, she's learned to deal with whatever gets thrown at her. Cyrus pulls Remy aside and they toast. Daisy comes next and he asks her if she is okay with all of this. She says that Coop would have liked it. In the kitchen, Buzz thanks Lillian and they kiss. Frank interrupts by calling everyone out so Rafe can announce that he's enlisted. Everyone claps. Buzz takes Rafe aside and tells him he understands. The choice he made makes him a man and he's sure his father would be proud of him. As Rafe goes to play poker, Lillian hugs Buzz and tells him they all need to hold onto each other.

    Cyrus Is Jenna's Son.

    Thursday, August 27 2009

    Cyrus and Remy are in Australia. They bicker as they head off to a house. As Cyrus peers in the window, Buzz surprises him. He screams at him for betraying him. Remy runs over and Buzz tells him to arrest Cyrus. Remy explains that Cyrus only wants to help, not steal from him. Cyrus explains that he didn't ask him to come because he didn't want him to be disappointed. "Let's start digging," Buzz says. They dig and soon find a box. Cyrus cracks it open and Buzz finds a chain inside. It's a dog tag. As he reads the numbers on it out loud, Cyrus is shocked. He shows him his dog tags. The numbers are identical. He tells them that Grady's tags were fake. He'd met him at the orphanage and adopted him as his brother. Grady never knew the truth. They also find a note in the box. It says that Jenna was pregnant when she was sent to Australia and had to give her son to the orphanage. The matching dog tag was left with her son. She planned one day to find him. "You are Jenna's son," Buzz says. He hugs Cyrus. He's eager to tell the whole family that he is a Cooper.

    That Sneaky Olivia.

    Monday, August 24 2009

    Cyrus reads Jenna's diary note about buried treasure and then wakes up Remy. He tells him that Jenna lived in Australia and left a treasure behind. He thinks they should go get it. Remy laughs. He's reluctant to go but Cyrus explains that whatever he finds, if there is anything, will all go to Buzz and his family.

    In Company, Christina reads the diary out loud to Buzz. Daisy interrupts them to send her grandpa back to work. She gets a text from James. Christina teases her. Buzz goes back to reading as Lillian arrives. Frank comes in and thanks Lillian for referring a doctor to Natalia. She congratulates him on the baby. Cyrus comes in after ripping a page out of the diary. He places it in the pile and tells Buzz that he is leaving the country but will come back.

    Take Your Cookies And Go Home.

    Friday, August 21 2009

    At Company, Buzz and Cyrus are sorting though their box of stuff when Mel arrives with some legal paperwork for Cyrus to sign. He's now a free man. After she leaves, Buzz repeats to his son that he's not going to dump the Jenna stuff. Frank has other things to worry about... like Natalia. Buzz doesn't think it's much of a problem. She arrives and Buzz makes himself scarce. Frank admits to her that he's still not sure he wants her raising the baby with Olivia.

    Mel brings the cookies to Cyrus and wishes him a happy birthday. He thanks her and doesn't know how he can thank her for everything else she's done. She grabs him and kisses him, then apologizes. She's wanted to do that for a long time. He thanks her. "This is the best birthday I've had for a very long time," he says. When they get on the bed, it breaks. She thinks they should just have cookies. He tells her she's cute and she asks him about his dogtags. He tells her about his mom and then asks to taste her cookies. She nervously runs for the door. He calls and arranges a flight to Australia.

    Remembering Max.

    Friday, August 14 2009

    Buzz and Cyrus go to the CBS studio looking for a train station. They go inside and ask about the train and then ask if they can go in and look around. Cyrus tries to pretend they have an appointment but it doesn't work. When they step out, the janitor stops them and says that this used to be a train station. A lot of the old stuff is in the basement. He offers to show it to them. When they get inside, they split up to search. Eventually they join up and find the locker they were looking for. The combination they found in the hotel still works. Inside the locker is a suitcase full of Jenna's things.

    You Ruined Us.

    Thursday, August 13 2009

    Cyrus and Buzz are on the bus to New York. Cyrus urges him to sleep. While he's sleeping, Blake calls Cyrus and asks him to take notes on everything. As Buzz sleeps, Jenna appears to him. He wakes up as she kisses him. Cyrus sleeps across the aisle and Jenna visits him, tipping him off about where they should go.

    In New York, Buzz and Cyrus go to the dive where Jenna stayed. Inside, they look at the room she lived in and the walls she stared at. Cyrus spots some numbers written on the window sill. He assumes they could be a combination for a lock.

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