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    Guiding Light CAST - Cyrus Foley - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cyrus Foley Played by Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Murray bartlett

    Birthday: March 20, 1968
    Real Name: Murray Bartlett


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    I Can Find It.

    Monday, March 09 2009

    Lizzie arrives at the station to see Frank. She tells him that Grady kidnapped her and plays the message. Frank is amazed. She shows him a text message she got as well. When Frank is distracted by a call, Lizzie wanders off with Cyrus following her. "Daisy," Frank says to himself.

    At the mansion, Lizzie fires Cyrus for betraying her. He did it because Grady is his brother. She slaps him, realizing that he must have known that he was her kidnapper all along. Before she can walk out, he asks her to let him help her. It could be the last chance he has to help his brother. She thinks he sucks at keeping his brother out of trouble. He continues chasing her around the mansion and tells her that he values their friendship, offering again to help her find Bill. They go out to his car and start to drive. When they get to the end of the lawn, a truck pulls up. Bill climbs out. Lizzie runs out to him and they kiss.

    One of Those Sappy Girl Movies.

    Friday, March 06 2009

    Lizzie meets with Cyrus by the side of the road. She tells him that she just tried threatening his brother and now she needs his help. He tells her that all she needs is money to get what she wants from Grady. She's tried paying him to leave before and he's still around. Cyrus says he needs a real payoff. She offers to get him a million dollars within the hour. He's thrilled. She drives off. He calls his brother and tells him the deal. Grady calls Daisy and tells her that he just came into some money. He wants to take her out to Towers and then to The Beacon for a night of sex. "Uh... okay," she says.

    Cyrus goes to see Daisy. He tells her that she's asked a lot of Grady and he hopes that, one day, she can get what she wants. "You're being weird," she says. "I'm Australian," he answers. She still thinks that Grady can become respected.

    Cyrus runs into his brother on the road. He rants at him for bungling the deal he just set up. Neither of them wants to go but they can't stay. Cyrus loves his brother and he can't watch him ruin his life. "I need Daisy," Grady says. "And I need you to stay alive," Cyrus says, hugging his brother.

    Cyrus finds Lizzie sitting outside of the mansion. She tells him that she knows that Grady was her kidnapper. She can't believe how stupid she's been and worries that Grady must have done something to Bill.

    That Doesn't Make Any Sense.

    Thursday, March 05 2009

    Lizzie walks into Alan's office and starts playing the kidnapper's message again. Cyrus arrives and tells her that she should stop doing that. She wants to take the recording to the police. Phillip eavesdrops in the hall while Lizzie tells Cyrus that she is surrounded by kidnappers and one is still trying to get her. Phillip walks in. Cyrus wants to leave but Lizzie asks him to stay. He promises she will be okay and leaves. Phillip offers to take her to the station. She avoids him. Beth walks in on the awkward moment to say that Mindy is flying in. Lizzie runs off. Beth tells Phillip that their daughter has had a hard time for the last few years. "All of our lives are falling apart because Alan has control over everything," she claims. "Not anymore," he says.

    Grady chases after Daisy. He tells her that he will testify against Alan... for her. They kiss and she thanks him before taking him to Cedars to tell Buzz his decision. Once they tell him, Buzz thinks that this will make Grady a hero. He warns them that Alan will fight hard. Grady's willing to take that risk for Daisy. Buzz shakes his hand and tells him he's doing the right thing. Cyrus sticks his head in and orders his brother out. In the hall, he tells him about how Lizzie listens to the message constantly. He thinks he should leave town right now. Grady explains that he is going over to the good side and is turning on Alan. "You are so stupid," Cyrus says. Grady is sure he can handle this. He turns around and sends Lizzie another threat.

    Cyrus runs into Lizzie in the parking lot. She shows him the latest message she got. She starts to wonder how long her dad has really been back and guesses that he must be the kidnapper. "That doesn't make any sense," Cyrus says. It makes perfect sense to her. She rushes into Cedars to talk to Alan and Cyrus calls his brother to tell him that they need to leave. "Don't worry," Grady says.

    Daisy is telling Grady how well everything is going. Cyrus walks over and tells his brother he can't testify. Alan will have him killed before it can happen. Daisy walks away. Cyrus threatens to dump his brother with Bill. Alan calls and threatens Grady for threatening Lizzie. Grady threatens him back and Alan hangs up. Cyrus tells his brother again that they have to leave town.

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