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    Guiding Light CAST - Doris Wolfe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Doris Wolfe Played by Orlagh Cassidy on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Orlagh Cassidy

    Birthday: August 17, 1967
    Birthplace: Washington D.C.
    Marital Status: Married with two sons
    Real Name: Orlagh Cassidy


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    What Kind of Man Jumps Bail?

    Tuesday, December 16 2008

    Doris returns to her office. Ashlee asks her if she fired Grady. She didn't; she actually likes him — he reminds her of someone. "Who? Crocodile Dundee?" Ashlee asks. Doris explains that he's just like a boy she knew in high school, an exchange student who she once saw defend an outcast. Doris used to flirt with him and ride his motorcycle and... but he didn't fit into her plans. She still thinks about him sometimes. "Maybe he would have been your father," she tells Ashlee. "I want you to live your life and not be afraid," Doris says. Ashlee tells her that she is dating and has a life. Still worried, Doris says that she doesn't want her to hide from life like she did.

    I Always Look Forward.

    Monday, December 15 2008

    Ashlee takes Grady to Doris at the courthouse. She reminds her mother that he saved her from a mugger and asks her to give him a chance. Doris isn't pleased. Ashlee offers to have dinner with her once a week in public and suggests that rehabilitating Grady could be a great story for her. Doris cringes, unsure what Grady would be good at. She turns to him and asks him what he can do. He thought she could tell him. After sending Ashlee off, Doris explains that sometimes she needs someone who can improvise and solve problems. She gives him a hypothetical situation. He suggests she try blackmail. That sounds good to her. She hires him, explaining that he'll soon be briefed on the case against Bill. "This could be interesting after all," he says with a smile.

    It Doesn't Change My Mind.

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    After Lizzie goes in to testify to the grand jury, Alan bribes a cop to sneak him in. He hides and listens as Lizzie takes the stand. She talks about how Bill could not have faked his feelings for her and she is confident that he had nothing to do with the crime. Doris tears into her, but Lizzie insists that this is a frame up. Doris suddenly enters the coat into evidence. Lizzie is shocked because she had the evidence suppressed. Doris explains that the decision was reversed and asks Lizzie why she was so desperate to destroy it.

    Alan meets Lizzie when she walks out. She worries that she lost it in the courtroom. She thinks she may have even made herself sound guilty. Alan urges her to go home. She wants to return to Bill to explain what's happened. After she leaves, Doris comes out and meets with Alan. He feels bad for what's happened to Lizzie. Doris promises him that Bill will be out of Lizzie's life soon and she will have a high profile conviction. She tells him that she has a bottle of champagne chilling already. He doesn't want to celebrate breaking his granddaughter in two. The jury files back into the courtroom.

    Lizzie returns to Bill's bedside at Cedars. She tells him how hard she tried but how everything went wrong. When she turns on the TV, she sees Doris giving a press conference announcing that Bill is being charged and will face up to 20 years in prison. Lizzie breaks into tears.

    Buying the Cow.

    Monday, November 24 2008

    In her office Doris is furious when she learns that evidence has been suppressed. She throws a press conference, telling the journalists that she is only seeking justice. Lizzie and Alan show up. Lizzie accuses her of trying to railroad Bill and asks her why she won't allow her to testify. Doris sends the reporters away. Lizzie wants answers to her questions. Doris thinks Lizzie's feelings are getting in the way and says she can get an indictment without the coat. Lizzie continues to be defensive but Doris tries to brush her off. Lizzie begs her to let her go on the stand. "Those doors are going to stay closed," Doris says. Lizzie and Alan walk out. She cries and repeats that she knows Bill is innocent and just needs a chance to prove it. Now she has to go home to Bill's empty bed, not knowing if they will ever share it again. She goes home and he returns to Doris' office.

    Spartacus was Guilty.

    Friday, November 21 2008

    At Towers, Ashlee tells Doris about what happened to her today. Doris hugs her and is thrilled that she is okay. Then she wonders how she can spin this. How can the 'law and order' mayor's daughter be attacked in broad daylight? It's not good for her image so she decides to show how tough on crime she really is by prosecuting Bill.

    Am I Smarter?

    Thursday, November 20 2008

    Ashlee goes to Company to see her mother. "What do you do when your friend is with the wrong guy?" she asks. Doris needs a few more details and assumes that Ashlee is really talking about herself and Coop. Ashlee insists that she has no problem; there is just a guy she has problems with and she hates him. Doris begins complaining about her problems as mayor and then things turn back to Ashlee's problems. Doris tells her not to get involved in her friend's problems. She married Alan knowing who he was and believing she could fix him. Women put the blinders on, she adds. Ashlee interprets this as meaning that her friend knows her boyfriend is bad but needs someone to tell her. "Tell Daisy I wish her luck," Doris says.

    Over my Dead Body and Yours.

    Thursday, September 25 2008

    Natalia groans while she watches Doris giving a press conference about youth crime. Doris uses Rafe as a poster boy for youth crime and announces that she is creating a special task force dedicated to youth crime. Vince Russo calls and tells Natalia that he's just seen the press conference and he can help her.

    Daisy and Ashlee meet up at Towers. Daisy still blames herself for Rafe being in jail. They spot Doris walking in and run over to her. Inviting her to lunch with them, they tell her that they have a solution to her youth crime problem. "Me," Daisy smiles. They sit down and tell her their plan to have Daisy work as an informant. "I think that all this town needs is another cop from the Cooper family," Doris shrugs. Daisy explains that she knows the teenaged mind and can get plenty of information. Doris starts to like the idea. Daisy can be the juvenile delinquent she has rehabilitated to solve crime. She refuses to let her boyfriend out though. Daisy begs her to move his trial up. Doris agrees, but only so long as Daisy brings her something press worthy.

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