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    Guiding Light CAST - Doris Wolfe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Doris Wolfe Played by Orlagh Cassidy on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Orlagh Cassidy

    Birthday: August 17, 1967
    Birthplace: Washington D.C.
    Marital Status: Married with two sons
    Real Name: Orlagh Cassidy


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    You're Meant to be a Fighter.

    Friday, March 13 2009

    Doris tells Jeffrey that he has the precedents to win the case but needs more medical information. Colin arrives and says that they need to start the treatment immediately. He outlines the treatment and Doris says this should do the trick. She explains that they are suing Reva to force her to have a C-section. Colin thinks that's a terrible idea. Jeffrey just wants him to testify. Doris tells Jeffrey they have a slam-dunk case and he could make legal history. He only wants to bring his wife and baby home. Lillian arrives and tells him his wife wants to run him over. "You may be right, but you may be really wrong," she says. He needs Reva.

    Doris meets with Reva before the trial. She tells her how much fun this is. Reva can't understand how she can be having fun with her life like this. As she rants at Doris, she has pains and has to sit down. Doris feels her belly and the baby kicks. Reva tells her that the baby is a miracle and it's her job to take care of him. Doris walks to Jeffrey's office and tells him he's on his own. She explains what just happened. "This is a whole new you," he observes. "Don't worry. It'll go away. It always does," she says. Simultaneously, Mel returns to Reva and tells her that she can't take her case and explains what Jeffrey told her and how profoundly he loves her. Before Reva, he could have never felt what he does.

    Mel and Doris go to court to watch the trial. Judge Green opens the case. When the judge is cold and clinical about the matter at hand, Reva cries and objects, saying that Jeffrey is doing this in her own interests because he loves her. The judge thanks her for making Jeffrey's case for him. Jeffrey begins defending his wife. "I just want to bring my wife and baby home from the hospital!" he shouts. That's what she wants too. The couple stares at each other and doesn't know what to do. She offers to have blood tests taken everyday and consider having the C-section. He tells her their child will be strong. "It looks like you two worked it out. Case dismissed," the judge declares.

    I'm Dead.

    Thursday, March 12 2009

    Doris is annoyed when she arrives at the courthouse and Grady is nowhere to be found. Lillian tries to calm Daisy's worries. She's sure that something has gone wrong because he was doing this to prove his love for her. Across the room, Doris has to explain the legal process to Buzz. He freaks out: He needs Alan to be punished immediately not months or years from now. Alan walks in and begins mocking Buzz. Daisy tells Alan that if he did anything to Grady, she'll never forgive him. Time runs out. Doris is furious and tells Daisy her boyfriend is fired. Alan leaves, wishing he could have just stayed home and had a massage instead. Buzz runs off furiously while Lillian tries to calm Daisy. Phillip eavesdrops in the hall.

    Jeffrey goes to the courthouse to ask Doris if she knows any precedents he can use to force Reva to have the procedure.

    Jeffrey goes to his office and drinks.

    She's Going To Break Your Heart.

    Wednesday, March 11 2009

    Olivia goes to Farley's bar and hangs around outside. It's Ladies Night so she goes in. As she sits at the bar, the bartender comes over and welcomes her. Olivia claims that she's not a lesbian. "I've been married a lot," she says with a laugh. But at the moment she's attracted to a woman, who is definitely into her, but she's too religious. "Walk away. She's going to break your heart," the bartender tells her. Offended, Olivia is about to walk out when she turns and sees Doris. Doris claims that she is not a lesbian and she is just there to meet with constituents. Olivia lays into her for trashing her lifestyle in the press and Doris tells her she did the same things when she stormed into her office and swore she wasn't a lesbian. They have both lied about this because they are afraid of what people think. Doris admits that her daughter doesn't even know her secret. "What's so honest about the way you live your life?" Doris asks her. Olivia is silent.

    That Doesn't Make Any Sense.

    Thursday, March 05 2009

    Buzz arrives at the station and tells Doris that he has convinced Grady to confess to all of his crimes so they can take down Alan. Grady can't be tried for the hit and run because of double jeopardy and Buzz is sure Doris can grant him immunity for the rest of his crimes. She agrees and leaves to start the paperwork. Daisy hugs him and tells him that Coop would be happy.

    I Need a Man, Not a Boy.

    Wednesday, February 04 2009

    Olivia rushes over to Doris' office to confront her. To calm her, Doris tells her that she knows plenty of nice lesbian couples. Olivia repeats that they aren't a couple. Doris tells her to explain it to her daughter. Olivia explains how she and Natalia met and their relationship developed. Nat is the most decent and kind person she has ever known and she has kept her alive. They share a home together and it's warm and decent because of Natalia and what she has made of it. "I wish a man would talk about me the way you talk about her," Doris says before brushing her off.

    Luck Always Runs Out.

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    Alan angrily sits down in his office. Doris calls to tell him that the governor is picking someone to head up a taskforce on children. Alan complains about all of his problems, including Emma's paper about her 'two mommies'. He offers to write her a check and hangs up. Doris immediately calls the school superintendent. When Beth comes into the office, Alan suggests that they go out.

    In her office, Doris decides to use the incident with Emma's report to get some attention.

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