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    Guiding Light CAST - Doris Wolfe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Doris Wolfe Played by Orlagh Cassidy on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Orlagh Cassidy

    Birthday: August 17, 1967
    Birthplace: Washington D.C.
    Marital Status: Married with two sons
    Real Name: Orlagh Cassidy


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    Living In A Daycare Center.

    Tuesday, May 12 2009

    Doris goes looking for Olivia at Nat's. "Olivia doesn't live here anymore," Nat informs her. Doris thinks she seems rattled. Nat explains that she and Olivia had a little trip. "Now you're back and reality is different," Doris says. "Coming out is hard," she explains. "I don't know what you think I am," Nat objects. "What do you think you are?" Doris snaps at her before telling her that, even after she dumped him, Frank got her to pull some strings to help Rafe out. After she leaves, Natalia calls Olivia and tells her how hard it is to be there without her.

    Alive and Hissing.

    Monday, May 04 2009

    Olivia and Natalia sit by Frank's hospital bed. Natalia walks out for a minute. Doris arrives to checkup on Frank... and avoid unnecessary lawsuits, she explains. She says that he was drunk and belligerent and her guards took him down. Nat asks what this was all about. "You," Doris says.

    She Has The Hots For Olivia.

    Thursday, April 30 2009

    Doris runs into Frank at the bar. She says sorry about the wedding. He notices she has security guards and asks her why she doesn't try being more likable. "Obviously you were the last to know," she says. Frank isn't following this and says he isn't finished with Natalia. Olivia explained to him that she still isn't over Gus. Doris can't stay silent anymore. "You gotta wake up detective. Your ex-finacee, she has the hots for Olivia," she says. As she walks out, Frank runs after her and tells her to stop spreading lies about Natalia. He begins fighting with her guards and they beat him up.

    That Was Lovely.

    Thursday, April 16 2009

    Olivia chases Doris down and realizes there was no real call. Doris prompts her to tell Nat how she really feels before she walks out of the church and out of her life. They slip into a back room. Olivia refuses to stop the wedding; she wants to do the right thing for once. She wants Nat to be happy more than she wants her for herself.

    Is There Anything I Should Know?

    Wednesday, April 15 2009

    Frank gets a call from Father Ray. He can't make it. Frank begins calling around for another priest. Buzz runs off to the courthouse and tells Doris that his son needs someone to perform the wedding. She's surprised that the wedding is going ahead so quickly... or at all. Buzz almost gives up but she tells him that she still believes in true love and offers to do it.

    Olivia is angry with Doris for being there. She tells her to keep her thoughts and snide remarks to herself. She wants everything to be perfect for Natalia. Doris thought she finally came to her senses and told Nat how she felt. Olivia says that she did but Natalia shot her down. She insists that she wants Frank.

    I Can't Let You Do This.

    Monday, April 13 2009

    Olivia asks Doris out for a drink, but says it's not a date. They drink cocktails at Towers and Olivia tries to mask how unhappy she is about the wedding date being moved up. Doris is sure that Olivia would rather cut off her right foot than let this go ahead and accuses her of being a coward. Olivia doesn't know what to say. "You have got to stop that wedding," Doris advises, insisting that it is the right thing to do for everyone involved.

    The Price is Right.

    Friday, April 03 2009

    At the courthouse, Dinah sits in the witness box to testify against herself. Ashlee shouts at Doris to look at the camera more while she questions her. Dinah says that she just wants to make herself pay. After she's allowed to step down, she's asked to rise as the defendant. Remy and Marina arrive as character witnesses. Remy is the first up. He says that Dinah wants to pay for her mistake. Marina goes up next. She and Dinah have had their differences but Dinah is always willing to make sacrifices for others and should be allowed to pay for her crimes through a selfless act. The judge is happy that everyone is finished talking and tells Dinah to stand. "This is the most ridiculous case I have ever heard," he says. But it's not everyday he finds someone so anxious to pay for their crimes. He orders her to pay damages of five thousand dollars. Dinah gets him to push it up to twenty five thousand.

    Reva Has Her Baby.

    Thursday, April 02 2009

    Shayne chases down Dinah outside of the courthouse. She needs to know if Doris will be pressing charges against her; she can't let this hang over her head anymore. He tells her she needs her strength and hands her some energy drinks. She'd rather have his cheeseburger. After she pouts, he agrees to share. As they sit and eat, Doris comes out and meets them. Dinah wants to be charged. Doris says that it's doubtful it will happen. Lizzie won't press charges and this case won't do anything for Doris' career. After Doris walks away, Dinah trudges off to find a way to make herself pay. She paces and tries to come up with something. When she gets an idea, she runs off. Jeffrey sends Shayne a message about the birth. Shayne runs away as Dinah returns with Mel. She tells the lawyer that she wants to sue herself. Mel is baffled. Doris comes out for a smoke and Dinah explains that she will sue herself on behalf of the citizens of Springfield. Mallet and Marina arrive and wonder how this is supposed to help. Dinah explains this is her way of making a public gesture to say how sorry she is. Marina offers to testify. Mel agrees to represent Dinah and Doris offers to put the case on immediately. Dinah calls Ashlee to get a camera crew down there.

    Maybe We Can Have A Bridge.

    Friday, March 27 2009

    Back at the courthouse, Alan talks to Alex on the phone and peers down as the judge enters and begins the case. Buzz takes to the stand and reads the letter Harley sent. Rick is up next and admits that he doesn't know how dangerous Phillip is, but he doesn't believe punishment would serve a purpose. Beth is brought up and she has to admit to how terrified she was of Phillip. Once the prosecution finishes, Beth stands up and calls her first witness. Emma is led in. Phillip protests but this was all Emma's idea. She wants everyone to know how much she loves him. She tells everyone exactly that. Lizzie and Bill arrive and listen as Doris questions the little girl. Emma says she is only afraid that she will lose her father again. Doris calls Alan up next. He claims that he only tried to protect the children and his son. He brings up Phillip using a gun at the funeral and suggests that he is even more dangerous now. The judge is about to close things when Lizzie leaps up and asks to speak. She talks of how terrified she was but is sure that her father was trying to protect his children. "He made a terrible mistake, but he did it out of love," she says. She only hopes he can learn to love without his emotions getting out of control. Phillip smiles. As the hearing winds down, Doris asks Alan out for a drink after. He wishes his son good luck and leaves. Phillip wants a few minutes alone to clear his head. When he walks out of the courthouse alone, he smiles as he sees Lizzie and Bill sitting in the park.

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