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    Guiding Light CAST - Doris Wolfe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Doris Wolfe Played by Orlagh Cassidy on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Orlagh Cassidy

    Birthday: August 17, 1967
    Birthplace: Washington D.C.
    Marital Status: Married with two sons
    Real Name: Orlagh Cassidy


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    The Honorable Scoundrel

    Thursday, March 27 2008

    Jeffrey and Olivia meet down by the water for their wedding. She cries, but he insists that this wedding will have a happy ending. "You're good O'Neill but you're not that good," she quips. She thanks him and asks him what Reva has to say about this. Olivia imagines Reva will murder him when she finds out; luckily, she'll be dead by then, she jokes. He tells her to knock it off and promises to look after her daughters. She goes to Emma and tells her that she makes her happy and nothing will make them happier than being a real family with Jeffrey. Ava thanks her father and Doris prods them all to hurry up. Olivia tells Jeffrey that she forgives him and he can sleep with Reva as much as he wants. He vows to take care of Reva and keep her smiling. They ask Doris to give them the "till death do you part vow" and then they exchange rings and kiss.

    Natalia shows Rafe around their new house and they can't stop giggling excitedly. Meanwhile, Gus wanders around the town, watching children in a schoolyard and chatting with Doris on a bench. He has a plaque put in the park to mark it as the "Olivia Spencer Memorial Park."

    Feeble Brain.

    Monday, March 17 2008

    At the courthouse, Frank meets with Doris. She tells him that he's been accused of some inappropriate behavior— putting the moves on a woman at a crime scene. Franks starts accusing Alan of setting him up, but Doris insists he had nothing to do with it. She tells him he'll be suspended for awhile. She tracks down Mallet and tells him what happened. She hopes things will blow over but for now she wants him to take over as chief. He refuses to do that to Frank so she threatens to hire someone who will take it permanently. He protests that threat even more so she offers the position to him again. He goes to the gym and tells Frank that he will take the job of acting chief until he beats the charges against him. Marina is upset, but Mallet insists this is the only way to protect Frank's job.

    Deal with the Devil

    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    Rick is sitting in his jail cell. He gabs incessantly but the guard ignores him. Rick begins yelling at him and professing his innocence, insisting that Alan is behind all of this. Doris arrives to listen to Rick's accusations against Alan. He demands to see Frank and threatens to tell the press that she's involved with this. She rolls her eyes and offers to look into things, swiping Rick's donut before leaving. Later, Doris returns and tells him that he will be getting out soon. Meanwhile, Beth runs into Mel to ask her if she's seen Rick. "It's lousy not knowing where your husband is," Mel glares. Beth mumbles an insult under her breath. Before the former rivals part, Mel warns Beth that Jonathan is going to go after Lizzie.

    I'm Angry

    Friday, February 29 2008

    At the city hall, Alan and Doris shake on a deal. As she walks off, Beth appears with the baby. Alan bends down and starts talking to the baby. Beth informs him that she is naming the child Peyton Alexandra Raines. "At least you're not a Bauer," he smiles to the baby. Meanwhile, Mallet catches Harley walking around. He teases her for not being able to leave the old life behind. They look up and see Alan with his cigar. He's celebrating his daughter not being a Bauer.

    Ashlee drags Coop and Buzz over to the police station to pick up her mother for lunch. She gets a call and runs away, leaving the two men to have lunch with her mother. Later, Marina hobbles into the police station to see her father. They have lunch with Coop and Buzz. Everyone teases Buzz because Doris has been flirting with him. Then they tease Frank because he never has a woman. Harley walks in and Frank tells her how nice it is that she's been doing well without a man.

    Kiss the Bride

    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    Doris interrupts Bill drowsing on his office sofa. She shows him the article about him she had placed in Springfield Weekly. He's impressed...sort of. They tease each other and she tells him that he has a lot to be happy about; he should go and celebrate with some lucky girl. Later, Ava arrives and tells him she's sick of him playing the field. He puts his arms around her and tells her that things with Lizzie are over; she's getting married. "Isn't it just about Sarah?" she asks. "It's about stupidity," he comments. He can't stop from pining for Lizzie, however, and Ava turns her back on him.

    You Kiss Your Minister With That Mouth?

    Friday, February 22 2008

    In his office, Jeffrey tells Cassie that they can't go back to their past together. She knows that and she knows that he's with Reva now, but she still needs him to forgive her for the way things ended between them. She needs him in her life now more than ever. He knows she wants him to help make her life the way it was before Josh and Reva became involved with them. He also knows that she thinks he's the only person who can protect Will. After reminding her again that he is with Reva and she belongs with Josh, he takes her down to the police station. He points out that a juvenile center is a walk in the park compared to prison. If she doesn't want Will to end up in jail in the future, she needs to have him deal with his problems now. Suddenly, Doris walks in and asks Jeffrey if he will be removing himself from the case since he's too close to things. She expects the DNA tampering to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. "Screw off Doris!" Cassie blurts out. "You kiss your minister with that mouth?" Doris shoots back. She repeats her prompts for legal action and walks out. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he will not be playing favorites; he has to obey the law. Cassie doesn't think the law can protect her and her family anymore.

    Doris arrives at Company, looking quite vivacious, and tries to pull Buzz away for dinner and "brainstorming". Lillian isn't at all happy to see this. When Buzz turns his back, she warns the mayor not to even think about stealing Buzz away from her. She's found a wonderful man and she will be keeping him. Buzz interrupts their simmering fight and Doris announces that she'll be staying there to eat, if he doesn't mind having another mouth to feed. "A big one," Lillian snaps. As the party goes on, Doris impresses the boys and Buzz by telling them that she will be revamping the rec center for all the kids. Lillian grimaces.

    Menace to Society

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    Doris wanders into Jeffrey's office. After gloating for a moment about being mayor, she reminds him of his priorities and hands him a file on Jonathan. She wants him prosecuted; he's a menace to society. Jeffrey tries to talk his way out of it, so Doris asks him if protecting his girlfriend's family is more important than keeping his job. She saunters away and Reva soon arrives as he mulls his options. She starts to massage him and asks him to help her like he always does. He tells her that this is a high profile case and he'd like to help but he can't make a crime go away just because she asked him too. She's appalled he would say this but he tries to say that his hands are tied unless they can keep Lizzie on board. The best way to do that will be to keep Bill away from Lizzie; otherwise, everything could blow up. Suddenly, she gets a call about Alan and they rush off.

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