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    Guiding Light CAST - Dylan Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dylan Lewis Played by Brian Gaskill on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Gaskill

    Birthday: 1970-01-22
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married to Tonya Watts
    Real Name: Brian Gaskill
    Height: 6'


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    Blake is Awake

    Monday, April 30 2007

    Harley grabs Daisy in the hallway at The Beacon. She knows that she stole her car and starts shouting at her. Stopping herself, she doesn't want to fight with her after fighting with Gus. Daisy begins plying her for information on the fight but Harley doesn't want to get into it. They go to Company with Dylan and offer to let her go to Buzz's wedding. Dylan offers to take her shopping for a dress and Harley tags along at his call. After shopping, they carry home Daisy's bags and she asks her father what he remembers about meeting her mother. He says that she was fearless. Harley says that 'he was so cute....and very mysterious.' Daisy stands with her mother: 'Now you have us!' she proclaims. To their surprise, he gives them both some jewelery and Harley starts to wonder why Gus hasn't called her. Daisy tells her to forget about Gus. Later, Daisy tells her mother that she knows that she is just trying to keep her away from Gus, but she doesn't need to worry. After calling her father out, they leave to eat, but not before Daisy can remind her mother not to worry about Gus: 'It's not like you're the only woman he ever loved.'


    Friday, April 27 2007

    Gus returns to Cedars, realizing that Daisy must have taken his keys. He shakes his head while she makes excuses about why she took them. As she begs him not to tell Harley, he tells her that there will be no more lies. Going down to Main Street, he hears a car swerve and a pedestrian falls away from the road. Rushing over to help her, she falls into his arms. To his shock, it is Natalia. Meanwhile, Harley goes to visit Dylan. He apologizes for the way he behaved at the party and knows that he could have handled things differently. She tells him that she has already told Gus that he can't be an active parent right now. This sounds good to Dylan, but she is worried that she handled it badly. Gus was doing the best he could, she says, considering nobody knows what to do with Daisy. He's there to help now, Dylan reminds her. They begin to laugh about their past and she tells him that sometimes she feels like she is no better equipped to be a mom now than when she had Daisy. He tells her that the two of them will make sure that Daisy gets through this. He wants to be there for his daughter and make up for all the time he missed out on. They hug as Daisy listens from the doorway.

    First Love

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    Harley finds Jude drawing while she prepares Gus' homecoming party. He reminds her about cookies and she calls Buzz to bring some cookies. As she prepares to go upstairs and clean up for Gus, Jude tells her that Daisy has already done all of that. Harley starts to think that her daughter may finally be coming around. Meanwhile, Billy is having breakfast with Dylan, surprised to see that his son doesn't seem happy to hear that Gus will be coming home. To explain things, Dylan shows his father Daisy's web diary. Billy can see that this is a problem, but he assures him that it must just be a high school girl's crush. Dylan suspects there is more; Gus said nothing to Harley about anything Daisy mentions, brought her daughter to a motel and popped some pills... Billy cuts him off: He is sure that Gus is off the pills. Billy suspects that this might have more to do with Dylan wanting a ready-made family when he has just lost his own. 'I just want what's best for my daughter and I don't think that's Gus,' Dylan bitterly insists. Billy assures him that his daughter is going to need everyone to help her right now, including Gus.

    A weak Gus soon arrives home, almost collapsing on the doorstep. Daisy helps him up and he awkwardly stumbles away from her. Harley brings him inside and tells him that she and Daisy have called a truce. Daisy even prepared the house for his arrival. He's glad to hear that. As he and Harley play around on the couch, Daisy looks on uncomfortably. As the guests gather and they begin to eat, Dylan peers in from outside. He angrily knocks on the door. Frank opens up an tells him that it's not a good time. He claims that he just wants to see Gus. Daisy leads him in and Harley tells him to behave himself. Raising their beers, Harley tries to toast to Gus. Daisy chimes in and kisses his cheek, thanking him for everything that he's done for her and for showing her what love is. Olivia toasts next while Dylan looks at this spectacle in disbelief. Finally he runs at Gus, who leaps back over the couch while Frank grabs Dylan.

    Harley pulls Dylan outside and he tells her that he just had a tox test done on Gus and it proves that he is using ... and drugs aren't the only thing that he's using. He tells her that he doesn't want 'that man' anywhere near his daughter. That's not a call he gets to make, she says. But there is more going on here, he alludes. After all, why would a grown man check into a motel with a young girl and light candles when there is no power outage? Harley doesn't want to get enmeshed in his logic, but he promptly produces a laptop so that she can have a glimpse of Daisy's video diary. After watching, Harley continues inside alone and remains quiet as the party runs down. She keeps her eyes on Gus and Daisy, noticing how often her daughter tries to touch him. He keeps his distance and moves across the room.


    Monday, April 23 2007

    Harley and Daisy are visiting Gus at Cedars. Harley asks for more details about what happened in the hotel room: She knows Gus said it was his fault but that doesn't explain everything. Before Daisy can answer, Harley leaves to talk to the doctor. Daisy pulls up a seat next to Gus and thanks him for not ratting her out. She is glad that she told him how she feels about him and hopes that it's sinking in that she is better for him than her mother. He starts to wake up and speak a woman's name. Before Daisy can get an answer about this mystery woman, Dylan arrives. He send his daughter out and sits down by the only slightly conscious Gus. He tells him that he knows what he is about and isn't going to play games with him. Gus says that he would never hurt Daisy. Dylan accuses him of still 'using.' Gus denies this and asks him if he's 'worried or just jealous?' Dylan begins yelling at him and telling him that Daisy is his daughter and Gus shouldn't be near her.

    In the corridor, Harley talks to the doctor before a flustered Cassie tracks her down. She wants to know if she is just being paranoid or if there is something really going on between Reva and Josh. Harley tells her friend to go home and have a warm bath but Cassie is confident that something is going on: Reva has been lying to her. She feels awful for thinking that her sister has an ulterior motive though. Harley makes things worse by telling her that she isn't going crazy; she saw Reva and Josh kissing. Harley tries to tell her that it was nothing, but Cassie doesn't think so. Daisy approaches them and says that Reva told her it was nothing and Reva only went to visit Josh to reassure him about her. Cassie happily accepts this and hugs her niece before walking away. Harley is a little baffled by her daughter's behavior. Going back into Gus' room, she finds Dylan yelling at him and drags him out. She tells him that he should be grateful to have Gus around; he's the only one that gets through to Daisy. He can't believe that she is so certain about Gus with all of the things that she knows about addicts. As he angrily walks away, Gus' machine begins going off and Harley runs in, calling for a nurse. After the nurse deals with Gus, a doctor tells Harley that Gus just had a 'respiratory incident' and should be okay. Daisy returns and her mother updates her on Gus's condition. Harley hugs her daughter and tells her that no one is perfect and she is sure that she didn't try to hurt Gus.

    Meanwhile, Dylan goes into Gus and Harley's house with a flashlight and begins to search around. This isn't the sort of thing he ever though he'd have to do. He soon finds Daisy's laptop and begins looking through it. He watches her videoblog. As he listens to her talk about how she feels about her mother's husband, he fills with rage.


    Monday, April 16 2007

    Cassie tells Rick that Alan will try and take his baby with Beth away from him just like he took Tammy from her. Rick is reluctant to listen to any of this and walks away. She walks over to Company where Harley is calling Gus to check on things. She leaves a message. Cassie sits down and tells her that she feels like she's losing Josh. Harley feels the same way about Daisy. She is second guessing herself about everything but is more interested in Cassie. She says that Josh is refusing to see her and needs to stop worrying about him....maybe he's right, she wonders. Harley worries that Daisy will never forgive her for what she's doing to her. Cassie assures her that, if Gus can handle criminals everyday, he can handle Daisy. As Cassie prepares to go, Dylan walks in. He tells Harley that he is moving back permanently and getting his job back at Lewis. He needs a fresh start and Daisy is there. Asking where his daughter is, Harley tells him that she just sent her away. After she explains the situation, he says that he's okay with it. The problem he has is with Gus: A former drug addict is not a good role mode. She defends Gus, but Dylan isn't convinced.

    Another Confession

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    Dylan arrives at Outskirts and gives his mother a hug. She's happy to see him, although he hasn't slept a wink. He's worried about Daisy. He tells her what Harley did and she becomes angry at her over-reaction. Dylan isn't convinced that it was the wrong choice. Maybe if his mother had tried half as hard as Harley, Jonathan wouldn't have turned out the way he did. Seeing the shocked look on her face, he stops himself and apologizes. He explains that, while he'll be around as much as he can, he also needs her help with Daisy, but she has to follow Harley's lead. They embrace and she tells him that Daisy is a good kid. He knows, he admits as he walks out. Then Daisy appears from hiding. She has a favor to ask: She wants to move in. Reva offers her sympathy when she explains what happened last night. She also tries to explain that Harley is just doing what she thinks is right. She tells her granddaughter that she is not a screw up and can be better if she just has more self-confidence and tells the truth. As they start laughing, Harley suddenly appears to ask her daughter to come home. Daisy's heart is with Reva though. Grandma Reva tells her that she can't stay in a bar and needs to go home. Reva says that Bobby should have been in jail and Harley tells her to back off. Daisy starts to rant and Harley accuses her daughter of always playing her against people. 'I pulled the same crap when I was your age. How do you think I had you?' Harley shouts. Daisy feels like a big mistake. Her mother tells her that she's not a mistake, she only wishes that she was older and wiser when she had her. Reva chimes in to say that she gave up a child too and made far more mistakes with her children that Harley did. Daisy just wants to be loved for who she is. Her mother asks her to wait in the car. When she's gone, Harley tells Reva that she is on her daughter's side and Reva doesn't need to be involved with everything happening to Josh. Reva isn't following so Harley tells her that Josh confessed. She's appalled and makes her way to Josh's cell.

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