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    Guiding Light CAST - Dylan Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dylan Lewis Played by Brian Gaskill on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Gaskill

    Birthday: 1970-01-22
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married to Tonya Watts
    Real Name: Brian Gaskill
    Height: 6'


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    Getting Along

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    Buzz and Billy go over to Company to eat some pie. They talk about what seems to be going on with their families. Soon, things become awkward when Billy suggests that there may be something going on between Harley and Dylan. Nervously, he calls his son and asks him if he and Harley are 'getting along'. Dylan doesn't give much of a response, but looks in the window at his ex and smiles.

    Playing it Safe

    Monday, June 25 2007

    At Harley's, Rafe is trying to call Daisy when Jude asks him if it hurts to stick himself with a needle. He's not happy that Harley told her son about this, but she insists that family don't keep secrets. She just wants to help, with his diet and things; she needs to know what he needs. He can't stand her trying to help him like this. Gesturing to a picture of Daisy, he asks about her, but pretends that he has no idea who she is. Harley tells him that she's had problems with her daughter but things have been better lately. When she tells him that she gave her up for adoption, he can't believe that she would just push here own daughter off on other people. Before she can explain, Dylan runs in and tells her that he just talked to a judge, using his connections, and will get Daisy out today. Harley jumps into his arms and hugs him close while Rafe looks on.

    At juvie, a dejected Daisy flops on her bed, sad that she doesn't even know the name of 'vent boy'. Ashlee tells her that she shouldn't give up, but Daisy is sure that she'll never see him again. They both wish that they could be more like the girls in teenage bodice rippers, but right now they feel like they're trapped in the first chapter and are just waiting for the page to turn. Later, Dylan and Harley arrive to tell Daisy that she's coming home with them right now. She's jubilant. When Ashlee returns to find her happy friend, they embrace as she breaks the news. Ashlee will miss her so much. Before she can leave, Ashlee tearfully tells her that she could have everything that the girls they read about have. After she runs off, Harley sits down with her daughter to tell her that there have been some changes at home: They have a boy staying with them: Gus' son. When they bring her home, they bring Rafe for an introduction. The two lock eyes, surprised, but certainly not disappointed.

    Making an Example

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    Daisy is writing a letter to Rafe, though she doesn't know where to send it. Afterwards, she walks out to the visitor's area to see her father. He apologizes for not being there before but he was tied up with work. Reva told him that she has a guy in her life. She claims that he's just 'a friend' and they haven't 'done' anything. She tries to describe Rafe, but doesn't have much luck. Dylan's snuck her in some treats and she thanks him, but asks if it was really his idea to put her in there. Not really answering, he smiles as she tells him that she's learned her lesson from being in there and really wants to live with Harley. He offers to make some calls and she hugs him.

    It's All a Set-up

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Harley sneaks around Main Street and walks up on Dylan. She asks him to lunch, her treat. Meanwhile, Gus arrives at Company looking for Harley. He is supposed to have lunch with her and Natalia. Buzz tells him that he is a brave man. Gus looks outside and finds Natalia. She quickly hangs up her phone and goes inside with him. He grabs some menus, but is too anxious to sit down. Rushing outside, he finds Harley with Dylan. He tells her that Natalia is already inside and Harley plays dumb, acting surprised and begins talking Natalia up to Dylan. Gus suggests that Dylan go in first so that he can have a word with his wife. It's clear to him that she seems to be trying to set her ex up with his ex. She thinks that's a terrific idea. When he suggests that she must be losing her mind, she wonders if he still has feelings for his ex. He tries to tell her that there is no more between them than there is between her and Dylan. He just thinks that they should be pushing them out of their lives rather than pulling them in. She disagrees. When they walk inside, Dylan and Natalia are waiting with their arms crossed and their scowling faces on. They all sit down and the exes tell them that they aren't happy to be set up like this. Buzz walks over with the phone: It's for Natalia and it's the juvenile detention center. As she walks away to take the call, Harley and Gus find this rather weird. Natalia returns to the table and explains to them that she went to juvie to see Daisy but drooped her wallet there so she gas to go pick it up (this is all a lie). When she leaves, Gus follows and apologizes for Harley trying to set her up with Dylan. He can see that something more is wrong though. 'She notices,' Natalia explains... Harley sees what's between them when she looks at them. She still cares for him, she admits, but it is just nostalgia now. He asks her if she met a guy after him, but gets a call from work before he can get an answer. After an awkward moment between them, they part. Back inside, Buzz asks what the call was about. As Harley explains, she watches Natalia sitting outside with her wallet in her hands.

    Half Out of My Mind

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    On Main Street, Harley tells Gus that he can't come to visiting day with her. It's 'parent's day' and since Gus is not Daisy's parent, Dylan is, he will be the one going. He's upset that she's waited until the last minute to tell him this. She didn't want to hurt him, she explains, but he wonders if she is jealous of Natalia. She apologizes but he understands that Dylan should really be there. They wait for Dylan who finally arrives late. He's still angry that she never told him that she planned to send their daughter to juvie. As he grabs a coffee, she tries to justify herself, but she can't say for sure that her choice has made things better.

    In juvie, Ashlee is upset that her mother has to work and won't make it to parent's day. Daisy doesn't understand what she's upset about; she wishes that her mother wouldn't come. They go into their room and Daisy asks Ashlee to punch her in the eye so that she can have a blackeye that will make her mother feel bad. Ashlee says that she's a pacifist and won't do it. Daisy laughs and says that her mother needs to feel bad; it's her fault that she's in there. Ashlee thinks that she should just be happy that her mother cares: Harley could never be as evil as Doris, she claims. Later, they mop the floors and Daisy can't understand how Ashlee can be so happy doing this. They spot the newbies being marched in and try to guess what they did. Rafe turns around and smiles at her. A girl pushes by Daisy, wearing her ear rings. Daisy wants to go after her, but Ashlee holds her back. Dylan and Harley arrive. Ashlee thinks that Dylan is hot and stands around smiling before she starts to ramble and then excuse herself so that they can have 'quality family time.' Harley offers her daughter a package of her favorite treats, but Daisy rejects it. Dylan tells her that she needs to start treating her mother with the respect that she deserves. Sitting her down, he asks her if she could have a child at her age and make sure that it had everything she needed. She's heard this before. He tells her that Harley missed her every day that she was gone; they wanted her back the whole time and they almost ran off with her. When they got her back from the Lemays, they wanted to keep her, but they had no choice but to give her back. He then tells her that he convinced Harley to tell the judge to send her to juvie. 'Your mom would never, ever give you up again,' he says. 'If you want to hate someone, hate me.' Daisy goes back to her room. Harley is surprised by what Dylan has done. He just hopes that this will help her and her daughter get along. She cries thinking about the fact that Daisy actually hugged her goodbye.

    Getting Rid of Your Mistakes

    Friday, May 04 2007

    Over breakfast, Dylan tells his mother that he's uncomfortable going to Lewis and being 'one of those suit and tie' people. Reva tells him that he'll be fine; she isn't going back though: She has to find something else. He reminds her that she's never been good at staying apart from Josh. 'We've never been good at staying together either,' she adds. As she admits to him that she still loves Josh, Cassie arrives, offering to buy her sister a drink. After Dylan leaves, Cassie tells her sister that she really wants her to come to Josh's party. 'I can't,' Reva says flatly. She's okay with the way things ended yesterday and she won't laugh off the things that she wants. Cassie tells her that they can't avoid each other forever. 'There are some things you can never avoid,' Reva says as she walks away.

    Billy and Josh walk to CO2 talking about business. Josh tells him that he doesn't feel like the same person anymore; nothing changes you like losing your freedom. Billy assures him that he'll get back to normal soon enough. Dylan arrives, eager to get to work with his father. He tells Josh that he just left his mother with Cassie.

    Back at Company, Josh arrives with Billy and Dylan. Billy asks if Vanessa is coming and updates his son on her recent problems. Reva then strides in, hugging Josh while Cassie looks on. When Josh moves off, Cassie approaches her sister. Josh has already gone outside and is soon joined by Dylan. They talk about Marah and Shane. Josh says that prison taught him that every choice in life is a blessing. 'Like which sister to pick?' Dylan asks him. 'I have picked,' Josh assures him. But, to Dylan, it doesn't look like anything has changed. 'You've been away fro a long time,' Josh tells him. Dylan tells him that what he has with Reva is a once in a lifetime thing, but Josh says that all of that is over; Cassie is saving him, he isn't with her out of pity or anything else. He goes back inside and thanks everyone for coming and supporting him. Prison gave him a chance to re-evaluate his life and he has decided to make one major change: He's not going back to Lewis. Everyone's surprised by this, but Josh says that HB would approve of him putting his brother in charge. Beyond that, he's going to spend more time with Cassie, working at the veteran's center and visiting his children. As everyone dances, Cassie looks out the window and then walks outside. Tammy is waiting for her there. Cassie asks her if it's okay for her to be smiling. 'You tell me?' Tammy answers.

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