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    Guiding Light CAST - Dylan Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dylan Lewis Played by Brian Gaskill on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Gaskill

    Birthday: 1970-01-22
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married to Tonya Watts
    Real Name: Brian Gaskill
    Height: 6'


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    Three is More Fun

    Friday, July 27 2007

    Daisy and Rafe walk out to the hallway. She tells him that she wanted to see him, even though he's been mad at her. He does get mad at her again within a few moments when she tells him that her mother seemed to be asking to get fired. To her, it starts to sound like only he is allowed to defend his mom. He storms off as Harley walks out with Dylan. Daisy is upset and leaves alone. Soon after, Frank arrives and asks to talk to Gus privately. He says that he's done everything he can to keep him from being suspended or prosecuted for his assault of Dylan, but Gus still has to go to Chicago tonight and report to anger management. After Frank leaves, Alan, referring to Gus' marriage, tells his son that even a broken watch is right twice a day. 'What time is it with Harley?' he asks. In the hallway, Rafe asks his mother if she is okay. She doesn't make plays for married men, she explains, but Gus' marriage is just falling apart. Alan approaches her and suggests that she go to Gus. He watches as she takes his arm. Meanwhile, Harley and Dylan have gone to Towers and she stumbles around after a few drinks. She strokes his face as tells him that she is glad he's there.

    Like Looking in the Mirror

    Monday, July 23 2007

    In Dylan's room, Harley is asking him to make sure that he tells the police that the fight with Gus was just a minor family dispute. If all of this blows up, Gus could lose his job. Dylan makes it clear that he wants something in return. She takes this to mean that he wants a quick roll in the hay. Harley is willing to do anything for her husband so, if that's really what he wants, he better make his move. Tuning in some '80's radio station to bring back memories, she moves close to him but he breaks away. This isn't about him getting into her pants; he just wants to be taken seriously as Daisy's father. Coming back has stirred up a lot of old feelings. He wants a regular family night for the three of them guaranteed every week. She doesn't think it will make them a family, but he needs to feel like he is part of his daughter's life. If she agrees to this, he won't testify against Gus. She agrees. Before she can leave, he asks her if she would have really slept with him. 'We'll never know,' she says, leaving.

    On Main Street, Billy finds his son. After admiring his son's fresh bruises, Dylan tells him that, at least, he and his daughter may have a better relationship now and a return to his old family is in the works. Billy reminds him that Harley is a married woman and this is a bad idea. Dylan shrugs. Things have changed. Harley and Gus are going to fall apart all by themselves, he concludes. 'What's going to cause this?' Billy asks. As his son motions over, Billy looks and spots Natalia walking by.

    It's a Spider's Web

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Dylan is carrying his daughter's stuff into Harley's. Harley jokingly tells her that she can have the third floor. Daisy imagines that must be the consolation prize for staying away from Rafe. She leaves to pick up some sunglasses before she gets down to her chores. Her daughter actually behaving herself makes Harley worry even more than usual. Dylan says that they should try and be more optimistic. She tells him that he's been very good for their daughter. After he leaves to bring in more of Daisy's things, Buzz points out that much of this has been about Dylan finding reasons to be near. Harley reminds her father that she is married. When Dylan walks back in, she remembers something and runs off.

    Gus meets Buzz on Main Street. He's been out driving his son's new sports car. Buzz obviously has something on his mind. He tells Gus not to be so busy with his new family members. Then he takes the keys to the car to take it for a spin. When he comes back, Gus asks him if he is seriously questioning his loyalty to Harley. Buzz thinks that Gus' problem may be that he is too loyal. The strongest marriage in the world is still a fragile thing, he warns. Meanwhile, Harley returns home and Dylan is there alone. He gets her to listen to music with him. As they talk about how happy they are to have Daisy back, he begins to kiss her just as Gus walks in.

    See You Soon or Pack Your Bags

    Friday, July 13 2007

    Harley goes over to visit Dylan and tells him that Daisy will be going home with her. He's not confidant that this is a good idea and wants to discuss it. She tells him that he is just Daisy's father and Gus is her husband so he can stop acting like he is. When Daisy comes out, Harley tells her to pack her stuff and come home. Daisy promises her mother that all the crazy stuff is over and tells her father that she will miss him. As she walks away to pack, Harley promises Dylan that she won't let their daughter ruin her life, even if she has to track her 24/7. She goes over to Cedars and tells Gus that she will be bringing Daisy home. He's baffled by this complete flip on her part. She doesn't want her daughter living with a single man: She needs to be under her mother's watch, she insists. Gus interprets this as meaning that she is picking her daughter over his son. None of this is about Daisy, it seems to be about Harley, he suggests. Natalia walks in on the conversation. She protests that it's time for her to make the decision about what happens to her son. As she walks away, Harley suggests that they buy a condo for Rafe and Natalia in their neighborhood. Gus shakes his head, reminding her that they don't have the money for that. 'It's you and me,' she tells him, sure that they can work this out. He seems less convinced as he walks away.

    New Perspective

    Wednesday, July 11 2007

    Harley arrives at home with an armload of 'guy movies' for Gus to watch with his son. She wonders if he's having second thoughts about keeping the kids apart. He's sure that if they were kids, their parents couldn't keep them apart. She smiles. Only a few feet away, Rafe chats with Daisy through his laptop while she sits in Dylan's room at The Beacon. Rafe is clearly not interested in watching anything with Gus and walks off to his room. Harley wishes that she had been Gus' first love, she says as she nestles with him on the couch. 'I saved the best for last,' he says hugging her. Meanwhile, Rafe has already snuck out of his room. Moments later, Daisy does the same. Dylan rushes over to Gus and Harley's with the news. They soon realize that Rafe has vanished too. They call Alan, Buzz and Natalia to break the news. Everyone meets together in the kitchen and exchanges blame until Frank arrives to say that they've been spotted heading to a hotel. Alan rants at Harley and threatens to bring in his security team to search. Natalia is sure that she can find her son; he will not run from her.

    Harley and Dylan
    At home, Dylan and Harley are calling around for information. He tries to calm her and asks her to try and think like them. 'They don't think,' she explains. He reminds her that the kids are exactly like them when they were their age. They can figure this out. When they go over to Company, he tries to get her a drink to calm her down as she becomes increasingly frazzled. She won't drink and drags him down to Main Street. There is no sign of the kids. He wonders if they should have run away when they were kids. Harley doesn't even want to think about that. They start searching again and end up back in his room. She begins checking through Daisy's computer while they teasingly remember the times that they had in his old truck. Nothing turns up on the computer and, slightly drunk, he continues stumbling around the room for clues. Staring at her, he wishes that they'd met when they were older. Leaning over, he kisses her. Uncomfortable, she gets up, but he won't apologize for what he just did. He doesn't think that he'll ever get over her. Before she can say anything, the phone rings: It's the hospital.

    Natalia and Alan arrive at the lake house and give Rafe something to drink. Alan calls an ambulance. Moments later, they are at the hospital and the rest of the family (and Remy) arrives. Gus and Natalia go to their son's bedside. He wishes that he wouldn't have taken off like that. Outside, Dylan and Harley check on their daughter. Even though she was bad, at least she was smart and did the right thing. Things could easily have been a lot worse. They let her go in and see Rafe. Standing in the corridor, Gus and Natalia stay to one side of the room, staring across at Dylan and Harley at the other end.

    Next on GL:
    Josh discovers Reva and Jeffrey's casual relationship, but he doesn't seem to care.

    Cyrus may have to take desperate measures to solve his green card problem. Alexandra gets involved and Marina misunderstands.

    Something to Lose

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    At CO2, Billy meets with Dylan. He tells his son that going after a married woman makes for complications, he knows from experience. Dylan says that it's already complicated, but... Harley walks by, looking for Gus and Rafe before sitting down. She tells her ex that Daisy can't stand Rafe, but they've been better since juvie. He understands that she and Gus need to support his son, he just hopes it's not at the expense of his daughter. She gets a message from Gus that he found Rafe. Harley is sure that they will manage things together and be 'one big happy family.' She gives him a kiss and walks away.

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